Tommy in The Amazing Spider-Man

Question: How many movies have you been in?
Answer: About 120

Question: Do you know EVERYBODY in the film industry or what?
Answer: (Sure seems like it – some folks Tommy has said he pals with are Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Matthew Gray Gubler)

Question: What movie was more fun to shoot? The Outsiders or The Hitcher?
Answer: The Hitcher wasn’t “fun” but it was awesome!

Question: What’s your dream role?
Answer: I’d like to play (Nikola) Tesla

Question: If you could act with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Answer: James Dean

Question: Is there an Actor/Actress you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Answer: Kate Beckinsale

Question: Of all the films you’ve made, which is your favorite?
Answer: Many for different reasons.

Question: What went wrong with Hitcher 2?
Answer: Cast/script/direction

Question: Were the Little Round Top battle scenes fun to shoot as it was to watch? #Gettysburg
Answer: Amazing experience!

Question: Which was more fun to shoot, that night or soul man πŸ™‚
Answer: Soulman but That Night is a better film.

Question: The Outsiders…or Red Dawn? I couldn’t choose.
Answer: Both good, but Outsiders

Question: How did you like working on Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood?
Answer: Hated it!

Question: Did u ever do a LOVE scene in a movie if yes which one?
Answer: Get a film i did called Payback and get back to me…

Question: Talking of The Hitcher. Have you seen the remake starring Sean Bean?
Answer: No… Heard negative things…

Question: Was the water cold when you jumped into it in Secret Admirer?
Answer: Hell yes!

Question: What did you like most about the role of “Mark Watson”.. #soul man
Answer: It was nice to do a comedy!

Question: Hi! Do you have any recomendations of 80s movies to wach that you were in?
Answer: That Night (early 90’s)

Question: Any other film recommendations from the 80s?
Answer: Secret Admirer?

Question: Tommy weren’t parts of Tank filmed here in Tennessee?? If so do you remember where?
Answer: No Georgia

Question: No don’t stop man. You’re a great actor, long list of great roles *a few iffy films* and Southland rocks. Many loyal fans.
Answer: Show me an actor that has worked for 35 years and I’ll show you some iffy films!

Question: how come you ain’t in the trailer for Spiderman? What’s up with that?
Answer: I have a small role…

Question: Do you ever get tired of ppl asking you about the work of other actors just b/c you’ve worked with them?
Answer: No…

Question: Hi Tommy, what was it like working with Rudger? πŸ™‚
Answer: Creepy! πŸ˜‰

Question: Just read that you’re in Camel Spiders. True? Hate spiders but if it’s a Tommy flic Im there!
Answer: Don’t waste you’re time!

Question: Would you ever want to act/write/direct a movie about the rodeo?
Answer: Yes!

Question: What’s your favorite Adam Sandler movie? Do you like Big Daddy?
Answer: Happy Gilmour!

Question: Did you have fun working with Lewis & Dushku on That Night? Love the movie! πŸ˜‰
Answer: Lewis and I struggled. Loved ED!

Question: So Tommy, When are ya gonna be working with Quentin Tarantino?
Answer: I hope soon. Mad respect for him!

Question: Do you ever sit back and watch the movies you were in?
Answer: Only when I punish my kids!

Question: Why were there 2 directors for The Genesis Code?
Answer: I replaced him..

Question: Is The Genesis Code based on the novel?
Answer: No!

Question: How about James Dean? It seems a lot of young actors of your time were a slight bit inspired by him. Thoughts? πŸ™‚
Answer: James Dean is one of my favorites… Imagine the work that he would’ve been responsible for!

Question: Who’s really the better volleyball player, you or Peter Horton?
Answer: He had experience but I had youth!

Question: I’ve never seen Jailhouse, just discovered it will be shown soon on “Chiller”. Should I watch? It looks good!
Answer: It’s pretty interesting… I like the film.

Question: Watching red dawn I always wondered what was in the deer blood cup #notsobad
Answer: Hershey’s chocolate and food coloring!

Question: Hey, that volleyball film with you and Courtney Thourne Smith (Side Out) on tv! Should I watch. I go to the expert πŸ™‚
Answer: Yes it’s fun

Question: do you think it’s important to have films w/ social issues like @fatkidmovie? or should movies just be entertaining?
Answer: Clearly both! Messages as well as pure entertainment are important for film and viewers!

