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Question: Married? Kids? What’s everybody up to?
Answer: Happily married to wife Sylvie for 20 years (Married July 25, 1992). Daughter Izzy (Born Feb. 17, 1993) is attending Columbia University, Son Dash (Born Jan. 2, 1997) is in high school and an avid skateboarder. He plans to play on his high school soccer team as a midfielder/defender (2012-2013), Yongest Son Liam (Born April 24, 2001) is a talented soccer goalie for Real So Cal who just started 6th grade (fall 2012).

Question: Who is your role model and why?
Answer: My father. Because he’s always been true… And always will.

Question: What are you most proud of?
Answer: My kids!

Liam Howell

Question: You still doing magic?
Answer: A bit for the kids

Question: Do you have any pets?
Answer: Two dogs, Maggie the German Shepherd (Tommy’s dog, 10 yrs old in 2012) and Lola the Yorkie (Sylvie’s dog, 5 yrs old in 2012)

Question: Who is the mellower dog, Maggie or Lola? Who eats more?
Answer: Maggie by far is mellower, and naturally eats more being the bigger doggy. If you’ve wondered to feed a big dog, you should feed your German Shepherd these foods.

Question: Lola looks like a little rascal! Lol!Do you have a preference for smaller dogs?Would you ever get a large dog like a Mastiff?
Answer: Love all digs… My Golden Retriever passed and now we just have the lil dudes…

Question: What is your fondest Childhood memory? besides riding in
Answer: Riding my horses with my family.

Question: Does your son aspire to follow in your acting footsteps?
Answer: Not really! Thank god

Dash and Liam Howell

Question: What are your kiddos favorite subjects (in school)?
Answer: Liam is a math wiz. Dash loves English and Izzy? Well, she’s a super freaky genius/artist type!!! Lol

Question: Do you skateboard or going with the kiddos?
Answer: We all skate!

Question: Tommy, you & your kids wear helmets!
Answer: Of course!

Question: who’s your favorite person In the world???
Answer: My family and my dog Maggie!
Question: What breed is your dog maggie
Answer: Boston Terrier

Question: Mr Howell, do you plan to appear in productions with your children again?
Answer: Not anytime soon…

Question: Have you or your kids played the LA Noire game?
Answer: My son Dash loves it!

Question: Your older son (Dash) looks A LOT like young you. (: Does he have a Twitter? Hehe
Answer: Not yet. 😉

Question: What’s ur secrect 2 a great marriage?
Answer: Forgive and forget

Question: Izzy is a talented artist and Liam’s a soccer wiz kid; what does Dash like to do?
Answer: Wants to be a cinematographer

Izzy Howell

Question: Does Sylvie enjoy sports as well or are you sent off to the mancave to watch?
Answer: It’s understood..

Question: What sports are your kiddos fans of Tommy?
Answer: Soccer, hockey and football

Question: Is Dash getting a twitter soon?
Answer: I asked him yesterday and he said he wasn’t into it yet!

Question: Is Dash taller that 5’9?! i hope so..
Answer: Dash is 6’3″

Question: Does dash wanna be in the rodeo like you did?
Answer: He skateboards!

Question: has Dash ever thought about acting?
Answer: Hates the notion!

Question: Does dash have a twitter or fb?
Answer: He has FB
Answer: Doesn’t take a genius to find out… Doesn’t mean he’ll “friend” people… So chill, child!

Question: Apparently Liam shares your love for sports….Does Dash?
Answer: Not as much as Liam and I

Question: What does Dash do when your with your golfing buddy?
Answer: Cant get Dash to golf. Says “it’s not his thing” 😦
Answer: Dash is a skateboarder/gamer/computer dude!

Tommy and Sylvie Howell

Question: whats the best gift you were ever given?
Answer: My children

Question: Does Liam have a Twitter?
Answer: He does now – @Liam_Howell

Question: Does Izzy have a Twitter?
Answer: Hers is @izzyhowell

Question: Does Sylvie have a Twitter?
Answer: Hers is @sylvie_howell

Question: How’d you come up with the name Dashiell? I mean, it’s a ‘dashing’ name, but I’ve never heard of it, before! 🙂
Answer: Dashiell Hammett was an amazing author if noir crime stories… Wrote The Maltese Falcon (my fav) and The Thin Man (wife’s fav)

Question: ARE YOU A CAT OR DOG PERSON?? p.s I love you!!!
Answer: Cat? Not so much… Dog? So much!

Question: As you already know, your daughter is unbelievably talented!! At what age did you notice her artistic abilities?!?
Answer: She’s amazing. Always has been freakishly talented!!

Question: Random question, how old was he, Izzy & Dash too, when you allowed them to have a cell phone?
Answer: Liam said he was in 2nd grade… But He’s always been responsible.

Question: Good evening honey, 2 quick questions 4 ya. What do you believe to be ur greatest accomplishment & do u believe in God? : )
Answer: 1.My children 2. Yes, deeply… Thanks for the tweet!