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The Outsiders

Tommy as Ponyboy

Question: How old were you when you filmed ET and The Outsiders?
Answer: 12 for ET, 15 for The Outsiders

Question: Who was your favorite person to work with on the outsiders?
Answer: Francis Coppola

Question: Do you talk to any of the other actors from The Outsiders?
Answer: Some of them. (Ralph Macchio, Darren Dalton among them)

Question: Which actors were you closest with on The Outsiders?
Answer: Ralph and Matt

Question: Out of the whole outsiders cast, who did you become most close to?
Answer: Darren Dalton @MisterWrite freakin Soc too!

Question: What was your favorite scene to film in The Outsiders?
Answer: The rumble and burning down the church!

Question: Do you still have the “Stay Gold” poem committed to memory?
Answer: Indelibly

Question: How many times a day do you get called Ponyboy? Does it get old?
Answer: At least 20. Never gets old.

Question: Do you miss Patrick Swayze?
Answer: He was my boy!

Question: If you could say one last thing to patrick swayze, what would it be?
Answer: Stay Gold, buddy

Question: What did they use to make your hair blonde in The Outsiders?
Answer: I don’t know what was used but it wasn’t “bleach” (or a wig).

Question: How long did it take to film the outsiders?
Answer: 3 months

Question: I was wondering how long it took to film the rumble scene it looked real!
Answer: 3-4 nights

Question: My 13 year old LOVES the Outsiders! It’s one of my favourite (books & movies). Have your kids watched/read it?
Answer: My two older kids love both and my ten year old watched for the first time last week and cried for an hour…

Question: Did they really cut ur hair w a switchblade in that movie?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Who was the funniest to shoot a scene with while filming The Outsiders? 🙂
Answer: Emilio

Question: Was there anyone that you didnt like working with in the outsiders?
Answer: Could’ve lived without Leif. Lol

Question: Out of the cast of the outsiders, what one of you do you think would win the hunger games?
Answer: Patrick no doubt!

Question: During the ‘rumble’ in The Outsiders, did you do your own stunts or did some1 else do the fight scene?
Answer: We all did!

Question: Did you enjoy cuddling with @ralphmacchio in that church? 🙂
Answer: Ralph is a great spooner!

Question: Did you keep any cool momentos from The Outsiders set?!?
Answer: I have some clothes still!

Question: was there real life rivalry between the greasers and the socs while shooting? I heard you had competitions, who usually won?
Answer: Grease always prevailed!

Question: I’ve ask you this before, but would you rather die, or become a soc??
Answer: I bleed grease

Question: Why was the audition process for the Outsiders different from anything else you’ve been to?
Answer: It lasted for months and we traveled around the US working with people from all over to find the cast we ended up with.

Question: I know don’t like smoking so how did ya film it in the outsiders??
Answer: I cowboyed up!!!

Question: From @se4realhinton: I always thought your rodeo-ing had a lot to do with your strength of character. Even mentioned this to David back N the day
Answer: It was an awesome way to grow up. Forever a cowboy!

Question: What did Matt smell like during The Outsiders?
Answer: Cigarettes

Question: How old was Ralph in The Outsiders?
Answer: 19 or 20

Question: Hey Tommy, what was the hardest scene to film in “The Outsiders”?
Answer: The last one…

Question: Do your kids have a favorite movie that you were in?
Answer: Prolly’ The Outsiders

Question: If they did a remake of The Outsiders, would you wanna be in it at all?
Answer: Only if Francis was involved

Question: From Tommy, July 22: Why is everyone wishing me a happy birthday!?
Answer: From @se4realhinton: It’s Ponyboy’s birthday, the 22nd. They get you confused with him for some reason.
Answer: From Tommy: Hmm, I wonder why? 😉

Question: When’s the last time you’ve seen Matt?
Answer: (from Aug. 7, 2012) Its been a year or so…

Question: On the Set of the Outsiders who combed their hair way more then what was medically recommended
Answer: Swayze!!

