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Funny Responses Part 9


Question: Umm…Can i hide in your pocket?! ๐Ÿ˜€
Answer: Get in!!

Question: are you doing a tweet spree because if you are im staying up late until you notice me @CThomasHowell
Answer: Anythings possible!!

Question: I’m bored, what should I do?
Answer: 20 pushups go!!
Answer: Eat a giant bowl of Lucky Charms!

Question: According to ELLE mag,were compatible.(Youโ€™re fast friends who make each other laugh,sharing a sharp, sarcastic wit.) #libra
Answer: …and that shit don’t lie!

Question: my teacher has a crush on you
Answer: Whats his name?

Question: u still manage to look hot
Answer: Its the hair dye and plastic surgery!!!

Question: Hi Tommy! ๐Ÿ™‚ How often do you cuss?
Answer: I don’t fuckin know

Question: you were the perfect 15 year old.
Answer: STILL AM

Question: YOUR BIO OMG.
Answer: RIGHT OMG!

Question: why couldnt you have stayed a teenager forever
Answer: Omg that would suck

Question: can I date the 15 year old you or is that weird
Answer: He’s available but doesn’t drive…

Question: Will you still love me when I’m no longer young & beautifuuuuuullll Pony?
Answer: Yes but not as much..

Question: So whats up for you next my talented friend
Answer: Prolly’ get liquored up and smack the kids! You?

Question: Will you come make out with me?
Answer: Babe, Im watchin hockey! Now go get me a beer!!!


Question: LOOK AT MY LOCK SCREEN<333333 (with Ponyboy picture)
Answer: OMG I love Harry Styles!

Question: Can I meet you one day?
Answer: Hows tomorrow at 3:30? Starbucks?

Question: I’m on my way to L.A. wanna hit the gym?
Answer: I’m in… should I grab a tattoo first?

Question: What’s your favorite baseball team?

Question: How do you prefer your spankings?
Answer: Every hour on the hour!

Question: Will you love me if I give you beer?
Answer: Of course!

Question: Are you two gonna fuck or what? (after an ongoing hockey discussion with a fan)
Answer: No but I’m game for a circle jerk… you the pivot man? Lol

Question: What do you have when you have 2 green balls in your hand?
Answer: Kermits undivided attention?

Question: Are you drunk again? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Shut up and and kiss me!!

Question: Hey Tommy how old were you in this picture??? (with a pic where he looks about 16)
Answer: 46-35+5

Question: ok answer honestly: do you think you were really sexy when you were in your teens/20s
Answer: I’m not into guys

Question: My friends get annoyed when I talk about The Outsiders, should I stop talking about it?
Answer: Get new friends!

Question: Isn’t it your turn to get me a beer? Now hurry along sweet cheeks ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Don’t make daddy get off this couch!!

Question: how does it feel to be a 46 year old sex symbol?
Answer: Soooooo Goooood!!!! lol

Question: what was it like spitting on Leif Garret?
Answer: Like wasting good spit!

Question: How about I get ya a nice, cold beer? ๐Ÿ˜€
Answer: Make it a tallboy!

Question: Are u a political guy? Public or privately?
Answer: Hate politics publicly


Question: I would love if you could tweet me again to make my night…found out I have virtigo today!!
Answer: You’re a vertigo? I’m a Sag!!!

Question: Would you shun Liam if he didnt go for the Kings?
Answer: Shun? no… Beat? yes.

Question: Dreamt that we were married and I woke up sad
Answer: Don’t blame you

Question: new to twitter, be my first star response… please
Answer: You’ll always remember your first. (I’ll be gentle)

Question: Hello my talented friend and welcome to the weekend. Any plans that involve porn and chicken?
Answer: I’m going to eat some BBQ porn and watch chickens fuck!

Question: Would you ever do an interview on my podcast about your career?
Answer: Nobody wants to hear about my career!
Question: (From Tommy’s Webmaster) I think you should do an interview with โ€˜em about my careerโ€ฆ
Answer: That I’ll do!!!

Question: Is Andrew Garfield extra cute in person?
Answer: Not my type

Question: How do you pronounce your name?
Answer: Ka thom as How ell.

Question: Hi! What does the C stand for in ur name?
Answer: Im not sure… should we google it?

Question: peanutbutter gives me heartburn…is that normal?!?!
Answer: Um… Im no doctor but Im gonna go with no…

Answer: But just 1 week a month

Comment: Tumblr should change its name to Dumblr… Just sayin’


Question: i hate the entire male population minus you, youre a rad cat, sir.
Answer: I understand and thank you!

Question: RING RING Whispering…What are you wearing? Lol enjoy your tweets have a good day.
Answer: Chaps and nothing else!

Question: I think I’m the only 40+ year old guy tweeting him. Don’t get the wrong idea Tommy.
Answer: Damn… But I thought we…. Sigh

Question: fave actress??
Answer: Michael Cudlitz without a doubt!

Question: Hey Tommy, was Robert crazy or just a red blooded kid in a war? Oh Daryl… #asktommy #reddawn #wolverines #darylwasarat
Answer: A crazy red blooded American! Lol

Question: Do you like cats?!
Answer: The Broadway musical!? LOVED IT!!

Question: sitting by the pool drinking a few cold ones and my sis n law thinks u will not give me a what’s up!!!
Answer: Smack her for me!

Question: are you afraid of the big bad wolf?
Answer: I am the big bad wolf!

Question: And did you ever wear under-roos?
Answer: Got em on now!

Question: how do you feel about horny teenage girls crushin on you?
Answer: Horny? They have horns?!? wtf!?!?


