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Tommy guest stars in Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

C. Thomas Howell guest stared on the Dec. 3, 2012 episode of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.

Season 3 premiered on Monday, Sept. 24 at 10/9 central.

Tommy is in the 10th episode, called “Ha’awe Make Loa.” It was filmed in Oahu, Hawaii from October 29 to November 5 (episodes take about 10 days to film).

Hawaii Five-O blog story here:

For the press release, check here:

Synopsis: Max and his crush (Rumer Willis) get put in harm’s way when a botched bank robbery leads the team to determine that the criminals had very unexpected motives. Meanwhile, Danny is stuck with the tough task of coming to the rescue of the most beautiful women in the world when a stalker goes after a Victoria’s Secret model, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, Dec. 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Victoria’s Secret Model Behati Prinsloo, actress Rumer Willis and actor C. Thomas Howell guest star.



FAQ: Hawaii Five-0


Comment: I’m on Oahu shooting an ep of Hawaii 5 0 (10/29/12)

Question: Are you going to be bad guy again?
Answer: I’m never “a bad guy!”

Question: Are you doing Hawaii 5-0?
Answer: It’s doing me!

Question: TOMMY!! I just saw the preview of Hawaii Five-0! Now, tell me! ARE YOU SECRETLY A NINJA?! Those jumps were sick! #PUMPED !
Answer: I’m very pleased with the ep!

Question: (comment on the chase scene) when did you become a parkour champion?
Answer: My father is a stuntman!

Comment: (During live Tweet 12/3/12) Glowing heads you ask?! Lol

Comment: (During live Tweet 12/3/12) Trust me… You don’t guest on 5 0 to be a “good guy” besides playing bad guys is an art within itself! Ask Wreckit Ralph!

Comment: (During live Tweet 12/3/12) Scott Caan is so effin funny!

Comment: (During live Tweet 12/3/12) Damn! Did I just get away!?! Lol

Question: you were awesome in #H50
Answer: Really enjoyed it (12/29/12)

Question: Did you get hypnotized by Alex’s awesomeness while you were on the set of #H50 lol. 😉
Answer: Indeed (12/29/12)




Here are some of Tommy’s pics from filming (and golfing on his days off):

View from my room (10/29/12)
My new room mates! (10/30/12)
Hangin’ with Scott Caan in the Hawaiian jungle! Great guy… (10/30/12)
Alex O’Loughlin and yours truly. Great actor and a very very cool dude! (10/30/12)
Stay gold (10/30/12)
How’s this look for a days work? (10/31/12)
… And so it begins (10/31/12)
For Halloween I’m dressed up as Ponyboy playing golf! (10/31/12)
Lochlyn Munro… My first victim. He’s apparently taking it well. H50 (from 11/3/12)
Victim number 2, Rumour Willis! She didn’t listen. Lesson learned… (She’s very cool FYI) (11/3/12)
Hard at work on H50! (11/4/12)
Alex O and crew on the set of H50! (11/5/12)
All smiles in Hawaii! (11/5/12)
We’re dating now… (11/5/12)
From @lontakiguchi on twitter (lon takiguchi is the assistant director on Hawaii Five-0) (11/5/12)