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Personal Details

Question: What do I call you? C. Thomas? C.? Thomas? Mr. Howell?
Answer: Tommy

Question: What does the C. stand for?
Answer: Christopher

Question: Birthday?
Answer: Dec. 7, 1966

Question: Boxers or briefs
Answer: Commando!

Question: Since you come from a stunt background, do you do all your own stunts?
Answer: A lot but not all.

Question: What would you do if you didn’t pick acting as a career?
Answer: Stunts (Tommy’s father is a stunt man – several family members also do stunts)

Question: Where did you grow up and where did you go to school?
Answer: (Tommy grew up in Los Angeles) Went to elementary school in Castaic. Graduated from Saugus High!

Question: How long have you been an actor?
Answer: Since I was 6 years old!

Question: What is your biggest fear, Tommy?
Answer: Not being prepared for work… Or losing the remote control. Both terrify me!

Question: What REALLY pushes your buttons? Pisses you off?
Answer: Lying

Question: Do you smoke?
Answer: No… Its gross

Question: Are you fluent in any other languages?
Answer: Broken Spanish.

Question: Sorry for asking so many questions. Just 1 more, I promise πŸ™‚ What do you like to do to chill out?
Answer: Visit friends, read, watch movies, eat at nice places, travel, golf, ride horses, listen to music, play with my dog or kids!

Question: Do YOU have any tattoos?
Answer: No… But I dig tats a lot!

Question: Why don’t you have any tats? I know you dig them, so is it because you have to keep a clean slate for acting?
Answer: Exactly…

Question: What was your favourite subject at school besides Drama?
Answer: I loved History and English!

Question: What was your worst subject in school?
Answer: Algebra *hated it*

Question: Did you EVER go by Chris or were you called Tommy as a kid, too?
Answer: Always called Tommy (dad’s name is Chris)

Question: What kind of car do u have?
Answer: Mustang… Of course!

Question: Do you wear a watch?
Answer: Yep

Question: Are you ever going to write a memoir? U have been in so many movies I think people would b interested.
Answer: Been thinking about it..

Question: so are you naturally more of a morning guy or a night owl? πŸ˜‰
Answer: I’m C. “All of the above”

Question: Did u ever have braces??
Answer: No…

Question: I know you had a rough time w/your appendix awhile back. Are you doing well now? You look fantastic!!
Answer: Yeah, that was a tough go for a while but I’m 100% (ish) now! Thx!

Question: Have you ever used a oujia board?
Answer: No i haven’t…

Question: Have you given in to any of the Hollywood surgical treatments or are you all natural ?#youlookfab :))
Answer: Voluntary surgery? Are you freakin’ nuts? I won’t even dye my hair!!!

Question: Gay rights. Yay or nay?
Answer: YAY! Im in the film biz ffs!

Question: Do you live in the city, or outside LA?
Answer: In the city!

Question: How come you’re listed as @CThomasHowell instead of Tommy Howell in the credits of your movies?
Answer: Ask my father!

Question: Did you do any commercials before hitting it big as an actor?
Answer: A few when i was a kid!

Question: Didn’t you go to the prom once in the 80’s with one of your fans.
Answer: No

Question: Kyle Richards – Did you guys date or just friends??
Answer: Went out for 4 years!

Question: Did you ever attend high school or were you home schooled after The Outsiders made you a star?
Answer: Pretty much home schooled after my freshman year

Question: If you could go anywhere in the world that you haven’t been yet, where would it be?
Answer: Machu Pichu

Question: u believe in ghosts?
Answer: Yep…

Question: How many states have you been in? πŸ™‚
Answer: All of them… But mostly the state of confusion!

Question: Are you LA born and bred??
Answer: yes… 3rd generation!

Question: have you ever been to Italy??
Answer: Lived there for a year

Question: How come you speak spanish? Did you learn at school or…?
Answer: Yes…

Question: Hey how r u this friday night? Random question, color of your toothbrush?
Answer: Blue lol

Question: Have you pierced your ears?
Answer: Regretfully one side… Hate it

Question: Do you have a FB? There’s a C Thomas Howell on there, but I can’t tell if it’s legit.
Answer: Yea… But I’m full. (plenty of room for likes on the FB fan page at http://www.facebook.com/christopherthomashowell though)

Question: Are your eyes hazel Tommy??
Answer: Yes!

