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Funny Stuff: Ask Tommy!

This morning on the set of Storm Rider in Utah... (Proof I can smile) (5/25/13)
This morning on the set of Storm Rider in Utah… (Proof I can smile) (5/25/13)

This is our new post area for Tommy’s most bizarre questions. Need lifestyle advice? Want to know the best place to store tofu? Don’t expect him to give you the right answer, but hopefully he’ll give you a funny one. (Any many thanks to @LittleSmudger for coming up with the #AskTommy tag!)

If you have questions for this category, please ask @cthomashowell on Twitter with #AskTommy as the hashtag.

Question: should I get out of bed?.. #AskTommy
Answer: No… and demand room service!

Question: What actually killed off the dinosaurs? #AskTommy
Answer: Taco Bell.., I know it!

Question: who took the bag of chicken legs out of my freezer and left them on the counter? And why? #AskTommy
Answer: You did while you were sleep walking… #neverwakeasleepwalker

Question: Why is there a silent, invisible 3 in my name? #AskTommy
Answer: Cuz the Batman symbol is trade marked!

Question: How old were you when you got your first period? #AskTommy
Answer: 2nd or third grade writing class. Hate english!

Question: how do I get rid of this headache? #AskTommy
Answer: One teaspoon of anthrax should do the trick!

Question: what’s under there? #AskTommy
Answer: Underwear?

Question: #asktommy why is it so hot under your bed? I’m dying under here!!
Answer: Wait… I don’t see you…

Question: #AskTommy why are you so evil?! #georgefoyett
Answer: I need a hug…

Question: What’s under my bed? #AskTommy
Answer: An old ouija board, a sock, a big hunk rapper, a kinks cassette and a thong
Question: ROFL!!! How did you know? And who’s thong is that anyway????
Answer: Lol… mine

Question: If vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?! #AskTommy
Answer: Puppies

Question: What’s “basketball”? #AskTommy
Answer: Never heard of it! #soccer #hockey forever