Question: Hi! I’m doing a school assignment (a Menu). The theme is The Outsiders. Do you have any food ideas? Massive Thanx!
Answer: Bologna sandwiches!!

Question: Hi tommy – were you close w/Patrick Swayze in the last yrs of his life? Thx 🙂 #staygold
Answer: Like brothers

Question: Tommy, what’s your favourite scene on The Outsiders with @ralphmacchio?
Answer: Loved all my scenes with Ralph. He’s a great actor and a better person!

Question: What is @ralphmacchio like?
Answer: A rose petal on a perfect spring morning…

Question: Do you get tired of people referencing “The Outsiders,” or do you like it when people make that connection? 😉
Answer: It’s a big part of my life

Question: when you played Ponyboy, you looked like @harry_styles :3
Answer: He wasn’t alive yet

Question: wait… You were pony boy in the outsiders!?!? Mind=blown you look so different
Answer: Um that was 30 years ago
Question: 30 years ago,but @ralphmacchio still looks exactly the same…does that make you jealous? #DoItForJohnny
Answer: Who the fuck wants to look 15 their whole life?! Not my gray ass! #lovinglife

Question: Thinking of being a Greaser for Halloween… Which guy should I be? #TheOutsiders

Question: Did you hear they’re remaking The Outsiders???
Answer: I heard it was for TV and the TV series was horrible the first time around. Doubt it will be any better this time. We shall see
Answer: Time will tell… who really cares anyway? seriously.
Question: You’re the one and only Ponyboy and everyone thinks it shouldn’t be remade, because it was perfect the first time.
Answer: They remade it once for TV already… It will never be remade as a film… @se4realhinton Right Suzy?
Answer: From S.E. Hinton: You are right, Pony! Not as long as I can stop it!

Question: greaser/soc dress up day coming up for my 8th graders….they all want to be ponyboy :)) any costume advice for them??
Answer: Converse and plaid!

Question: Hey we’re reading the outsiders and my teacher loves you so she said I’ll get 10 extra credit points if you just reply!
Answer: Tell her I love her back… That’s gotta be worth 15!!

Question: would you want “The Outsiders” to have a sequel? Not a movie, but just the book.
Answer: No it’s perfect

Question: Hey Tommy, did they let you keep your Outsiders jacket?
Answer: yea my mom has it

Question: Matt Dillon’s unibrow is the most scariest thing to happen on this planet AGREE OR DISAGREE????
Answer: It’s cute

Question: just wondering did you keep anything or ever receive something kick ass from The Outsiders? I’m going to reread it again
Answer: A fat lip from the Rumble and and intro to The Rolling Stones courtesy of Mr. Dillon!

Question: The Outsiders is my favourite movie. By the way i’m a 90’s kid so people find it weird that I love it so much. ❤
Answer: it’d be weird if you didn’t…

Question: do u still get fans that call u ponyboy???
Answer: All the time… My father still calls me Ponyboy. #truth

Question: How does it feel to still be known as ponyboy after all these years?
Answer: Its for life!

Question: do you like madras and mustangs?
Answer: I drive a Mustang cuz Mustangs are tough!

Question: Whatsup? Who’s your favorite greaser? (Besides yourself)
Answer: Tim Shepherds brother Curley

Question: have you ever read an Outsiders fanfiction?
Answer: I stay away…

Question: The first punch at the rumble in The Outsiders which was a soc punching you was real!?!?!?!?
Answer: Correct

Question: aye did u smoke weed during the outsiders i wont tell
Answer: Fuck no… tell whoever you want!

Question: is it true what @RobLowe says about u in his book? I would love to know xxx
Answer: Rob and I will always be brothers!

Question: can we elope to Mexico?
Answer: Lets do it for Johnny

Question: did poniboi ever return that shirt to buck merril?
Answer: Lol! I don’t think so