Question: Is there any place you’ve been that you absolutely DO NOT want to return to?
Answer: Detroit

Question: Do you have a guilty junk food?
Answer: All junk food is guilty… I stay away!

Question: you had girly handwriting in secret admirer.. no offense πŸ™‚
Answer: I still do. I’m all flowery like that!

Question: Do you do your own stunts at all?
Answer: All the time

Question: Did u ever go to college??
Answer: Only in movies!

Question: If u had gone to, what would you have studied?
Answer: Maybe architecture

Question: Would you ever consider making a cameo in @se4realhinton’s new web series?
Answer: I’d do anything for her

Question: What do you put in your coffee, and in what quantity?
Answer: Cream no sugar!

Question: Hey did you do drama class and plays when you were in school?
Answer: No, I was making movies back then

Question: hi! morning! Do you have a star on the WalkOfFame? Would you want one? =)
Answer: No I don’t… Could care less…

Question: Do you like to cook?
Answer: Yes, but I hate cleaning up

Question: Are you still married to hottie Ray Dawn Chong?
Answer: Lol… That lasted a few months.

Question: Do you support gays and bis?
Answer: Yes… When I grow up I wanna be one!

Question: Have you ever thought about going storm chasing someday? πŸ™‚ #ThoughtIdAsk
Answer: Lol no

Question: Do you have any allergies?
Answer: No

Question: I’m curious. You were my poster of choice in my teens, who adorned your bedroom walls???
Answer: Farrah!!

Question: does anything annoy you?
Answer: Bad drives and three putting!!!

Question: What’s your golf handicap?
Answer: You can get Tommy’s current handicap at this site: http://www.ushandicap.com/golfers/golfer.asp?userID=1400701

Question: Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?
Answer: Shooting Gods and Generals (filmed in Maryland and Virginia). Happy to be alive…

Question: Are you enjoying your career more or less than when you were younger? Loved u throughout….hugs!
Answer: Much much more now! Thanks

Question: now that you were in the outsiders is there a preference to whether you would like to live in the past or present?
Answer: I’m always living in the moment. Always!

Question: Do you have an #instagram
Answer: Yes but don’t use it

Question: do you play video games? If so, Xbox or PS3?
Answer: That’s for kids

Question: I see you’re using Echofon. On an iPhone?
Answer: Yes
Question: what type of iPhone do you have?
Answer: 5
Question: do you have a case on your iPhone if so what color is it?
Answer: Black Mophie

Question: Mac or PC?
Answer: I have both! lol

Question: Wait a minute last nite Kyle Richards tweeted u back how does she know ur wife , u known Kyle 4 many years?
Answer: Kyle was my first girlfriend for 4 years… I love her dearly. Known her for 30 years..

Question: what’s your natural hair color?
Answer: Light brown

Question: What’s your favourite candy?
Answer: Not sure but I absolutely hate yellow gummy bears

Question: What age were you when you had your first girlfriend?
Answer: 15

Question: Did you really smoke when you were younger?
Answer: In movies only

Question: who did you have a crush on in the 80s
Answer: Christy Turlington… still do

Question: where is the farthest place from home you’ve traveled?
Answer: Cape town South Africa

Question: Tommy is this true!!?? (About his appendix rupturing in ’03)
Answer: Partially… My intestines weren’t removed and I lost 20 pounds… Someone’s imagination got the best of them…

Question: Thomas, do you believe that gays should be allowed to be married?
Answer: “All created equal” Its been written…

Question: what do you think about the gay rights decision from the us supreme court
Answer: Equality for all

Tommy gets a head mold for Grimm

No spoilers, but Tommy was nice enough to share some pictures of him getting a head mold for his appearance on NBC’s Grimm.

He said the stuff they use isn’t sticky. They put it all over your head – including your hair. The final outer white layer is really hard.

The whole process took about an hour. It does make you a bit claustrophobic, but once you finish, the mold can be used again and again.

Tommy’s first Grimm episode was Season 3, Episode 18.




Tommy to guest star in season 3 of Grimm

Tommy will have a recurring role as a guest star in NBC’s Grimm, starting with episode 18 season 3 “The Law of Sacrifice,” which should air later this spring.