Question: I’m bowling with a bunch of drunk adults. I’m 13.. Come help me. Please.
Answer: Kick their butts

Question: isn’t Thomas Gibson one sexy man? You are too
Answer: He’s a good kisser

Question: Are you even aware of what tumblr says about you?! they think you’re a sex machine!
Answer: Finally somebody got it right!!!

Question: You do Twitter right.
Answer: It sort of does me… i just roll with it.

Question: I’m not talking to you anymore
Answer: Yes you will… trust me. you will.

Question: Some Donkeys in Mexico are hung like horses.
Answer: Thats racist…

Question: If you were able to time travel and visit your younger self, What would you say?
Answer: Buy stock in Apple!

Question: NOTICE ME!!!!!!! ;))) love ya for always!!! Ps I’m not stalking
Answer: It’s ok to stalk on Twitter…

Question: hook me up with an acting job….
Answer: Hook me up with a singing gig!

Question: I saw you die in revolution! This is impossible!!
Answer: Cuz we all know I can kick Billy’s ass! lol

Question: i might die if you read this, js
Answer: One body bag Coming up!

Question: Outsiders homework… Any suggestions for Ponyboy’s future?
Answer: He became the Reaper and went on a killing spree in Boston… Terrifying the city for years! Hope that helps…

Question: I still need to buy you a drink.
Answer: Hey if you plan to sleep with me it’ll cost you dinner too!!

Answer: Lol.. thats serious!

Answer: You sure? he’s 16 and eats a ton!!!

Question: You noticed me so many times! You’re now my 3rd favorite actor. Sorry I really like Leo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise…
Answer: and how many times have they noticed you? ZERO! Better rethink it girl…

Question: respond back to this tweet so we can annoy my fried Sara? loll
Answer: Whats fried Sara? I’ve had fried okra!

Question: youre so fly
Answer: For a white guy

Question: will u marry my mom?
Answer: Um….. is she hot?!?

Question: i would shit a brick if you tweeted me idk
Answer: Send pics!!


Question: I’m not kidding. Eyeliner. On my 8 year old brother, if I get a tweet. I will send photos I swear!
Answer: When he starts wearing your clothes… Send me pics

Question: Boxers, briefs, or commando? I don’t care if you’ve answered it before & I’m not Googling it!
Answer: Thong

Question: An argentinian girl loves you
Answer: Finally!

Question: can you magically turn 16 again, or is that impossible?
Answer: Whats in it for me?

Question: Do you ever tell people to stay gold?
Answer: Only if it benefits me somehow, someway

Question: This is my first time tweeting. Any advice?
Answer: Post a fake pic of a super model and lie lie lie!

Question: hey I just saw ur in a movie called Escape, is that really u ?
Answer: Yeah, I got away!!!

Question: do you like lana del rey’s songs
Answer: Anybody with a pussy that tastes like Pepsi is cool with me!
Answer: (after taking some flack) I can’t apologize for possibly the greatest tweet ever… Lana Del Rey fans understand… (it’s in the lyrics to one of her songs)
Answer: (after more flack) My tweets don’t need excuses… I recommend you unfollow me and follow my mom… I’m not for everybody! #loudandproud

Question: Team edward or jacob…??
Answer: Who the fuck are they?

Question: what’s it like being perfect?
Answer: How can I put it… sigh… Perfect!

Question: you spend your life on twitter!
Answer: Yeah, the 150 movies I’ve done were tweeted too…

Question: would you rather be as tall as a forest tree or as small as an ant?
Answer: Either would suck

Question: Should I name my next cat Ponyboy or Tommy?
Answer: “Tom Cat” sweet

Question: i want u??
Answer: Are you asking me? Yes… yes you do.

Question: haha I love how us fangirls scare you
Answer: Hold me?

Question: R U Sober?!?
Answer: Yep… i don’t need alcohol to talk shit, babe

Question: Yes i prefer @CThomasHowell over Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise if you don’t than you suck. #sorrynotsorry
Answer: You to the front!

Question: Are there lightning bugs (fireflies) in Cali? We have a lot here in NJ.
Answer: No but we have hobo’s and smog!

Question: sweetheart ssssshhhhhh I have a migraine and trying to sleep
Answer: (Whispers) wheres the remote?

Question: i woke up hoping to get a tweet from my dream man no luck
Answer: Shh you’ll wake the kids

Question: I have home work due tomorrow!!! Any ideas on ponyboy’s children?
Answer: All died in a Dairy Queen accident

Question: do people ever call you c?
Answer: Not to my face

Question: if you were a piece of clothing what would you be?
Answer: Kate Upton’s bathing suit

Question: if you could would you?
Answer: I can and I do!

Question: LOL, you’re rather good at playing unhinged physchotic characters!
Answer: It comes naturally… Lol

Question: Hey can we have an adult conversation please!?
Answer: You mean x rated?

Question: I shall not sleep until I get followed
Answer: Yes you will

Question: Why do you always tweet when I’m going to bed? now I gotta stay up
Answer: Its part of my evil plan

Question: honestly id kinda poop my pants if you wrote back
Answer: Go change, you smell

Question: I wanna meet u in person ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Ok, I’m in Mississippi… under a bridge in Long Beach..

Question: tell my dog she’s a cat
Answer: Yell at my baby!!!

Question: *faints* #needmouthtomouth
Answer: Im on it!!

Question: It’s raining outside, should I go out and sing in it? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: No… stay in bed… (you’ll wake up your bird)

Question: hey love im wide awake and need to hear from my future husband
Answer: Shh.. you’ll wake the kids!