Question: Camel Spiders?? i can’t believe im watching this shit and recording it
Answer: That movie is horrible! Should’ve asked… Lol

Question: Don’t know if you’ve been asked this already, but did you see “Dark Shadows?” if so, what did you think of it?
Answer: I liked it…

Question: Where was “Escape” filmed? The scenery is gorgeous.
Answer: Thailand!!!

Question: You are my main motivation to see the new Spiderman movie πŸ™‚
Answer: I have a small but poignant role…
Question: I heeeeard….that your char in Spiderman is named “Ray”. REALLY?? Yer kiddin. 3 for 3, boss! (also his character’s names in Longmire and Home Invasion)
Answer: Lol right?!

Question: So yay or nay on “Restitution”? πŸ˜‰
Answer: Yay

Question: How old were you when you filmed The Hitcher?
Answer: 17 ish

Question: The Jailhouse? Yes or No?
Answer: That’s a strong performance if I do say so myself.

Question: Are you going to appear in other marvel movies?
Answer: Hope so

Question: How long did you film spiderman for? Love ya in it by the way!
Answer: 2 weeks

Question: I really like the trailer for Escape. Can’t wait until it’s available. Looks good!
Answer: Its a good lil film

Comment: Love that Danny Boyle has organized the opening ceremony of the Olympics! Might be my fav director!

Question: Do you watch your own movies?
Answer: No… Not really

Question: Have you seen any Mel Brooks movies? (Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Spaceballs…)
Answer: Blazing Saddles and Frankenstein are my fav Mel Brooks films

Question: Did Brian Austin Greene ever annoy you, when you were filming Kid?
Answer: No… Good guy

Question: Was R. Lee Ermey intimidating when you were filming Kid? Sorry, I love that movie.
Answer: No he was cool

Question: Chilly Christmas comes out tom. on DVD , Netflix. Saw the trailer today looks funny, the kids will dig it.
Answer: It’s s good movie for the little ones

Question: I loved the movie Tank. Did you like that one?
Answer: I had fun

Question: Is Jeff Daniels one of the best actors you’ve ever worked with? Are you a civil war buff?
Answer: Yes and yes…

Question: Any talk about making The Last Full Measure, reprising Thomas Chamberlain?
Answer: That is currently my biggest regret in my career. That’s a crime if it isn’t made…

Question: Drew Barrymore is cool right? and pretty? =)
Answer: Yes very cool

Question: did u do your own stunts in “side out”?
Answer: Everything but the burning high fall!

Question: Did you like playing in Camel Spiders…
Answer: No

Question: How was wearing that mustache in Gettysburg?
Answer: Ahh… the chops were awesome!
Question: It didn’t itch at all. Or get in the way when you ate??
Answer: Had to work it, man!!

Question: Okay so last night I watched a movie called that night with @CThomasHowell in it and may I say that’s the best movie I’ve ever watched!
Answer: That Night is one of my favorite movies that I’ve done. Glad you enjoyed it. Thx for watching.
Question: you’re very welcome! What other movies have you done that you have really enjoyed?
Answer: The Hitcher Gettysburg A little movie out now called Escape that’s good…

Question: I read you did voice acting for the new animated Justice League movie. I can’t wait to see it when it comes out this summer.
Answer: The rumors are true

Question: Have you been back to Gettysburg since you made the movie?
Answer: Been a while

Question: You worked with both Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, right? Who was more fun to work with?
Answer: Charlie!

Question: Has anyone ever called you Bianchi on the street? It’s an original shout out πŸ™‚
Answer: Lol no

Question: That Night?
Answer: It’s a very under rated movie… One of my favs. Just check it out…. Eliza Dushku’s first film. With Me and Juliet Lewis

Question: hey so what do you think of the movie That Night? Is it worth a watch?
Answer: that’s a GREAT film. One of my favorites…

Question: Hillside is a classic movie. You played Bianchi so well. Great metamorphosis of the character!
Answer: That’s an underrated movie… I like it a lot

Question: Any thoughts about going back for another film on your Gettysburg character?
Answer: I want to bring back Tom Chamberlain (Gettysburg and Gods and Generals) and do The Last Full Measure

Question: would you say that Gettysburg is your favourite film you’ve done?
Answer: No, but a great experience

Question: Spend much time with good ol Tommy Berenger??
Answer: no cuz he was a part of the south and we shot our stuff after theirs..

