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Welcome to the Official Frequently Asked Questions website for C. Thomas Howell.

This FAQ is a compilation of Tommy’s answers to fan questions from Twitter, coupled with news, upcoming events and other items.

UPDATE: Tommy is back on Twitter! Toss him a follow and say hi to himĀ @cthomashowell!

Real men wear make up! #SouthLAnd!
Real men wear make up! #SouthLAnd!

If you’re looking for more information, feel free to check out Tommy’s IMDB profile: Tommy’s IMDB page.

If you want current news, a host of photos from Tommy’s career and a chance to chat with other fans, please check out Tommy’s Facebook Fan Page.

For a quick and simple picture gallery with the latest news and fan art reposts, check out Tommy’s Tumblr page.

And to look through a wide variety of home videos, fan videos, film clips, interviews and other fun stuff, check out Tommy’s YouTube channel.

To browse various sections of this site, please use the “FAQ Categories” navigation on the upper right side of the page or on the top navigation. There are also pages on the site with extra videos, upcoming TV and film appearances, and other information included in the navigation bar at the top of the site.