Question: I can’t sleep what should I do???
Answer: Grab me a beer…

Question: Whats the best thing about being famous? Lol weird question!!
Answer: Not standing in lines!

Question: what if i told you that i love you
Answer: I’d blush…

Question: why are you so good looking??
Answer: My dad was the Marlboro man #truth

Question: do you sleep with a night light
Answer: No, a blonde!

Question: is Ralph Machio funny?
Answer: No, Italian

Question: are you a fun drunk?
Answer: Im a fun everything!

Question: follow me or ill jump out of a 4 story window
Answer: Send video!!!

Question: Atlantic City smells like corn niblets. Any ideas why? #seriously
Answer: Digested corn niblets you mean

Question: about 1 week of school leftโ€ฆand then I’ll be a freshmanโ€ฆadvice?
Answer: Carry pepper spray

Question: Do you like Full House
Answer: Yes but four of a kind is better

Question: I fell down a hole today ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Were you chasing a white rabbit?

Question: Dewey, I graduated from high school last night. You wanna come over and have some cake?
Answer: Is your mom hot?

Question: hey please help me, I’m having problems. I got a A- in one of my classes and my moms mad I don’t no what to do. Thats not bad
Answer: Try strychnine in her coffee…

Question: Did you fall from heaven? ‘Cause damn.
Answer: Yeah and it really hurt!

Question: do you like sloths
Answer: Never met one

Question: so i practically made all my friends love you. Wow
Answer: You’re part of my plan to take over the world!

Question: On a scale of one to ten how sexy is poutine?
Answer: Negative 1

Question: you’re so damn perfect it makes me want to cry.
Answer: Let it out, girl

Question: Your opinion on Patrick Kane?
Answer: His beard is lame lmao

Question: come to denver and drive me to mcdonalds
Answer: I was going to but u didn’t say please!

Question: i got a kitten today. what should i name him? i can’t decide!
Answer: Milo

Question: I actually live on a golf course. Come whack your balls in my back yard. ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!

Question: I’m probably going to stay up all night anyways so you might as well tweet me to take up some time
Answer: Oh, am I “time filler” now?

Question: if you tweeted me this would seriously be the bet day of my life
Answer: Enjoy the best day of your life!

Question: you do realize to this day you have girls fantasizing about “ponyboy” rightt?
Answer: Do you blame them!?

Question: how do you feel about an American ย/ Irish threesome?
Answer: I’ll do it for my country!

Question: I’ve got no kids for the whole summer they’re headed to my brothers any suggestions?
Answer: Want mine!?

Question: you think you’ll ever be a guest star as Uncle Tommy on #BabyDaddy?
Answer: Is heavy drinking allowed!?

Question: Isn’t Mr. Cudlitz blonde?
Answer: @Cudlitz is a fake blonde!
Question: He has fake boobs too doesn’t he Tommy?
Answer: Those are real! LMAO!

Question: Still waiting to hear from you…good thing I didn’t hold my breath!
Answer: Never a good idea! lol

Question: Will you go out on a date with me?
Answer: If we go Dutch!

Question: we shall be married tomorrow!
Answer: Dang, what should I wear?

Question: I’ll meet ya at the bar ๐Ÿ™‚ first round in me.
Answer: Whoa “in you?” C U there!

Question: I’m graduating from middle school on Monday. I’m not ready for high school. Any words of advice ?
Answer: carry mace and brass knuckles…

Question: is there anything more comfortable than yoga pants?
Answer: Um… no pants!?

Question: what would you do if i sent myself to you in the mail?
Answer: Open you and read you…

Question: I know every line of the Outsiders. Will you love me now?
Answer: No but it is the beginning of something special

Question: why wont u admit that ur in love with me?
Answer: Its just so difficult… we’ve been thru so much. sigh

Question: do you believe in UNICORNS? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: No I eat them…
Question: I cant eat a whole one by myself..can you?
Answer: I go with the “fun size”
Question: unicorn on the cob?
Answer: Canned…

Question: i just swallowed an orange seed am i gonna die
Answer: How big was it?

Question: What is the most romantic thing you have ever said?? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: “Do you have protection?”

Question: why hasn’t @CThomasHowell tweeted to me yet?
Answer: What now?

Question: BTW is the outsiders worth a watch !!!!
Answer: Rolex or Cartier?

Question: my dad doesn’t believe you’ll tweet me back, prove him wrong?
Answer: What does he know!?

Question: you ignoring me now .. #depression
Answer: Patience wee one

Question: what r u wearing
Answer: Lacy panties and a push up bra! oh and high tops..

Question: Am I annoying you?
Answer: You’ll have to try harder!

Question: you will never understand my love for you tommy
Answer: Its just too mysterious and complicated isn’t it?

Funny Stuff: Ask Tommy!

This morning on the set of Storm Rider in Utah... (Proof I can smile) (5/25/13)
This morning on the set of Storm Rider in Utah… (Proof I can smile) (5/25/13)

This is our new post area for Tommy’s most bizarre questions. Need lifestyle advice? Want to know the best place to store tofu? Don’t expect him to give you the right answer, but hopefully he’ll give you a funny one. (Any many thanks to @LittleSmudger for coming up with the #AskTommy tag!)

If you have questions for this category, please ask @cthomashowell on Twitter with #AskTommy as the hashtag.

Question: should I get out of bed?.. #AskTommy
Answer: No… and demand room service!

Question: What actually killed off the dinosaurs? #AskTommy
Answer: Taco Bell.., I know it!