Question: Where can I get a “making of” documentary for Far Out Man?
Answer: doesn’t exist

Question: in the movie soul man how long did it take for the tanning pills to wear off lol XD
Answer: Oh… It was at least a solid 30 mins of scrubbing everyday! Lol

Question: Am I the only one that likes the sequel of The Hitcher more than the first one?
Answer: YES

Question: Which brother did you prefer working with, Charlie Sheen or Emilio Estevez??
Answer: Charlie
Question: Oh my ya cant choose omg … thats like choosing ya fave child omg lol
Answer: Charlie’s my boy. End of story.

Question: I wanna watch one of your movies what do u recommend not outsiders, red dawn, or granview, soul man saw those
Answer: That Night

Question: about to watch the hitcher!! Any comments?
Answer: You ready to give up fries?

Question: I’m about to watch Nickel and Dime. Any comments?
Answer: I like that little movie… We had fun!

Question: Thomas, you don’t die in Cat 5 do you!!!
Answer: My character or my performance!?

Self Review of films

For a little direction on what films to check out or not, look at the Random Stuff section of the site. It also has listings for kid friendly flicks. It’s here:

Here’s a few self-reviews:

Camel Spiders: No β€œDon’t waste you’re time!”

Escape: Yes β€œIt’s a good lil film”

The Genesis Code: (directed by Tommy) Yes “It’s a good movie. Not really my fav genre but it’s well made.”

Gettysburg: Yes

The Hitcher: Yes

The Hitcher 2: No β€œWhat went wrong? Cast/script/direction”

The Jailhouse: Yes β€œIt’s pretty interesting… I like the film.”

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood: No β€œHated it!”

The Outsiders: Yes

Red Dawn: Yes

Secret Admirer: Yes

Side Out: Yes β€œYes it’s fun”

Spiderman: Yes

Restitution: Yes

That Night: Yes


Dewey deploys his taser

Question: What are the favorite shows you’ve guest starred on?
Answer: 1. SouthLAnd 2. Criminal Minds

Question: Do you ever visit the Criminal Minds team?
Answer: I sure do!

Question: Probably been asked this before but did you get to keep “The Reaper” mask?
Answer: No… Didn’t ask. Damn it!

Question: Did you enjoy playing the bad guy on Criminal Minds? great job by the way
Answer: Great role, better people.

Question: what was your favorite part about playing George Foyet on Criminal Minds?
Answer: Great writing! cool people

Question: If I saw @CThomasHowell on the streets randomly, I don’t know if I’d be able to go over to him because I know him as a murderer.
Answer: I wouldn’t hurt you, love.

Comment: The Criminal Mind fans are out strong! Thanks for all of the unsub love! #fearthereaper

Question: may i just say everytime Omnivore airs you give me the chills πŸ˜€
Answer: Im partial to 100 personally

Question: What was it like fighting Thomas Gibson? #fearthereaper
Answer: He smells like a vanilla cupcake

Tommy as The Reaper on Criminal Minds

Question: What’s your favorite TV show that you aren’t in?
Answer: Breaking Bad

Question: Do you watch Glee? Don’t you love Glee? (Tommy gets asked this a LOT for some reason)
Answer: “sigh” no. (Hasn’t watched it. Isn’t going to. Seems about as interested in it as he is in watching War Horse again)

Question: Do you ever talk to anyone from celebracadabra? Btw I LOVED your final performance.
Answer: Yes of course, David Regal, Murray and Johnathan are all good friends!

Question: Would you go on dancing with the stars if they asked you?
Answer: HELL NO!

Question: Do u still get recognized as Foyet, & do u get tired of it?
Answer: Yes all the time… No its cool

Question: Curious: if you could be on ANY TV show, past or present, what would it be?
Answer: Southland, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones!

Question: Are you on Longmire?
Answer: Just one episode (episode two)… But having a great time!
Question: Is this based on the Craig Johnson novels & is @LouDPhillips part of this project?
Answer: Yes and yes!

Question: Do you watch Dexter?
Answer: No, heard its great!

