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Tommy roots on the Green Bay Packers!

Tommy and his longtime friend Charlie Sheen (they were both in Red Dawn together) went to see the Green Bay Packers playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 11 – as a big Pack fan, Tommy was very psyched for the win!

Tommy’s been a Packer fan for a long time. He has family in West Bend, Wisconsin, which is how he got hooked. His favorite Packer QB of all time is Bart Star, he said.

His trip also made the local newspaper: Celebrities show up for Packers playoff game at Lambeau

Here are some of his tweets and photos from the trip!

Headed to Green Bay with my boys for the Packers Cowboys game!!! #GoPackGo
Headed to Green Bay with my boys for the Packers Cowboys game!!! #GoPackGo
The Holy shrine! #Lambeau
The Holy shrine! #Lambeau
Dinner at Favre's Steakhouse tonight. I'm going with the Rib Eye and Lobster and a bottle of Silver Oak! #Cheers
Dinner at Favre’s Steakhouse tonight. I’m going with the Rib Eye and Lobster and a bottle of Silver Oak! #Cheers
Kick off in an hour and a half! #GoPackGo
Kick off in an hour and a half! #GoPackGo



On the field at Lambeau #GoPackGo
On the field at Lambeau #GoPackGo
On Lambeau field with my boy @charliesheen (packers won!) great day
On Lambeau field with my boy @charliesheen (packers won!) great day


From Amy R. Wallner Grzeskowiak: "Symba in Green Bay Wisconsin after the Dallas loss........ "
From Amy R. Wallner Grzeskowiak: “Symba in Green Bay Wisconsin after the Dallas loss…….. “
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
Nothing like stepping off the jet and seeing your cars lined up and waiting for you! Great trip!
Nothing like stepping off the jet and seeing your cars lined up and waiting for you! Great trip!

Rodeo Tommy

If you ever wondered about Tommy’s old rodeo days – he was one of the top cowboys in California in his youth – here are some pictures he gave us:

I know you wanted to see some old rodeo pics.
I was 12 or 13 here…
Norco rodeo back in the day!
Won third here…
This was a tough ride..
Won first on this dude!
Won the California State All Around Cowboy Championship in 1979,1980 and 1981.
My first bull ride!
My first rodeo… 5 months! My father is my hero!
My father ranked 13th in the world at one point! PRCA
My old man doing his thing!
Team roping when I was 13
Got him!
Winning the finals in 1979
Here’s another

C. Thomas Howell: A man who can ride anything

I’ve been threatening to make a post about all the things Tommy has ridden for a long time, and tonight is that night friends.

I’m dedicating this post to young Jack, our 10-year-old friend and Captain of #ClubTommy on Twitter.

I’ll update this list whenever Tommy decides to ride other strange things.

First up, the critters:

Before he became an actor, Tommy was a rising rodeo star. Needless to say he’s ridden quite a few horses:

Tommy as the headless horseman

Not to mention a few bulls:

Bull Riding!

A few years back, Tommy did a show for CMT called “All Jacked Up,” where he participated in his first ostrich race:

Ride ’em Drumstick!!

But since that isn’t quite enough, check out Tommy riding an Elephant in his new flick “Escape”:

Yup. That’s an elephant…

From there, we move on to motorized, pedaled and wheeled things. But first let me drop a hint that Tommy once promised us all a picture of himself on a skateboard and well, there isn’t one here… *cough*

That said, lets start simple, with bicycle stunts on “E.T.”:

Tommy can fly a bicycle

How about a gigantic motorcycle from “All Jacked Up”:

That’s a BIG bike

Then there’s the rocket powered lounge chair from “All Jacked Up”:

Nice leather seats there

Of course, Tommy, who’s an excellent celeb golfer, has also ridden his share of golf carts:

Watch those turns, kids.

Jet powered outhouse? Yup, he did that in “All Jacked Up” too:

No. It’s not toilet paper powered…

Bobsledding? Yup.

Don’t try this at home.

Megasaurus car eating mechanical dinosaur? Check.

This thing also breathes fire

Tommy was in a movie called “Tank” but I like these pics of him in a tank from “All Jacked Up” better:

Getting in
Drive that sucker!

How about a dolphin boat:

This boat maneuvers and does back rolls like a dolphin

Or a car boat:


Or… a sprint boat:

These things fly

He also drove in a combine derby in “All Jacked Up”:

Broken axle? Check.

And a monster truck:

Driving over the competition

And, if this counts as riding, street luge:

Rollin’ down the highway…

I’m sure I’ve missed some. I’ll keep updating this post when we get more images. Like that skateboard. Ahem.