Question: who took the bag of chicken legs out of my freezer and left them on the counter? And why? #AskTommy
Answer: You did while you were sleep walking… #neverwakeasleepwalker

Question: Why is there a silent, invisible 3 in my name? #AskTommy
Answer: Cuz the Batman symbol is trade marked!

Question: How old were you when you got your first period? #AskTommy
Answer: 2nd or third grade writing class. Hate english!

Question: how do I get rid of this headache? #AskTommy
Answer: One teaspoon of anthrax should do the trick!

Question: whatโ€™s under there? #AskTommy
Answer: Underwear?

Question: #asktommy why is it so hot under your bed? I’m dying under here!!
Answer: Wait… I don’t see you…

Question: #AskTommy why are you so evil?! #georgefoyett
Answer: I need a hug…

Question: Whatโ€™s under my bed? #AskTommy
Answer: An old ouija board, a sock, a big hunk rapper, a kinks cassette and a thong
Question: ROFL!!! How did you know? And whoโ€™s thong is that anyway????
Answer: Lol… mine

Question: If vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?! #AskTommy
Answer: Puppies

Question: Whatโ€™s โ€œbasketballโ€? #AskTommy
Answer: Never heard of it! #soccer #hockey forever

Funny Responses Part 8

From Tommy's Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013
From Tommy’s Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013

Question: Is anyone else sitting in a puddle?
Answer: Nope. Just you.

Question: Who is your favorite person? ….me..*cough*cough* me *cough*
Answer: You ok? that cough sounds awful!

Question: You know where I can get a cocktail waitress?
Answer: Lol… I just might

Question: hey Ponyboy ๐Ÿ™‚ Who is your favorite One Direction member?
Answer: Toss up between Robert Plant or Jim Morrison.

Question: I need to pee
Answer: Ok I’ll wait here

Question: why won’t you reply to me whenever i tell you how perfect you are!
Answer: I’m shy

Question: my 12 year old son watched “Soul Man” today and he loved it!!!! Although I had to explain who Prince was!!! Lol
Answer: I think I forgot who Prince is…

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Do I have to have tits for you to reply to me or am I just unlucky lol ?
Answer: That hairy belly will do!

Question: Watching @CThomasHowell guesting on Monk. ION TV never fails, when OTA nets do. Enough with infomercials during the day.
Answer: That is AWESOME considering I’ve never been on Monk! But enjoy!

Question: Why must you have so much SASS ?!
Answer: That’s how I roll, girl!

Question: I ran into the wall cause my aunt was like “YOUR HUSBAND IS ON TV” and so I ran and hit the wall. that’s how much I love you
Answer: Ice pack!?

Question: do you ever just go, WTF? to some of those questions
Answer: All the time

Question: i admire your sassiness
Answer: I’m famous for my sassy ass now… Lol

Question: Getting my ALL of my wisdom teeth out tomorrow… Anyone want to wish me good luck.?
Answer: Oh snap! You are screwed!!! I did that and wished I hadn’t!!!! #percocet

Question: What’s your dress size?
Answer: Im a perfect 6!

Question: Maybe I can fall asleep if you tweet me
Answer: Am I THAT boring!?! haha

Question: If you could have any accent, what would it be?
Answer: Shrek!

Question: I’m reading the Outsiders in class, love Ponyboy!
Answer: Wait!?! there’s an Outsiders book!?!?

Question: Soul man ? This guy @CThomasHowell is not the same dude. He’s better looking and more drunk.
Answer: much better looking and wayyyyy more drunk!

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Today is my pay day.
Answer: Spend it wisely… I recommend women and booze!

Question: You’ve tweeted me 12 times, but you still don’t know my name. It’s 1AM. Awh.
Answer: Your name is 1AM? weird!

Question: Where did Ponyboy get his lilac hoodie from? Love it so much!!
Answer: From Lilacmart

Question: How was “fighting” with Thomas Gibson? #fearthereaper
Answer: He’s a sexy fighter

Question: Do you get your shoes shined at the airport?
Answer: I usually catch flights!

Question: fyi: I’m the girl at work who removes her microwave food before the time is up & then never zeroes it out. You’re welcome.
Answer: Hate you! Lol

Question: You tweeted me “Breathe!” a few days ago and I wrote that on my hand then my teacher thought I was cheating on my test..
Answer: that’s a good thing to have written on your hand! Especially during a test!

Question: hi. Your perfetttttt
Answer: No I have a scar on my knee…

Question: i love you ok? don’t tell your wife.
Answer: Your secret is safe with me..

Question: golf is for old people
Answer: Annnnd… now I’m ignoring you on purpose.

Question: as you read this tweet you will feel sleepy, then i will snap my fingers *snap* & you will follow me. okay GO!
Answer: That freakin’ worked!! Wtf!?! Lol

Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)
Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)

Question: How come you always tell people to go to bed?
Answer: cuz little girls should be sleeping not tweeting on school nights..

Question: My mom thinks that because I tweet you it means I stalk you… What do you make of it?
Answer: Tell her to tweet me!

Question: Where’s my hello?
Answer: You check under your bed?

Question: What’s your favorite emoji?
Answer: The middlefinger… wait

Question: I like chicken. And Southland.
Answer: They’re good together…

Question: I have to be up in 5 hours, why am I up?
Answer: Cuz you have to pee

Question: Can I get a good night? Now I have insomnia.
Answer: When I snap my fingers you’ll be sound asleep… SNAP! Zzz.

Question: If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be?
Answer: To be C. Thomas Howell

Question: And on a serious note, WHERE DID ALL YOUR SASS GO?! You’re way too sweet these days. It doesn’t even feel right.
Answer: That’s the key to being king of the sass… I know when to put it away

Question: It’s acceptable that my Ponyboy fantasies have come back suddenly by watching Southland right?
Answer: It was bound to happen!