Question: When will the new Superfriends w/ your voice be on? Fall? My 7yo son and I will be watching!
Answer: 7 months away! (he said on May 21, 2012)

Question: What are your thoughts on The Game Of Thrones Tommy? You would make a Perfect Fit Bradda..:)
Answer: Big fan! #gojoffrey
Question: ROFL! What do you think a night with Joffrey and Uncle Dewey would be like?
Answer: Dewey bows to nobody!
Answer: .. He would toss the imp however!

Question: Is Shemar Moore as ridiculously annoying as he is on Criminal Minds? Go on…tell the truth now πŸ™‚
Answer: annoying no… Sexy yes! Omg!

Question: What tv show would we fans be surprised to hear you like to watch?
Answer: Duck Dynasty

Question: saw the preview of next weeks #Longmire. You don’t look so good πŸ™‚
Answer: Not a likable character … I’m very proud of my Longmire performance. Again it’s a tough ep for viewers but it was a role I haven’t played before…
Question: I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, really looking Fw to seeing you on it.
Answer: I come in at the end of the ep fyi

Question: 1st TV, Little People, age 4. 1st movie E.T.
Answer: Correct!

Question: Do you like Criminal Minds? Which is your favorite episode? Xoxo xD
Answer: 100

Question: Do you like The Walking Dead or American Horror Stories?
Answer: No, sorry

Question: Heeeey there Tommy! Why do you hate fear factor?
Answer: Cuz its lame… And BORING!

Question: Did you ever do stunt work for the tv show moonlighting back in the day?
Answer: My father was the stunt coordinator for Moonlighting!
Question: Were you ever in it. Being a stunt guy. For instance, being knocked over in a post office?
Answer: I did a stunt as a bus boy in a restaurant scene once…

Question: Did you enjoy your time on @Psych_USA
Answer: Love Dule and James

Question: I saw Revolution last week (Tommy’s episode – S1E2). The first 15 min was BRILLIANT BEYOND WORDS. The rest sucked XD xoxo Love ya lots
Answer: Yeah, that show’s not great but cool people to work with!

Question: Aunt Jess wanted to know if you did swordfighting in Revolution. I told her I’d ask you. xoxo
Answer: Yes I did it all

Question: Hey Tommy! Is that you as the “Headless Horseman” on the Snickers commercial?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Was The Reaper a role that moved you out of your comfort zone at any point?
Answer: Felt like a warm bath!

Question: ever watched Supernatural? Sherlock? Doctor Who?
Answer: No, no, yes

Question: Do you watch ‘The Walking Dead’?
Answer: First season only

Question: Hi Tommy, was wondering if you will still be doing guest spots on other shows? Now that you’re a full-timer on #southland
Answer: yes… It’s a long time between seasons!

Question: On what current show would you like to guest-star? (Other than the ones you already have.)
Answer: Boardwalk Empire

Question: what are your favorite shows, other than Southland (which is awesome btw) ? Happy Easter!
Answer: Boardwalk Empire , Game of Thrones and of course Duck Dynasty! #ASAPlease

Question: You’d make an awesome guest star in The Walking Dead. Would you consider it if asked?
Answer: I have a feeling that may happen one day! Just sayin’

Question: When will you be in The Glades? I heard that rumour today and I’m happy!
Answer: Did it two years ago…

Question: do you ever get called The Reaper in public?
Answer: All the time…

Question: Just watched the episode of Criminal Minds with you as The Reaper… Well played fella.
Answer: Thx! By the way do you know how long it takes to stab somebody 67 times? #fearthereaper

Question: Hey, are you and Thomas Gibson friends?
Answer: Yeah when I’m not killing his wife…

Question: Who else in the CM cast are you still friends with?
Answer: Matthew and Joe

Question: Are you going to be in Sons of Anarchy? Rumour I heard.
Answer: Possibly

The Outsiders

Tommy as Ponyboy

Question: How old were you when you filmed ET and The Outsiders?
Answer: 12 for ET, 15 for The Outsiders

Question: Who was your favorite person to work with on the outsiders?
Answer: Francis Coppola

Question: Do you talk to any of the other actors from The Outsiders?
Answer: Some of them. (Ralph Macchio, Darren Dalton among them)

Question: Which actors were you closest with on The Outsiders?
Answer: Ralph and Matt

Question: Out of the whole outsiders cast, who did you become most close to?
Answer: Darren Dalton @MisterWrite freakin Soc too!

