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Welcome to the suggested films section. This page will list some of Tommy’s films suggested for various audiences. (I’m hoping to get an expanded self-reviewed film list from him at some point for this section, but for now I’ve listed just a few that he’s commented on)

Kid Friendly Films
Self Reviews


Kid Friendly Films


Because we love 10-year-old Jack, who asked for a list of Tommy’s films that are OK for kids to watch, we put together this Tommy-approved list (with links to IMDB descriptions of each film so Mom can make the final call):

The Amazing Spider-Man:

Chilly Christmas:



ET – The Extra-Terrestrial:


Gods and Generals:


The Land That Time Forgot:

Ordinary Miracles:

The Outsiders:

Secret at Arrow Lake:

Red Dawn:

Soul Man:

That Night:

TV Series: CMT’s All Jacked Up: Free to view online here

TV Series: Amazon:

War of the Worlds:

War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave:

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Tommy’s comments on his own films


Camel Spiders: No “Don’t waste you’re time!”

Chilly Christmas: Yes for kids “It’s a good movie for the little ones”

Tommy in Escape

Escape: Yes “It’s a good lil film”

The Genesis Code: (directed by Tommy) Yes “It’s a good movie. Not really my fav genre but it’s well made.”

Gettysburg: Yes

The Hitcher: Yes

The Hitcher 2: No “What went wrong? Cast/script/direction”

Hoboken Hollow: Yes “Creepy… i like my role. film is ok.”

The Jailhouse: Yes “It’s pretty interesting… I like the film.”

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood: No “Hated it!”

The Outsiders: Yes

Red Dawn: Yes

Secret Admirer: Yes

Side Out: Yes “Yes it’s fun”

The Amazing Spider-Man: Yes

Restitution: Yes

That Night: Yes

Table of Contents

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