Question: I think i have a crush on @CThomasHowell
Answer: Double check and get back to me

Question: how do i make someone smile??
Answer: Smile first

From Tommy's Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!
From Tommy’s Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!

Question: I have always liked your acting, and now you are helping me laugh through a night of being ill and up with my newborn, thanks
Answer: enjoy your little one. I have 3. Want one…?

Question: Pony, is it weird to have young girls crush on you? I’ve always wondered that..:P
Answer: not as weird as young dudes

Question: dying because @CThomasHowell is tweeting
Answer: An RA unit is on its way!!!

Question: Not 2 sound crazy but do u ever as an ego boost google C Thomas Howell naked ur nude scenes? screencaptures LOL
Answer: nope I just look in the mirror!

Question: What’s your sign? @cthomashowell to lazy to check!
Answer: “Proceed with caution”

Question: my mom told me to tell you that you’re very handsome! Haha
Answer: For some reason I have that affect on moms!

Question: how many girls fan girl over you everyday?
Answer: Not enough

Question: why do you have to be so perfect?
Answer: Stop… Ok never mind that

Question: I did a community clean up with my humanities class and then I had an allergic reaction to my latex times!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Answer: Did you get out of the work? If so #worthit

Question: you were on my tv today and my mum said “isnt he a hot spice” omg
Answer: Annnnnd… you agreed!

Question: Well, everyone almost died when you went on your little vacation. No, really.
Answer: nobody dies on my watch unless I do the stabbing!!! Understand!?!

Question: But that’s not medicine? That’s a lipstick stain.
Answer: For YOU its not medicine

...and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)
…and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)

Question: ahh you are perfect
Answer: So are you!! LOVE blue haired blonde eyed girls!!!

Question: just adore you! Thats all!
Answer: I see how you look at me girl!

Question: favourite fast food…? if you eat it, that is.
Answer: Cheetah

Question: tommy what do you think about justin bieber?
Answer: He is HOT!!
Question: You mean that as a joke right? I’ve seen dogs better looking than him.
Answer: Don’t be mean to The Biebs!!!

Question: what do you think of @CThomasHowell?
Answer: He’s a keeper!

Question: Do you shower naked?
Answer: Sometimes

Question: do you ever take selfies?
Answer: Um… do you follow me?

Question: have you ever visited narnia?
Answer: Only the airport… had a layover on my way to Never Never Land!

Question: U are just MORE then perfect
Answer: You say that to ALL the ponyboys

Question: Who would u say is ur celeb doppelganger or some actor that kinda looks like u?
Answer: Don Cheadle!

Question: You know we’re married right?
Answer: Haha! Good to know… What’s for dinner?

Question: Will we be seeing you in anything new anytime soon? You’re the best!
Answer: Disney On Ice this summer. I’m Donald

Question: netflix is fucked up it dosen’t have the outsiders!
Answer: You said the F word!

Question: Would you ever do a reality show? Maybe a golf one?
Answer: Id do golf anything
Question: Golf porn? *cough*
Answer: Does that include playing with my putter?

From Tommy's Twitter: Yep... This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle
From Tommy’s Twitter: Yep… This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle

Question: Favourite one direction member?
Answer: The little dude that looks like me!
Question: Harry Styles is 6 feet 4 inches…. He’s not really “little”
Answer: Wasn’t talking about his height

Question: i thought you were black.
Answer: It wore off

Question: You are on fire tonight
Answer: Soccer dads rule!!

Question: I just want @CThomasHowell to tweet me telling me to “Stay Gold”
Answer: No you don’t

Question: I’m making your bio my senior quote #StayGoldBitches
Answer: Highly recommended

Question: but seriously go back to being 16 so i could date you
Answer: Can I borrow your time machine!?
Question: Who the heck would want to be 16 again? Yuck! #40sForTheWin!!
Answer: don’t know bout u but when I was 16 I was gettin jiggy wid it!!

Question: Hey there stud, how’s it hangin’?
Answer: Low and left, Ricky Spanish!

Question: are you nocturnal?
Answer: Only at night

Question: if you were to pick a animal to represent who you are what would it be?
Answer: A Liger

Question: please look at this! I’ll give you chocolate!
Answer: I take your chocolate

Question: how many push ups can u do? Curious ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Ice cream, bras or exercise?

Question: if you could disappear to anywhere in the world & had no worries, where would you go?
Answer: the place where all of the missing socks of the world end up…

Question: in your opinion, what’s the weirdest or funniest word in the English language?
Answer: Prolly “weird” and “funny”

Question: did you apologise to hotch for killing his wife?
Answer: Hmmm … i think I asked him to get me a coffee

Question: what are you going to do when people start saying “my grandma likes you”?
Answer: They already do!

Question: I’m eating at mcdonalds and they got free wifi
Answer: .. And free diabetes!

Question: Hey buddy! You rooting for any horses in the Kentucky Derby?
Answer: I’m pulling for Rhoda’s fav… Hoof Hearted

Question: what was it like fighting with Thomas Gibson?!?
Answer: A real turn on!! OMG He’s so cute…

Question: not trying to be creepy but i stalk your twitter
Answer: Thats what its for!

Question: What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Answer: Oh, I don’t know but Im sure I was in it!

Question: Ooo whisper something in my ear ๐Ÿ˜€
Answer: (Whispers) go get me a beer

Question: You get asked a lot about working with Thomas Gibson. But I wanna know.. What was it Like working with Shemar Moore? ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo
Answer: Makes a mean chicken tetrazzini!