Question: What was your favorite scene to film in The Outsiders?
Answer: The rumble and burning down the church!

Question: Do you still have the “Stay Gold” poem committed to memory?
Answer: Indelibly

Question: How many times a day do you get called Ponyboy? Does it get old?
Answer: At least 20. Never gets old.

Question: Do you miss Patrick Swayze?
Answer: He was my boy!

Question: If you could say one last thing to patrick swayze, what would it be?
Answer: Stay Gold, buddy

Question: What did they use to make your hair blonde in The Outsiders?
Answer: I don’t know what was used but it wasn’t “bleach” (or a wig).

Question: How long did it take to film the outsiders?
Answer: 3 months

Question: I was wondering how long it took to film the rumble scene it looked real!
Answer: 3-4 nights

Question: My 13 year old LOVES the Outsiders! It’s one of my favourite (books & movies). Have your kids watched/read it?
Answer: My two older kids love both and my ten year old watched for the first time last week and cried for an hour…

Question: Did they really cut ur hair w a switchblade in that movie?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Who was the funniest to shoot a scene with while filming The Outsiders? πŸ™‚
Answer: Emilio

Question: Was there anyone that you didnt like working with in the outsiders?
Answer: Could’ve lived without Leif. Lol

Question: Out of the cast of the outsiders, what one of you do you think would win the hunger games?
Answer: Patrick no doubt!

Question: During the ‘rumble’ in The Outsiders, did you do your own stunts or did some1 else do the fight scene?
Answer: We all did!

Question: Did you enjoy cuddling with @ralphmacchio in that church? πŸ™‚
Answer: Ralph is a great spooner!

Question: Did you keep any cool momentos from The Outsiders set?!?
Answer: I have some clothes still!

Question: was there real life rivalry between the greasers and the socs while shooting? I heard you had competitions, who usually won?
Answer: Grease always prevailed!

Question: I’ve ask you this before, but would you rather die, or become a soc??
Answer: I bleed grease

Question: Why was the audition process for the Outsiders different from anything else you’ve been to?
Answer: It lasted for months and we traveled around the US working with people from all over to find the cast we ended up with.

Question: I know don’t like smoking so how did ya film it in the outsiders??
Answer: I cowboyed up!!!

Question: From @se4realhinton: I always thought your rodeo-ing had a lot to do with your strength of character. Even mentioned this to David back N the day
Answer: It was an awesome way to grow up. Forever a cowboy!

Question: What did Matt smell like during The Outsiders?
Answer: Cigarettes

Question: How old was Ralph in The Outsiders?
Answer: 19 or 20

Question: Hey Tommy, what was the hardest scene to film in “The Outsiders”?
Answer: The last one…

Question: Do your kids have a favorite movie that you were in?
Answer: Prolly’ The Outsiders

Question: If they did a remake of The Outsiders, would you wanna be in it at all?
Answer: Only if Francis was involved

Question: From Tommy, July 22: Why is everyone wishing me a happy birthday!?
Answer: From @se4realhinton: It’s Ponyboy’s birthday, the 22nd. They get you confused with him for some reason.
Answer: From Tommy: Hmm, I wonder why? πŸ˜‰

Question: When’s the last time you’ve seen Matt?
Answer: (from Aug. 7, 2012) Its been a year or so…

Question: On the Set of the Outsiders who combed their hair way more then what was medically recommended
Answer: Swayze!!

Question: Hi! I’m doing a school assignment (a Menu). The theme is The Outsiders. Do you have any food ideas? Massive Thanx!
Answer: Bologna sandwiches!!

Question: Hi tommy – were you close w/Patrick Swayze in the last yrs of his life? Thx πŸ™‚ #staygold
Answer: Like brothers

Question: Tommy, what’s your favourite scene on The Outsiders with @ralphmacchio?
Answer: Loved all my scenes with Ralph. He’s a great actor and a better person!

