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Tommy to guest star in ABC’s Castle

On the set of Castle with @NathanFillion! Great guy… Cool show!

Tommy has a cameo appearance in ABC’s Castle, which premieres on Sept. 24 at 10/9 central.

He’ll be in the seventh episode of season 5, called Swan Song, airing on Nov. 12. He filmed it in Los Angeles the week of August 24.

From Tommy’s Twitter: Hangin’ with @Stana_Katic
From Nathan Fillion’s Twitter: The best thing about following @CThomasHowell, is following @CThomasHowell.
Great day on the set of Castle! Really enjoyed playing foosball in between takes with @NathanFillion….
… Not so sure @NathanFillion can say the same! #kickedhisbutt

From Tommy’s Twitter: Me: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @NathanFillion : I hurt my hand in a welding accident!!!!!!!!
From Tommy’s Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)


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Comment: What a gentleman @NathanFillion is. I love coming on to a show and working with people that love what they do. I’m a fan!

Question: Is Nathan Fillion as lovely as he seems?
Answer: More than you could imagine. Great guy!

Question: Mr. Howell…do you know when this ep of Castle will be on yet, sir? 8) XXOO
Answer: Season 5 ep 4! (it has been moved to Season 5, Episode 7 airing Nov. 12)

Question: And what can you say about @Stana_Katic
Answer: Super cool. Very beautiful and extremely nice. Other than that she’s ok. πŸ˜‰

Comment from Nathan Fillion: The best thing about following @CThomasHowell, is following @CThomasHowell

Comment from Nathan Fillion: And by the way, when you follow @CThomasHowell, tell him I sent you.

Comment from Stana Katic: a greaser n his broad. Sweetness playing opposite u today! β€œ@CThomasHowell: Hangin’ with @Stana_Katic” X S

Comment from Tommy I’d like to say hello to all of the @NathanFillion fans that joined #clubtommy today! He’s a great guy and I appreciate the follows!

Question: do u respond better than (Nathan Fillion)? #justasking
Answer: You tell me!

Question: How much fun did you have on the set of #castle w @NathanFillion and @Stana_Katic?
Answer: Great day!!

Question: It’s official, @CThomasHowell is way better than @NathanFillion! I’ve never gotten a reply from him lol
Answer: He has a million and a half followers! Nobody could answer those! Lol

Comment from Tommy to @Stana_Katic I really enjoyed the day. So much fun plus great work equals happiness! Thank you… See you in Big Sir! πŸ˜‰

Question: Clearly Nathan is having a bad week. 1st he burns his hand welding, then got ass kicked at foosball. Ouch.
Question: I’m gonna blame the burned hand on the foosball ass kicking. πŸ™‚
Answer: there’s no crying in foosball!

Question: I can’t help but wonder if @CThomasHowell is going to reprise his role as The Reaper–or Ponyboy–when he’s on Castle with @NathanFillion.
Answer: It’s sort of a combination of both. “Reaperboy”

Question: What was you favorite thing about your recent role on Castle? Just wondering.
Answer: The cast





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