Cheers! -Sue


Question: What’s your favorite football team?
Answer: Green Bay Packers (Tommy has family in West Bend, Wisconsin)

Question: Favorite Packers quarterback of all time?
Answer: Bart Star

Question: What is your favorite NHL team?
Answer: The L.A. Kings

Question: What is your favorite MLS team?
Answer: The L.A. Galaxy

Question: Do you have a Favourite Hockey Player ?? Past or Present…
Answer: Drew Doughty

Question: which hockey team do you not like?
Answer: Ducks

Question: do you like any British football sides (English Premiere League soccer) tommy?
Answer: Man City and Tottenham! (More recently it’s been Liverpool – since he went to a game in 2014)

Question: hi do you follow U.K soccer? If so who?
Answer: Yes! love Tottenham and Man City… Love G Bale!! Tottenham and Galaxy!!! But now I follow the Caps too…

Question: true, how comes you choose city and Tottenham? Have you ever managed to get over and watch a game?
Answer: We Love Joe Hart (my kids a keeper) Aguero, Nasri and Dzeko!!!

Question: Who’s your favorite golfer?
Answer: Bobby Jones, circa 1925

Bobby Jones

Question: Just curious, how is your golf game? scratch, single digit?
Answer: TO TRACK TOMMY’S CURRENT HANDICAP: Check out this site. As of 4/12/2013 Tommy’s handicap is 2.3. As of 1/26/2013 Tommy’s handicap was 0.7. It was 1.6 on 11/28/2012. It was 2 on 10/8/12.

Question: what was your best golf score?
Answer: 70 (two under par)

Question: What’s your favorite Olympic event? 🙂
Answer: In 2016 it’ll be golf!!!

Question: Assurant Health?
Answer: My (golf) sponsor

Question: You prefer inland or links golf
Answer: Anywhere, anytime… doesn’t matter

Question: what’s the best golf tip you can give?
Answer: Slow down your back swing and don’t fall back..

Question: If you had a choice pro golfer or actor?
Answer: Pro Golfer for sure

Question: The Prince course on Kauai humbled me yesterday. What’s the toughest course you’ve played?
Answer: that’s a tough spot! Played it a few times!!

Question: What’s your favorite baseball team?
Answer: Dodgers (and Angels)

Question: Favorite pro basketball team?
Answer: Lakers (and Clippers and Thunder)

Question: do you get into March Madness at all?
Answer: After the Superbowl it’s my fav yearly sporting event!

Question: Do you follow college hoops? Who do you like?
Answer: I’m a PAC 12 guy, but hoops in this div has been lame lately! (particularly Tommy likes Oregon and USC)

Question: favorite @LAKings player?
Answer: Drew Doughty #8 and J Quick!

Question: are you cheering for the boston bruins? 🙂
Answer: YES! (i have to say that) (it’s his webmaster’s favorite team!)

Question: Hi Tommy. Do you watch the Euro 2012? Which is your favorite team?
Answer: Spain!

Question: Hi! Do you only support the national Spanish soccer team or do you also like a Spanish local team? If so,who’s your favorite?
Answer: I like Real Madrid

Question: Tommy, being a Cali boy… do you surf?
Answer: A little bit!

Question: Besides golf and skateboarding, are there any other sports you like to do?
Answer: Love Hang Gliding and motor cycles!

Question: Have you ever gone skydiving?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Do you still team rope?
Answer: Occasionally at my pops ranch…

Question: Ever had knee surgery?
Answer: Long time ago ! It sucked!! … hurt it riding bulls…

Question: What kind of skateboard to you use?
Answer: Sector 9!

Question: What kind of irons you play with?
Answer: Titleist DCI

Question: Did you ever coach your kids’ soccer teams?
Answer: Oh I put in 4 years of coaching AYSO…

Question: Did you play any sports when you were younger?
Answer: Rodeo, football, baseball, basketball!

Comment: (on Father’s Day 2012) Woke up to some new street hockey gear for my fathers day gift from the boys! Let the blood flow!

Question: Have you or would you ever do ‘The Running Of The Bulls’?
Answer: Never have… Lets go!

Question: For how many years did you rodeo?
Answer: 15

Question: Favorite sport?
Answer: Hockey, football and soccer

Question: What were your favorite events when you did rodeo?
Answer: Bull Riding and Team Roping

Question: Ski or snowboard?
Answer: Ski.. The thought of being a beginner again blows.

Question: Favorite golf course? What’s your handicap?
Answer: Pebble Beach… 7

Question: Will you be watching the Olympics?
Answer: Of course!

Question: Do you know how to roller skate?
Answer: Not my thang!

Question: Who do you think is gonna take the NBA championship?
Answer: Whispers (who cares)

Question: I bet you have found a golf course in MS..and played on it..
Answer: Been here a week and have played twice!