Question: What is @ralphmacchio like?
Answer: A rose petal on a perfect spring morning…

Question: Do you get tired of people referencing “The Outsiders,” or do you like it when people make that connection? πŸ˜‰
Answer: It’s a big part of my life

Question: when you played Ponyboy, you looked like @harry_styles :3
Answer: He wasn’t alive yet

Question: wait… You were pony boy in the outsiders!?!? Mind=blown you look so different
Answer: Um that was 30 years ago
Question: 30 years ago,but @ralphmacchio still looks exactly the same…does that make you jealous? #DoItForJohnny
Answer: Who the fuck wants to look 15 their whole life?! Not my gray ass! #lovinglife

Question: Thinking of being a Greaser for Halloween… Which guy should I be? #TheOutsiders

Question: Did you hear they’re remaking The Outsiders???
Answer: I heard it was for TV and the TV series was horrible the first time around. Doubt it will be any better this time. We shall see
Answer: Time will tell… who really cares anyway? seriously.
Question: You’re the one and only Ponyboy and everyone thinks it shouldn’t be remade, because it was perfect the first time.
Answer: They remade it once for TV already… It will never be remade as a film… @se4realhinton Right Suzy?
Answer: From S.E. Hinton: You are right, Pony! Not as long as I can stop it!

Question: greaser/soc dress up day coming up for my 8th graders….they all want to be ponyboy :)) any costume advice for them??
Answer: Converse and plaid!

Question: Hey we’re reading the outsiders and my teacher loves you so she said I’ll get 10 extra credit points if you just reply!
Answer: Tell her I love her back… That’s gotta be worth 15!!

Question: would you want “The Outsiders” to have a sequel? Not a movie, but just the book.
Answer: No it’s perfect

Question: Hey Tommy, did they let you keep your Outsiders jacket?
Answer: yea my mom has it

Question: Matt Dillon’s unibrow is the most scariest thing to happen on this planet AGREE OR DISAGREE????
Answer: It’s cute

Question: just wondering did you keep anything or ever receive something kick ass from The Outsiders? I’m going to reread it again
Answer: A fat lip from the Rumble and and intro to The Rolling Stones courtesy of Mr. Dillon!

Question: The Outsiders is my favourite movie. By the way i’m a 90’s kid so people find it weird that I love it so much. ❀
Answer: it’d be weird if you didn’t…

Question: do u still get fans that call u ponyboy???
Answer: All the time… My father still calls me Ponyboy. #truth

Question: How does it feel to still be known as ponyboy after all these years?
Answer: Its for life!

Question: do you like madras and mustangs?
Answer: I drive a Mustang cuz Mustangs are tough!

Question: Whatsup? Who’s your favorite greaser? (Besides yourself)
Answer: Tim Shepherds brother Curley

Question: have you ever read an Outsiders fanfiction?
Answer: I stay away…

Question: The first punch at the rumble in The Outsiders which was a soc punching you was real!?!?!?!?
Answer: Correct

Question: aye did u smoke weed during the outsiders i wont tell
Answer: Fuck no… tell whoever you want!

Question: is it true what @RobLowe says about u in his book? I would love to know xxx
Answer: Rob and I will always be brothers!

Question: can we elope to Mexico?
Answer: Lets do it for Johnny

Question: did poniboi ever return that shirt to buck merril?
Answer: Lol! I don’t think so


Question: What was your very first concert?
Answer: Vanhalen Fresno CA 1979

Question: Favorite kind of music? Favorite band?
Answer: Classic Rock, The Rolling Stones (and Zeppelin and The Doors – Favorites from them: Doors-The End and LA Woman… Zeppelin-Ramble on and In the Evening)

Mick Jagger

Question: Top three albums ever?
Answer: Rolling Stones: Some Girls; Zeppelin: 2; and Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Question: Favorite Zeppelin song?
Answer: “Ramble On”

Question: What were your favorite 80s bands?
Answer: INXS, Men At Work, VanHalen and Duran Duran

Question: I noticed you follow @thisistherealJT (who happens to be on now) Do you 2 know each other?
Answer: Met once!

Question: 3 favorite all time drummers – go!
Answer: John Bonham, Stewart Copeland and Neal Pert!

Question: So who’s ur favorite current band/artist?
Answer: (from fall 2012): Im digging Awolnation right now…
(answered again on 2/23/13): I’m a classic rock guy, but as far as the new stuff goes I’m digging Muse a lot right now.

Question: Favorite concert you’ve ever attended?
Answer: U2 at the LA Forum was pretty sick!

Question: Favorite country artist?
Answer: Willie

Question: Do u like Country Music?
Answer: I like Jason Aldean and Dirks Bentley

Question: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Answer: Pink Floyd!