Question: Can I have you for a day?
Answer: What day?

Question: Best actor of all time? (hint: the only acceptable answer is Denzel Washington)
Answer: Was gonna say Moe Howard

Question: You know what I like about you?? Your sass!!
Answer: You should see my sass in tight jeans!

Question: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Answer: I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Question: I like ur face
Answer: My face likes you

Question: I’m in school….. How horrible is that?!
Answer: Stop tweeting and pay attention!

Question: if you HAD to choose between Golf ( u have a perfect round to win the USA Open ) or Sex ( the good naughty sex ) ???..;-)
Answer: Golf… Not even close. LOL #golfismylife
Question: haha!!.. you’ve clearly NEVER had great sex!.. LOL!!.. x
Answer: YOU clearly have never hit a 300 yd drive!!

Question: if you could do another movie like the outsiders would you ?
Answer: Hmm Insiders maybe?

Question: You should tweet me so I can die of happiness
Answer: Today is a good day to die…

Question: @CThomasHowell is the queen of sassyness
Answer: I wear that crown proud!!

Question: OMG, I just noticed I have 666 followers & it’s putting me in a weird mood, what should I do??
Answer: Block 3 quick!

Question: My dearest, I think that if you replied to me I would pee myself
Answer: That sounds messy

Question: If you answer me… Ill be the coolest kid in school tomorrow.
Answer: Yes you will!

Question: Oh mighty, brilliant one. Why are most guys douchebags?
Answer: Comes with the penis

Question: if you followed me I’d hyperventilate
Answer: If I followed you so would I!!

Question: Also, just so everyone knows.. @CThomasHowell = DILF
Answer: Whats that stand for!? (kidding)

Question: Do you have any wisdom that’ll help me through these finals? #3DaysToFreedom
Answer: Play hooky

Funny Responses Part 7

From Tommy's Twitter: My day doesn't suck!  (01/23/13)
From Tommy’s Twitter: My day doesn’t suck! (01/23/13)

Question: Where you been at, i missed you!
Answer: Shhh… Im under your bed…

Question: Come live with me. My husband won’t mind…
Answer: Can he cook!?

Question: when you stepped out into the bright sunlight, what was on your mind?
Answer: Shit… Where are my sunglasses!?

Question: do you still wait for the sunset and watch it?
Answer: Out here its more of a “smog set”

Question: dogs cats or fish
Answer: All good if cooked properly

Question: what would you do if you turned into a girl
Answer: My milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard!

Question: have you ever been to wales?
Answer: no but Ive been whale watching

Question: do you even (weight) lift, bro?
Answer: I have people for that

Question: my feet are cold help me
Answer: Um… Socks?

Question: you are per-fucking-fection.
Answer: Is that a word?

Question: who would win at golf you or thomas gibson?
Answer: Id kick his ass then kill his wife… wait… #thereaper

From Tommy's Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)
From Tommy’s Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)

Question: do you agree that Matt Dillon’s eyebrows are still amazing 30 years on?
Answer: Its just one brow

Question: *whines about how you tweet everyone but me* @CThomasHowell [insert witty comment here]
Answer: Possibly best tweet ever!

Question: Loved “Tigers Tale” if only to see Ann-Margret nude. Must’ve been fun
Answer: All I could think was… “The king was here” #elvis

Question: If you were on Dancing with the Stars, what would be your signature dance move?
Answer: The horizontal bop

Question: not going to sleep till you tweet me back
Answer: You cant make me tweet you… wait… damn!

Question: Refuse to sleep until you tweet me
Answer: I feel used

Question: Truth be told… @CThomasHowell was my first celeb crush
Answer: Who was your 2nd?
Answer: (from fan) Rob Lowe…. :3
Answer: (from Tommy) Me too!!

Question: Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are!?
Answer: No

Question: You should get a part in Supernatural..yes?
Answer: Not sure they’d know what to do with me.

Question: on a scale of 1-10 how much do u like pie
Answer: What kind of pie we talkin about here?

Question: RT me? If not I’m gonna sell my cat to a Chinese restaurant.
Answer: Maybe just give it to them!? #dogperson

Question: do you like pizza
Answer: Honey really? you can do better than that… try again.

Question: Is the glass half empty or half full?
Answer: Looks like both to me

Question: I hate u
Answer: And when you say “hate?” I assume you mean “crazy love!”

Question: Do you wish you were young again?
Answer: Child plz

Question: We watched “The Outsiders” in class the other day and all the girls were talking about how cute Ponyboy is. Haha!
Answer: and you agreed?

Question: But can you really kill a man with a tennis ball and bug spray?
Answer: Yes and a woman too

Question: you are so cute stop
Answer: You stop

Question: yay!! 20 questions!! What was your favorite childhood toy??
Answer: I didnt have a childhood

From Michael Cudlitz Twitter: #SouthLAnd .......
From Michael Cudlitz Twitter: #SouthLAnd …….

Question: I think I love you.
Answer: But you’re not sure?

Question: hey tommy my mom won’t let me watch southland
Answer: Put her ass on the phone!!!

Question: I refuse to even breathe until you tweet me back.
Answer: That could get ugly

Question: Your IMDB says you’re an ex-child rodeo star. I didn’t know that. Still have some cowboy in you, man?
Answer: I never had one in me!!!

Question: your tew cute! Maybe you should call me?! XD *COUGH COUGH, WINK WINK*
Answer: Answer it! thats me!!

