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Red Dawn

Here’s a USA Today story with some of Tommy’s comments about the remake: ‘Red Dawn’ star calls new movie’s enemy ‘stupid’

Question: Were there any fun times shooting Red Dawn or was it a tough shoot?
Answer: Red Dawn was awesome. Cold, but awesome!

Question: Which actor, in your opinion, would you say was the best during military training for Red Dawn?
Answer: We all sucked!

Question: I’m watching the first scene of Red Dawn 4 the first time in 20+ yrs, & man, it’s so violent! #saidinmymomvoice #wolverines
Answer: First PG 13 movie ever!

Question: Do you still get a residual from Red Dawn ?
Answer: Oh yea

Question: Do you still have the green star wars hat u wore in Red Dawn, I want one!!
Answer: No 😦

Question: @CThomasHowell killed it in red dawn. Let’s hope @jhutch1992 does you justice..
Answer: Im sure he did a good job

Question: Just saw the movie poster for new Red Dawn Movie. Will u guys see it?
Answer: On cable

Question: y did u basically commit suicide at end of Red Dawn?? U had to know ur machine gun wouldn’t do shit vs that Military chopper
Answer: (kidding) I was tired of filming! Lol

Question: Are you going to see the new Red dawn movie?
Answer: Yeah

Question: What did you think of the remake of Red Dawn??!?!?!
Answer: Waiting for cable

Question: C I haven’t seen it yet but went to RottenTomatoes and not good reviews. I mean invasion from N Korea Really?
Answer: Yeah… Another brilliant Hollywood idea

Question: Do you agree that it was a big mistake to kill off your character in Red Dawn? I seriously cried!!
Answer: Nothing gold can stay!


Trailer for Red Dawn (1984)



Trailer for Red Dawn Remake (2012)