The show films in Portland, Oregon. He shot Episode 18 in mid February.

Tommy in Portland
Tommy in Portland

According to this TV guide story:

“The Southland and Criminal Minds alum will play FBI agent Weston Steward in Episode 18. Because of his experience and capability, Prince Vikton (Alexis Denisof) views Weston as an invaluable resource when stateside issues need to be handled swiftly and precisely.”

Tommy on set of Grimm
Tommy on set of Grimm

Here’s the spoiler TV alert about it: http://www.spoilertv.com/2014/02/grimm-episode-318-law-of-sacrifice-c.html

Tommy has worked with the show’s executive producers before – on the film “Secret Admirer” when he was 17.

Being the notoriously weird place that it is (I live in the Portland area), the city’s free paper “The Portland Mercury” posted this odd story about Tommy being in town (Tommy thought it was funny, although he never talked to anybody there and he didn’t write it): Can you help me find Powell’s?. (Powell’s is a local iconic bookstore, and Tommy did visit it once on his trip).

They also had this story noting that he was in town: Celebrity Lookout: C. Thomas Howell is Heading Our Way!

Tommy filming Episode 18
Tommy filming Episode 18

And here’s Grimm’s page on NBC: http://www.nbc.com/grimm. The show airs Fridays at 9 p.m.









Tommy to guest star on Nov. 15 episode of Blue Bloods

Tommy will guest star as Alex Polanski, a jury foreman, on the Friday, Nov. 15 episode of Blue Bloods on CBS. The show airs at 10 p.m.

Here’s some photos from Tommy when he filmed the episode in October:

From Tommy's Twitter: The crew of Blue Bloods... Bronx Court House
From Tommy’s Twitter: The crew of Blue Bloods… Bronx Court House
From Tommy's Twitter: What's the verdict!? #bluebloods
From Tommy’s Twitter: What’s the verdict!? #bluebloods
From Tommy's Twitter: Worked with @DonnieWahlberg today! What a great guy. I've been a fan for a long time. So happy he's cool. #bluebloods
From Tommy’s Twitter: Worked with @DonnieWahlberg today! What a great guy. I’ve been a fan for a long time. So happy he’s cool. #bluebloods

Here’s the episode trailer:

Here’s the CBS press release info:


Chazz Palminteri Guest Stars as Mob Lawyer Angelo Gallo

“Justice Served” β€” Following Frank’s dinner with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Gallo is shot, and Frank narrowly escapes with his own life. Meanwhile, Danny is called for jury duty, and winds up being the sole dissenting opinion in a murder trial, on BLUE BLOODS, Friday, Nov. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Chazz Palminteri guest stars as the mob lawyer.


Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan)
Donnie Wahlberg (Danny Reagan)
Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan-Boyle)
Will Estes (Jamie Reagan)
Len Cariou (Henry Reagan)
Marisa Ramirez (Det. Maria Baez)
Amy Carlson (Linda Reagan)
Sami Gayle (Nicky Reagan-Boyle)


Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan)
Andrew Terraciano (Sean Reagan)
Gregory Jbara (DCPI Garrett Moore)
Vanessa Ray (Officer Eddie Janko)
Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker)
John Ventimiglia (Dino Arbogast)
Robert Clohessy (Sargeant Gormley)
James Nuciforo (Detective Nuciforo)
Peter Hermann (Jack Boyle)


Chazz Palminteri (Angelo Gallo)
Rikki Klieman (Katrina McCarthy)
Simon Feil (Howard Lombardi)
J.Mallory-McCree (Deshawn Williams)
C. Thomas Howell (Alex Polanski)
Clyde Balbo (Ken Peters)
Linda Powell (Pauline)
Ivan Quintanilla (Drew)
Jasmine Cephas Jones (Shania Costa)
JP Serret (Jose Otero)
April Yvette Thompson (Letitia)
Elaine Del Valle (Sophia Martin)
Eliud Kauffman (Thomas Martin)
Maria Rivera (Ella Martin)
Barbara Haas (Shopper)
Jason Ralph (Jake Singer)
Nicole Patrick (Melissa)
Andrew Madsen (Bartender)
Penwah (Mrs. Williams)

WRITTEN BY: Siobhan Byrne O’Connor
DIRECTOR: David Barrett

“Lost on Purpose” now available for rent or download!