Question: can u twerk tommy do u shake that ass
Answer: With the best of em

Question: omg hi
Answer: Omg hi back

Question: after playing a cop ever wish you could pull idiot drivers over ?
Answer: You have no idea

Question: greetings from #TheNerdCulture! We’d love a ‘hello’ from you!
Answer: Hey nerds!!!

Question: we should have a movie night at your house. okay? okay.
Answer: You’d have to check with your mommy. Lol

Question: Okay CT. Enough of the one word answers you usually give me, it’s time for a real conversation. How’s your Easter??
Answer: really really really great (4 words)

Question: what do you know about Sweden?
Answer: Cold weather, warm girls!

Question: would you let me paint your nails pink
Answer: Unlikely but not an absolute no. I’m more of a hot rod red guy…

Question: Tommy why don’t you like cats?!…
Answer: Hated em ever since the “accident”

Question: YOU ARE AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU THOMAS!! Not in a creepy way though..
Answer: Thx for clarifying

Question: you don’t like cats? Does that mean you wouldn’t like me? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Answer: Wait… I LOVE typing cats!!!

Question: why does @CThomasHowell not love me. i mean i love him..
Answer: I love everyone

Question: If I gave you a unicorn were would you hide it?
Answer: With the elephant

Nice leather seats there
Nice leather seats there

Question: @Cudlitz is really the man for me. @CThomasHowell is just a sideline.
Answer: Im glad you’ve got your priorities right!

Question: I was starting to think Twitter was broken when I didn’t see you around! #LifeReturnsToNormal #CallOffTheSearchTeam
Answer: Lol yeah I can get outta hand sometimes… Just trying to take care of the kids!

Question: you play the best protagonist and antagonist in my favorite movie & tv show #Ponyboy #TheReaper
Answer: I’m a pretty good “agonist” lol

Question: OK, what’s your favorite position??
Answer: Quarterback!

Question: How does one continue their day after a small child asks you out of nowhere, “What’s the meaning of life”?
Answer: Did you point and laugh?

Question: Hi,Tommy! I love u! It’s my favorite vowel! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Love u too Kelly!!!

Question: words can’t describe how much i love @CThomasHowell โค
Answer: Maybe numbers? Like on a scale of 1-10?!?

Question: my friend won’t stop singing how do i stop her
Answer: Feed her a PB&J… If that doesn’t work… Punch her in the throat!!!

Question: I think all your movies are awesome! Would you ever star in Red Dawn 2?
Answer: Um… I died
Question: lol I know you died in Red Dawn but, Red Dawn 2 could be Zombie style ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Oh… nah

Question: please tell me where you get all your sass. I’ve been dying to know your secret!
Answer: Wal mart

Question: tell me to go to sleep
Answer: Dont tell me what to do!

Funny Responses Part 6

Tommy as "Cherry 69"
Tommy as “Cherry 69”

Question: If you couldn’t have been Ponyboy, who would be your second choice??
Answer: Cherry Valance

Question: Seriously…your an asshole!
Answer: It’s “you’re”
Comment: From @adamsbaldwin: @CThomasHowell It would have been funny had you corrected his “asshole” to “asshowell”. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: That IS funny!

Question: Who do you like better One Direction or Justin Bieber?
Answer: The Doors

Question: Who has the best legs, the chicken or the seagull??
Answer: Bbq’d or fried?

Question: What does Matt plant in your yard? Ya know, because he does your yard work. #MattDillon
Answer: Plants what I tell him!

Question: Do you have any ET memories?
Answer: Drew Barrymore teaching me how to roll and getting tattoos together!

Question: from Ponyboy to The Boston Reaper… how did that happen?
Answer: Umm… I’m an actor???

Question: are you hating on jersey again? ๐Ÿ˜€
Answer: Even the Nets got the hell out! lol

Question: …Ever Watch Steven Seagal’s Show ??
Answer: Cake Boss?

Question: Do i have to do a backflip to get a tweet back from you?
Answer: Yes… GO!

Question: my mom had a thing for you and Ralph. I could see why
Answer: Deep down she still does

Question: ok one more question…then imma hit the sack. What was ET really like.?
Answer: He was a heavy drinker and a racist!


Question: i love you so much tommy!! please say it back!!
Answer: It back!!!

Question: C, a Walmart greeter was standing near a Redbox, informing renters to stay away from the new Red Dawn. Said it’s so bad LOL
Answer: Mom!?

Question: The only person I love is @CThomasHowell and if he gave me a rt my life would be thoroughly made
Answer: I feel so used

Question: I always like the bad boys! Lol
Answer: Me too!

Question: sorry, but I’m gonna have to un follow. Is there a “lite” version of your twitter?
Answer: You’ll be missed!

Question: I’m sorry but to me @CThomasHowell will always be the guy that killed haley and ruined my hotch’s life :(( #criminalminds
Answer: Awww… That’s so sweet!โคโคโค

Question: im crying we will never speak again
Answer: I will miss our long heart felt discussions. Fare well, mon ami!

Question: We’ve been tweeting each other repeatedly, I think it’s time for the next step in our friendship: you should follow me :)))
Answer: This is moving along way too fast! Maybe we should slow it down a bit!?

Question: my family is good friends with Ralph macchio didn’t you do outsiders with him too?
Answer: Don’t recall…

Question: If I drink a lot of green beer today will I really turn into the Hulk?
Answer: No, but your pee will!

Question: I am so bored. What should I do?
Answer: 20 push ups!

From Tommy's Twitter: My John Cooper impression. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle (not from the set, but still)
From Tommy’s Twitter: My John Cooper impression. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle (not from the set, but still)

Question: I painted my toes blue
Answer: What color are the nails?!

