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Tommy to guest star in season 3 of Grimm

Tommy will have a recurring role as a guest star in NBC’s Grimm, starting with episode 18 season 3 “The Law of Sacrifice,” which should air later this spring.

The show films in Portland, Oregon. He shot Episode 18 in mid February.

Tommy in Portland
Tommy in Portland

According to this TV guide story:

“The Southland and Criminal Minds alum will play FBI agent Weston Steward in Episode 18. Because of his experience and capability, Prince Vikton (Alexis Denisof) views Weston as an invaluable resource when stateside issues need to be handled swiftly and precisely.”

Tommy on set of Grimm
Tommy on set of Grimm

Here’s the spoiler TV alert about it:

Tommy has worked with the show’s executive producers before – on the film “Secret Admirer” when he was 17.

Being the notoriously weird place that it is (I live in the Portland area), the city’s free paper “The Portland Mercury” posted this odd story about Tommy being in town (Tommy thought it was funny, although he never talked to anybody there and he didn’t write it): Can you help me find Powell’s?. (Powell’s is a local iconic bookstore, and Tommy did visit it once on his trip).

They also had this story noting that he was in town: Celebrity Lookout: C. Thomas Howell is Heading Our Way!

Tommy filming Episode 18
Tommy filming Episode 18

And here’s Grimm’s page on NBC: The show airs Fridays at 9 p.m.









Sons of Anarchy


Tommy will play a recurring role on FX’s Sons of Anarchy this season (6), starting with Episode 2. The role is small and the network is being extremely vague about the details. He filmed his first episode on May 27.

The season starts September 10, 2013, so Tommy’s first episode should be on September 17.

Here’s a TVline story with a few more details: Scoop: Sons of Anarchy Enlists C. Thomas Howell, Steve Howey for Season 6 Arcs.

Basically, it says “Howell has been cast as Frank Eagan, an ATF agent with questionable loyalties.”

We’ll let you know more when we do.

In the meantime, here’s some Twitter FAQ stuff for you all:

Question: Do you know if you’ll be on this coming season or next? Reaper crew?! lol
Answer: This season

Question: I am so fucking excited!!! You gonna be a part of the Reaper Crew!!!
Answer: No spoilers!! haha

Question: Jemma’s new boyfriend? come on, a hint?
Answer: My lips are sealed…

Question: Excited for @CThomasHowell to join @SonsofAnarchy
Answer: Just on for a few eps… but stoked!

Question: Excited to see you in #SOAFX S6. Hope you’re ready! We’re some CRAZY fans!!
Answer: Small role but great fun!

Question: How many are you going to be in?….and what’s next for you Tommy?
Answer: Im working out details on SOA… And headed to Biloxi to start a film next week called Category 5…