“Lost on Purpose,” an indie film starring C. Thomas Howell, is now available for direct download to rent or buy!

It was released October 6. Get it here: http://vimeo.com/ondemand/lostonpurposethemovie

Lost on Purpose
Lost on Purpose

The film has been making the rounds at several festivals this year.

It was funded through Kickstarter. Here’s the info on the project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/273375852/lost-on-purpose.

Lost On Purpose stars Jane Kaczmarek (of Malcolm in the Middle), James Lafferty (of One Tree Hill), Aaron Hill (of Greek), C Thomas Howell (of The Outsiders), Dale Dickey (of Winter’s Bone), Jeremy Ratchford (of Cold Case) and Academy Award Winner Octavia Spencer.

For more information, check out the LOST ON PURPOSE FACEBOOK PAGE or the film’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Funny Responses Part 8

From Tommy's Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013
From Tommy’s Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013

Question: Is anyone else sitting in a puddle?
Answer: Nope. Just you.

Question: Who is your favorite person? ….me..*cough*cough* me *cough*
Answer: You ok? that cough sounds awful!

Question: You know where I can get a cocktail waitress?
Answer: Lol… I just might

Question: hey Ponyboy πŸ™‚ Who is your favorite One Direction member?
Answer: Toss up between Robert Plant or Jim Morrison.

Question: I need to pee
Answer: Ok I’ll wait here

Question: why won’t you reply to me whenever i tell you how perfect you are!
Answer: I’m shy

Question: my 12 year old son watched “Soul Man” today and he loved it!!!! Although I had to explain who Prince was!!! Lol
Answer: I think I forgot who Prince is…

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Do I have to have tits for you to reply to me or am I just unlucky lol ?
Answer: That hairy belly will do!

Question: Watching @CThomasHowell guesting on Monk. ION TV never fails, when OTA nets do. Enough with infomercials during the day.
Answer: That is AWESOME considering I’ve never been on Monk! But enjoy!

Question: Why must you have so much SASS ?!
Answer: That’s how I roll, girl!

Question: I ran into the wall cause my aunt was like “YOUR HUSBAND IS ON TV” and so I ran and hit the wall. that’s how much I love you
Answer: Ice pack!?

Question: do you ever just go, WTF? to some of those questions
Answer: All the time

Question: i admire your sassiness
Answer: I’m famous for my sassy ass now… Lol

Question: Getting my ALL of my wisdom teeth out tomorrow… Anyone want to wish me good luck.?
Answer: Oh snap! You are screwed!!! I did that and wished I hadn’t!!!! #percocet

Question: What’s your dress size?
Answer: Im a perfect 6!

Question: Maybe I can fall asleep if you tweet me
Answer: Am I THAT boring!?! haha

Question: If you could have any accent, what would it be?
Answer: Shrek!

Question: I’m reading the Outsiders in class, love Ponyboy!
Answer: Wait!?! there’s an Outsiders book!?!?

Question: Soul man ? This guy @CThomasHowell is not the same dude. He’s better looking and more drunk.
Answer: much better looking and wayyyyy more drunk!

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Today is my pay day.
Answer: Spend it wisely… I recommend women and booze!

Question: You’ve tweeted me 12 times, but you still don’t know my name. It’s 1AM. Awh.
Answer: Your name is 1AM? weird!

Question: Where did Ponyboy get his lilac hoodie from? Love it so much!!
Answer: From Lilacmart

Question: How was “fighting” with Thomas Gibson? #fearthereaper
Answer: He’s a sexy fighter

Question: Do you get your shoes shined at the airport?
Answer: I usually catch flights!

Question: fyi: I’m the girl at work who removes her microwave food before the time is up & then never zeroes it out. You’re welcome.
Answer: Hate you! Lol

Question: You tweeted me “Breathe!” a few days ago and I wrote that on my hand then my teacher thought I was cheating on my test..
Answer: that’s a good thing to have written on your hand! Especially during a test!

Question: hi. Your perfetttttt
Answer: No I have a scar on my knee…

Question: i love you ok? don’t tell your wife.
Answer: Your secret is safe with me..

Question: golf is for old people
Answer: Annnnd… now I’m ignoring you on purpose.

