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Question: What’s your favorite football team?
Answer: Green Bay Packers (Tommy has family in West Bend, Wisconsin)

Question: Favorite Packers quarterback of all time?
Answer: Bart Star

Question: What is your favorite NHL team?
Answer: The L.A. Kings

Question: What is your favorite MLS team?
Answer: The L.A. Galaxy

Question: Do you have a Favourite Hockey Player ?? Past or Present…
Answer: Drew Doughty

Question: which hockey team do you not like?
Answer: Ducks

Question: do you like any British football sides (English Premiere League soccer) tommy?
Answer: Man City and Tottenham! (More recently it’s been Liverpool – since he went to a game in 2014)

Question: hi do you follow U.K soccer? If so who?
Answer: Yes! love Tottenham and Man City… Love G Bale!! Tottenham and Galaxy!!! But now I follow the Caps too…

Question: true, how comes you choose city and Tottenham? Have you ever managed to get over and watch a game?
Answer: We Love Joe Hart (my kids a keeper) Aguero, Nasri and Dzeko!!!

Question: Who’s your favorite golfer?
Answer: Bobby Jones, circa 1925

Bobby Jones

Question: Just curious, how is your golf game? scratch, single digit?
Answer: TO TRACK TOMMY’S CURRENT HANDICAP: Check out this site. As of 4/12/2013 Tommy’s handicap is 2.3. As of 1/26/2013 Tommy’s handicap was 0.7. It was 1.6 on 11/28/2012. It was 2 on 10/8/12.

Question: what was your best golf score?
Answer: 70 (two under par)

Question: What’s your favorite Olympic event? 🙂
Answer: In 2016 it’ll be golf!!!

Question: Assurant Health?
Answer: My (golf) sponsor

Question: You prefer inland or links golf
Answer: Anywhere, anytime… doesn’t matter

Question: what’s the best golf tip you can give?
Answer: Slow down your back swing and don’t fall back..

Question: If you had a choice pro golfer or actor?
Answer: Pro Golfer for sure

Question: The Prince course on Kauai humbled me yesterday. What’s the toughest course you’ve played?
Answer: that’s a tough spot! Played it a few times!!

Question: What’s your favorite baseball team?
Answer: Dodgers (and Angels)

Question: Favorite pro basketball team?
Answer: Lakers (and Clippers and Thunder)

Question: do you get into March Madness at all?
Answer: After the Superbowl it’s my fav yearly sporting event!

Question: Do you follow college hoops? Who do you like?
Answer: I’m a PAC 12 guy, but hoops in this div has been lame lately! (particularly Tommy likes Oregon and USC)

Question: favorite @LAKings player?
Answer: Drew Doughty #8 and J Quick!

Question: are you cheering for the boston bruins? 🙂
Answer: YES! (i have to say that) (it’s his webmaster’s favorite team!)

Question: Hi Tommy. Do you watch the Euro 2012? Which is your favorite team?
Answer: Spain!

Question: Hi! Do you only support the national Spanish soccer team or do you also like a Spanish local team? If so,who’s your favorite?
Answer: I like Real Madrid

Question: Tommy, being a Cali boy… do you surf?
Answer: A little bit!

Question: Besides golf and skateboarding, are there any other sports you like to do?
Answer: Love Hang Gliding and motor cycles!

Question: Have you ever gone skydiving?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Do you still team rope?
Answer: Occasionally at my pops ranch…

Question: Ever had knee surgery?
Answer: Long time ago ! It sucked!! … hurt it riding bulls…

Question: What kind of skateboard to you use?
Answer: Sector 9!

Question: What kind of irons you play with?
Answer: Titleist DCI

Question: Did you ever coach your kids’ soccer teams?
Answer: Oh I put in 4 years of coaching AYSO…

Question: Did you play any sports when you were younger?
Answer: Rodeo, football, baseball, basketball!

Comment: (on Father’s Day 2012) Woke up to some new street hockey gear for my fathers day gift from the boys! Let the blood flow!

Question: Have you or would you ever do ‘The Running Of The Bulls’?
Answer: Never have… Lets go!

Question: For how many years did you rodeo?
Answer: 15

Question: Favorite sport?
Answer: Hockey, football and soccer

Question: What were your favorite events when you did rodeo?
Answer: Bull Riding and Team Roping

Question: Ski or snowboard?
Answer: Ski.. The thought of being a beginner again blows.

Question: Favorite golf course? What’s your handicap?
Answer: Pebble Beach… 7

Question: Will you be watching the Olympics?
Answer: Of course!

Question: Do you know how to roller skate?
Answer: Not my thang!

Question: Who do you think is gonna take the NBA championship?
Answer: Whispers (who cares)

Question: I bet you have found a golf course in MS..and played on it..
Answer: Been here a week and have played twice!