Question: Are you a Green Day fan?
Answer: Brain Stew!!!

Question: Any love for #MetalMusic?
Answer: Metallica count?

Question: Any new music recommendations? (2/10/2013)
Answer: Check out a song by Lyrics Born called ‘Changed my mind’ I dig it… check out City and Color’s ‘Grand optimist’ mellow but cool… Also LOVE STP’s acoustic of Plush… That’s awesome

Question: What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Answer: Anything from Muse or The Lumineers. (Panic Station, Uprising and Madness by Muse) and (Big Parade, Stubborn Love, Ho Hey, Submarines and Slow It Down by The Lumineers). Also Lisztomania by Phoenix, acoustic version of Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.

Question: All my life I was blind, I was blind but now I see
Answer: Stop it!! freakin’ LOVE The Lumineers And thats my fav song

Question: what are your thoughts on ed sheeran
Answer: Only heard one song. I liked it.

Question: have you listened to imagine dragons?
Answer: Yes I like Radioactive

Question: Are you repeating Coachella next year?

Question: read any good books lately?
Answer: Just read Keith Richards book… very cool

Comment: Knife Party crushing my headphones right now!!! This shit is dope!

Question: have you listened to Bonfire By Them? It’s the shit…
Answer: Just bought it… thx (he also likes Fire Hive)

Answer: I like Radio Active and Demons

Question: what (music) DO you do then? πŸ™‚
Answer: Right now? Knife Party, Excision, Capital Cities, DaftPunk, Dog Blood, etc.

Question: So, you’re like an electronic music and dubstep lover now?
Answer: YES!!

Question: Daft Punk! Lemme guess, your favourite song is Get Lucky?
Answer: Nope… Lose Yourself To Dance. the entire album kills it tho! Daft Punks ‘Doing it right’ is off the hook!!!! Get it now… Thank me later
Question: ‘ll have to give it a listen…………….. but I’m pretty much stuck in the classic rock era LOL
Answer: I was trapped there until I went to Coachella this year. You’re missing some GREAT stuff

Question: do you like Taylor swift? Lol
Answer: Yes shes very talented

Question: Omfg. Have you listened to ANY other song that isn’t by Daft Punk recently!!?
Answer: Some Deadmau5

Question: listen to any skrillex?
Answer: Bangarang!

Question: if you were able to, would you go to a Rolling Stones concert?
Answer: In 1972 preferably


Question: How do you decide who to tweet back after getting so many tweets? πŸ™‚ x
Answer: I like the interesting questions!

Question: Have u ever had a fan come up to u and say something really mean or inappropiate to u?
Answer: Once or twice…

Question: Quick question have you ever blocked a fan from following you? If so, why?
Answer: Only if they’re relentless morons!

Question: How much do you love your fans :)??!?!?
Answer: (arms spread!) THIS MUCH!!!!!

Question: Biggest pet peeve?
Answer: People asking me to follow them

Question: Have you ever asked another celeb for their autograph?
Answer: Tony Hawk for my kid! Jerry Rice for me. He declined
Question: He DECLINED?! Um, rude! Who says no to another celeb?!
Answer: He’s a douche! But a great player!
Question: Have you ever declined a fans request for an autograph?
Answer: (kidding) Only Jerry Rice!
Answer: (after some other fan comments about it) Great player… Not a great guy. But whatever…. Took his pics down and gave em all away. I could care less.

Question: Thomas Do u love us?
Answer: If u only knew

Question: Ever get glomped (i.e. running hug/tackle) by crazy fans?
Answer: Oh I’ve been glomped… Not a bad glomper myself

Question: When will people understand that you don’t do favorites? πŸ˜‰ (I.e. doesn’t like being asked what his favorite film is, etc.)
Answer: Soon I hope!

Question: It’s pretty awesome how much you interact with the fans. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it. ❀
Answer: Thank you… I’m nothing without them.

Question: Do you loovveee Canadians?
Answer: Who doesn’t!

Question: Do you ever get on YouTube and see all the videos fans post for you?
Answer: No (he doesn’t look at Tumblr either, although comments are forwarded to him)

Question: How does it feel to be loved and adored by so many?!?!?!?
Answer: Doesn’t suck!