Question: as you read this tweet you will feel sleepy, then i will snap my fingers *snap* & you will follow me. okay GO!
Answer: That freakin’ worked!! Wtf!?! Lol

Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)
Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)

Question: How come you always tell people to go to bed?
Answer: cuz little girls should be sleeping not tweeting on school nights..

Question: My mom thinks that because I tweet you it means I stalk you… What do you make of it?
Answer: Tell her to tweet me!

Question: Where’s my hello?
Answer: You check under your bed?

Question: What’s your favorite emoji?
Answer: The middlefinger… wait

Question: I like chicken. And Southland.
Answer: They’re good together…

Question: I have to be up in 5 hours, why am I up?
Answer: Cuz you have to pee

Question: Can I get a good night? Now I have insomnia.
Answer: When I snap my fingers you’ll be sound asleep… SNAP! Zzz.

Question: If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be?
Answer: To be C. Thomas Howell

Question: And on a serious note, WHERE DID ALL YOUR SASS GO?! You’re way too sweet these days. It doesn’t even feel right.
Answer: That’s the key to being king of the sass… I know when to put it away

Question: It’s acceptable that my Ponyboy fantasies have come back suddenly by watching Southland right?
Answer: It was bound to happen!

Question: I think i have a crush on @CThomasHowell
Answer: Double check and get back to me

Question: how do i make someone smile??
Answer: Smile first

From Tommy's Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!
From Tommy’s Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!

Question: I have always liked your acting, and now you are helping me laugh through a night of being ill and up with my newborn, thanks
Answer: enjoy your little one. I have 3. Want one…?

Question: Pony, is it weird to have young girls crush on you? I’ve always wondered that..:P
Answer: not as weird as young dudes

Question: dying because @CThomasHowell is tweeting
Answer: An RA unit is on its way!!!

Question: Not 2 sound crazy but do u ever as an ego boost google C Thomas Howell naked ur nude scenes? screencaptures LOL
Answer: nope I just look in the mirror!

Question: What’s your sign? @cthomashowell to lazy to check!
Answer: “Proceed with caution”

Question: my mom told me to tell you that you’re very handsome! Haha
Answer: For some reason I have that affect on moms!

Question: how many girls fan girl over you everyday?
Answer: Not enough

Question: why do you have to be so perfect?
Answer: Stop… Ok never mind that

Question: I did a community clean up with my humanities class and then I had an allergic reaction to my latex glove..fun times!! 😦
Answer: Did you get out of the work? If so #worthit

Question: you were on my tv today and my mum said “isnt he a hot spice” omg
Answer: Annnnnd… you agreed!

Question: Well, everyone almost died when you went on your little vacation. No, really.
Answer: nobody dies on my watch unless I do the stabbing!!! Understand!?!

Question: But that’s not medicine? That’s a lipstick stain.
Answer: For YOU its not medicine

...and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)
…and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)

Question: ahh you are perfect
Answer: So are you!! LOVE blue haired blonde eyed girls!!!

Question: just adore you! Thats all!
Answer: I see how you look at me girl!

Question: favourite fast food…? if you eat it, that is.
Answer: Cheetah

Question: tommy what do you think about justin bieber?
Answer: He is HOT!!
Question: You mean that as a joke right? I’ve seen dogs better looking than him.
Answer: Don’t be mean to The Biebs!!!

Question: what do you think of @CThomasHowell?
Answer: He’s a keeper!

Question: Do you shower naked?
Answer: Sometimes

Question: do you ever take selfies?
Answer: Um… do you follow me?

Question: have you ever visited narnia?
Answer: Only the airport… had a layover on my way to Never Never Land!

Question: U are just MORE then perfect
Answer: You say that to ALL the ponyboys

Question: Who would u say is ur celeb doppelganger or some actor that kinda looks like u?
Answer: Don Cheadle!

Question: You know we’re married right?
Answer: Haha! Good to know… What’s for dinner?

Question: Will we be seeing you in anything new anytime soon? You’re the best!
Answer: Disney On Ice this summer. I’m Donald

Question: netflix is fucked up it dosen’t have the outsiders!
Answer: You said the F word!

Question: Would you ever do a reality show? Maybe a golf one?
Answer: Id do golf anything
Question: Golf porn? *cough*
Answer: Does that include playing with my putter?

