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Rodeo Tommy

If you ever wondered about Tommy’s old rodeo days – he was one of the top cowboys in California in his youth – here are some pictures he gave us:

I know you wanted to see some old rodeo pics.
I was 12 or 13 here…
Norco rodeo back in the day!
Won third here…
This was a tough ride..
Won first on this dude!
Won the California State All Around Cowboy Championship in 1979,1980 and 1981.
My first bull ride!
My first rodeo… 5 months! My father is my hero!
My father ranked 13th in the world at one point! PRCA
My old man doing his thing!
Team roping when I was 13
Got him!
Winning the finals in 1979
Here’s another

C. Thomas Howell: A man who can ride anything

I’ve been threatening to make a post about all the things Tommy has ridden for a long time, and tonight is that night friends.

I’m dedicating this post to young Jack, our 10-year-old friend and Captain of #ClubTommy on Twitter.

I’ll update this list whenever Tommy decides to ride other strange things.

First up, the critters:

Before he became an actor, Tommy was a rising rodeo star. Needless to say he’s ridden quite a few horses:

Tommy as the headless horseman

Not to mention a few bulls:

Bull Riding!

A few years back, Tommy did a show for CMT called “All Jacked Up,” where he participated in his first ostrich race:

Ride ’em Drumstick!!

But since that isn’t quite enough, check out Tommy riding an Elephant in his new flick “Escape”:

Yup. That’s an elephant…

From there, we move on to motorized, pedaled and wheeled things. But first let me drop a hint that Tommy once promised us all a picture of himself on a skateboard and well, there isn’t one here… *cough*

That said, lets start simple, with bicycle stunts on “E.T.”:

Tommy can fly a bicycle

How about a gigantic motorcycle from “All Jacked Up”:

That’s a BIG bike

Then there’s the rocket powered lounge chair from “All Jacked Up”:

Nice leather seats there

Of course, Tommy, who’s an excellent celeb golfer, has also ridden his share of golf carts:

Watch those turns, kids.

Jet powered outhouse? Yup, he did that in “All Jacked Up” too:

No. It’s not toilet paper powered…

Bobsledding? Yup.

Don’t try this at home.

Megasaurus car eating mechanical dinosaur? Check.

This thing also breathes fire

Tommy was in a movie called “Tank” but I like these pics of him in a tank from “All Jacked Up” better:

Getting in
Drive that sucker!

How about a dolphin boat:

This boat maneuvers and does back rolls like a dolphin

Or a car boat:


Or… a sprint boat:

These things fly

He also drove in a combine derby in “All Jacked Up”:

Broken axle? Check.

And a monster truck:

Driving over the competition

And, if this counts as riding, street luge:

Rollin’ down the highway…

I’m sure I’ve missed some. I’ll keep updating this post when we get more images. Like that skateboard. Ahem.

Cheers! -Sue