Question: I’m a fuck up
Answer: shhhh… We all are

Question: I’m not ill, it’s not my birthday and I’m not special at all but I would love a tweet from you
Answer: Everybody is special

Question: you’re spamming my news feed!!
Answer: If you unfollow me that won’t happen!

Question: What advice would you give to someone her age who cuts themselves?
Answer: Im not qualified to go there love. I’m in it for the laughs… (Tommy’s supportive, but he had some issues with a cutter who turned into a stalker in the past)

Question: what does it take to get a follow from you?!?
Answer: I follow funny, famous or cute!
Question: what about crazy, wacky, or weird πŸ˜‰
Answer: That might be my new status quo

Comment: Why is a “follow” so important? Someone give me a good reason and Ill hit the follow button… Seriously. I don’t get it…

Question: I’ve had rods in my leg, open chest surgeries but needles scare me. Stomach injections tomorrow 😦
Answer: Stay strong… Stare fear in the eye. Smile at it, it’ll run. #fuckfear

Question: how come you don’t follow your fans?
Answer: I follow people I know… That I’m interested in… Like most people on twitter… Following kids is creepy for a 46 year old

Question: why do you keep ignoring me
Answer: Because you send tweets like “follow me” lol

Question: He responds when he feels like it…makes for many sad followers sometimes…
Answer: Could always follow those celebs that NEVER retweet… Just a suggestion

Question: Why do you hate me?
Answer: Cuz you ask me why I hate you when I don’t know you

Question: why is it so hard to get a follow from you?
Answer: cause I don’t like following people I don’t know… It’s weird.

Question: hi Tommy do u reply to snail mail?
Answer: Its tricky, due to traveling, but I try…


Fan Art


This one is a gift from @RADIUM_X - great musician and Photoshop artist who made Tommy's Twitter background.
From Charlie DiAngelo:
"Ok I wanted to start off with the first C Thomas How fan art pic, so i made this! Seems our Tommy has gone back in time and kidnapped a very much younger C Thomas Howell
I think i heard him tell young Tommy, Look kid when Francis Ford Coppola wants you to hang out in the House for 3hrs and cook, Just cook something! now smile for the camera! Hey your looking the wrong way!"
By Charlie DiAngelo
From @Bluegrassbabe3: #SouthLAnd moments season four...
By Charlie DiAngelo:
"Here's another fan pic i made, If you've ever played any of the Grand Theft Auto games then you know what this pic is! and i thought hey the new GTA 5 is based in LOS SANTOS aka Los Angeles and Southland is based in Los Angeles, so i made a fictional video game of GTA based on Dewey Dudek with Hollywood Division of LAPD! so here it is in all it's glory!"
By Charlie DiAngelo: Introducing the All New C.Thomas Howell Action Figure!
Goofy one from me (SueVo)... just, you know, cause...
From Charlie DiAngelo
This really great drawing has been going around Tumblr. The artist is ~Lapuger. A little more here:
From Charlie DiAngelo
From Charlie DiAngelo
Another one from ~Lapuger. More here:
From Pauline Newman
Team Reaper USA Olympic avatar from my friend Victoria (aka Kitten) – feel free to use it during the games πŸ˜‰ (-Sue)
Reaper avatar for Canada for the Olympics too now from Victoria!
Snazzed up Reaper pic from Victoria
Outsiders fan art from @Catel16 on Twitter
Uncle Dewey fan art from Deb!
Dewey fan art from Deb!
Fan art from Charlie DiAngelo!
Another one from the ever-talented Charlie DiAngelo
Fan art from Giuliana Hawk
New one from Charlie, who says: “The Story Behind this Graphic is Tommy’s Character get caught in an Alternate universe where the Past and present are combined into one. So now man and Dinosaur live among each other! So what happens is Tommy’s Character ends up as the towns Sheriff and Rides a Dinosaur like a Horse! So until he can get back to his own timeline he has to fight off bad guy’s with his Posse of Dinoryders! It’s like the Jurassic Park Meets Tombstone!
by Paula Meza
From Sierra on Twitter πŸ™‚
Fan art cookies from John!
Another great one from Charlie!
From Paula Meza
From Paula Meza
From Charlie: Here it is! Tommy's New Cologne inspired By Dewey!
From Charlie: Here it is! Tommy’s New Cologne inspired By Dewey!

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