From Tommy's Twitter: Yep... This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle
From Tommy’s Twitter: Yep… This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle

Question: Favourite one direction member?
Answer: The little dude that looks like me!
Question: Harry Styles is 6 feet 4 inches…. He’s not really “little”
Answer: Wasn’t talking about his height

Question: i thought you were black.
Answer: It wore off

Question: You are on fire tonight
Answer: Soccer dads rule!!

Question: I just want @CThomasHowell to tweet me telling me to “Stay Gold”
Answer: No you don’t

Question: I’m making your bio my senior quote #StayGoldBitches
Answer: Highly recommended

Question: but seriously go back to being 16 so i could date you
Answer: Can I borrow your time machine!?
Question: Who the heck would want to be 16 again? Yuck! #40sForTheWin!!
Answer: don’t know bout u but when I was 16 I was gettin jiggy wid it!!

Question: Hey there stud, how’s it hangin’?
Answer: Low and left, Ricky Spanish!

Question: are you nocturnal?
Answer: Only at night

Question: if you were to pick a animal to represent who you are what would it be?
Answer: A Liger

Question: please look at this! I’ll give you chocolate!
Answer: I take your chocolate

Question: how many push ups can u do? Curious πŸ˜‰
Answer: Ice cream, bras or exercise?

Question: if you could disappear to anywhere in the world & had no worries, where would you go?
Answer: the place where all of the missing socks of the world end up…

Question: in your opinion, what’s the weirdest or funniest word in the English language?
Answer: Prolly “weird” and “funny”

Question: did you apologise to hotch for killing his wife?
Answer: Hmmm … i think I asked him to get me a coffee

Question: what are you going to do when people start saying “my grandma likes you”?
Answer: They already do!

Question: I’m eating at mcdonalds and they got free wifi
Answer: .. And free diabetes!

Question: Hey buddy! You rooting for any horses in the Kentucky Derby?
Answer: I’m pulling for Rhoda’s fav… Hoof Hearted

Question: what was it like fighting with Thomas Gibson?!?
Answer: A real turn on!! OMG He’s so cute…

Question: not trying to be creepy but i stalk your twitter
Answer: Thats what its for!

Question: What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Answer: Oh, I don’t know but Im sure I was in it!

Question: Ooo whisper something in my ear πŸ˜€
Answer: (Whispers) go get me a beer

Question: You get asked a lot about working with Thomas Gibson. But I wanna know.. What was it Like working with Shemar Moore? πŸ™‚ xoxo
Answer: Makes a mean chicken tetrazzini!


Question: Can I have you for a day?
Answer: What day?

Question: Best actor of all time? (hint: the only acceptable answer is Denzel Washington)
Answer: Was gonna say Moe Howard

Question: You know what I like about you?? Your sass!!
Answer: You should see my sass in tight jeans!

Question: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Answer: I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Question: I like ur face
Answer: My face likes you

Question: I’m in school….. How horrible is that?!
Answer: Stop tweeting and pay attention!

Question: if you HAD to choose between Golf ( u have a perfect round to win the USA Open ) or Sex ( the good naughty sex ) ???..;-)
Answer: Golf… Not even close. LOL #golfismylife
Question: haha!!.. you’ve clearly NEVER had great sex!.. LOL!!.. x
Answer: YOU clearly have never hit a 300 yd drive!!

Question: if you could do another movie like the outsiders would you ?
Answer: Hmm Insiders maybe?

Question: You should tweet me so I can die of happiness
Answer: Today is a good day to die…

Question: @CThomasHowell is the queen of sassyness
Answer: I wear that crown proud!!

Question: OMG, I just noticed I have 666 followers & it’s putting me in a weird mood, what should I do??
Answer: Block 3 quick!

Question: My dearest, I think that if you replied to me I would pee myself
Answer: That sounds messy

Question: If you answer me… Ill be the coolest kid in school tomorrow.
Answer: Yes you will!

Question: Oh mighty, brilliant one. Why are most guys douchebags?
Answer: Comes with the penis

Question: if you followed me I’d hyperventilate
Answer: If I followed you so would I!!

Question: Also, just so everyone knows.. @CThomasHowell = DILF
Answer: Whats that stand for!? (kidding)

Question: Do you have any wisdom that’ll help me through these finals? #3DaysToFreedom
Answer: Play hooky