Question: Heels or Flats?
Answer: You should see me in a sundress with heels! Sweet!!!

Question: Did you get to keep that sweet The Reaper mask from Criminal Minds?
Answer: Wear it when I put my kids to bed!

Question: the Iranians want to sue the ARGO crew, do u agree?
Answer: For what their oscars!?

Question: every time I tweet you , you get offline…is it me?
Answer: Umm, I think its me

Question: lets have a staring contest
Answer: Ready go!

Question: can you please reply ive been waiting almost 80 years
Answer: You look good for your age!

Question: would you pose nude for Guns and Ammo magazine?
Answer: Hell yes!!!

Question: should i just give up tweeting you
Answer: I dare you!

Question: you’re a painted whore (((supernatural quote)))
Answer: I dont need the parenthetical

Question: Tommy you should hook me up with Matt Dillon. just saying~
Answer: He likes “nice” girls!

From Tommy's Twitter: Yep... This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle
From Tommy’s Twitter: Yep… This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle

Question: omg tomas please reply ponyboy!!! I love u
Answer: why aren’t you in school?! Xo

Question: what are you wearing jake from state farm???
Answer: A mini skirt with pumps!!

Question: if you were a girl what part would you like to play?
Answer: Play or play with?

Question: Do you like Taco Bell? Whatdo you usually get there?!
Answer: A stomach ache!

Question: guess you never know what’s gonna come out of your mouth when you’re dying.
Answer: Usually blood

Funny Responses Part 5

From Tommy's Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)
From Tommy’s Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)

Question: I can’t help but wonder if @CThomasHowell is going to reprise his role as The Reaper–or Ponyboy–when he’s on Castle with @NathanFillion.
Answer: It’s sort of a combination of both. “Reaperboy”

Question: Can I have a reply, I got new job today loving it x. Hope u are well x
Answer: Get back to work!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: Mr. Howell, how old were you when you did Red Dawn?
Answer: When I did Rae Dawn? 18 I think. Right after Soulman!

Question: Do you like One Direction?
Answer: I like every direction!

Question: Did you ever sneeze on the set of The Outsiders or Red Dawn?
Answer: No. Tommy don’t sneeze!

Question: what’s your favorite mushroom? ๐Ÿ˜›
Answer: The hallucination kind!

Question: Cagney or Lacy ?.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: If u mean James Cagney or lacy panties? Tough call… I’ll go with the panties!

Question: I’M such a big fan! I just got a shirt that said ‘Greaser’ on it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: I have a shirt that has grease on it!

Question: Side Out still the best volleyball movie ever!
Answer: Maybe the ONLY volleyball movie ever

Question: Follow up, is it hard to be that cool all the time?
Answer: It comes naturally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: can’t sleep. tell me a story about three bears. ok..go.
Answer: Once there were 3 bears. Two died. Now there’s only one. The end

The oh so rare birthday smile from Dewey... And yes that is @Cudlitz prancing in the background!
The oh so rare birthday smile from Dewey… And yes that is @Cudlitz prancing in the background!

Question: I’m coming down to stalk the SouthLAnd set!.. whoop whoop! ๐Ÿ™‚ will you let me hold your handcuffs?
Answer: No but you can play with my collapsable baton!

Question: Why only a small part in Spiderman? You should have BEEN Spiderman!!!
Answer: Im old

Question: Did you ever totally flub up a line on set?
Answer: Once

Question: you’re such an AMAZING ACTOR! An inspiration!! I’m trying out for Ponyboy in fall play! Can I please get a “Break a leg”? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Break a leg! Anybody’s! Just break it

Question: Why don’t you like Leif Garrett?
Answer: He’s a soc..

Question: You were so adorable and cute in The Outsiders… What happened? (;
Answer: Taxes!!!

Question: Have you ever been really confused before??
Answer: Yes… I mean no, wait! Omg Im so confused!! I Don’t know!!!!

Question: Didn’t the reaper do his fair share of beating on hotch? (After Tommy said he’d never hit anyone in real life)
Answer: *whispers* It’s pretend… Shhhh.

Question: Does anything scare you?
Answer: Got beat up by an angry pack of koala’s once. They’ve scared the hell out of me ever since! #donttrustem

Question: Was it ever weird having to straddle @Gibsonthomas for that stabbing scene?
Answer: Yes, especially after we broke up! #awkward

Question: Would you ever dye your hair pink?
Answer: Its naturally pink. I dye it grey!

Question: I love how creepy you were in #CriminalMinds!!
Answer: Creepy?!?

Question: looking forward to seeing you bring the creepy in H50!
Answer: Just a sprinkle of creepy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: i love how creepy you were in the outsiders
Answer: Thats @se4realhinton fault! lol

Question: I love how creepy you are in person ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Lol! thx

Question: how often do you spray paint WOLVERINES on buildings?
Answer: Twice a day!

Question: What’s your favorite fruit?
Answer: The lil dude from Glee

Question: what do I get my teenage boys for christmas??? I have no ideas – HELP!!!
Answer: Teenage girls!

Question: You’re aware you used to look like Harry styles in the outsiders right?!
Answer: I’m way better looking!!!

Question: Hello Tommy! Next week it’s your birthday! How you’re going to celebrate it? xxxo
Answer: with some Geritol and a nap!

Question: Tase anybody interesting lately buddy? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Just the wife and kids!

Question: what do you want for Xmas ?.. X
Answer: A condo in Hawaii

How's this look for a days work? (10/31/12)
How’s this look for a days work? (10/31/12)

Question: goin 2 mall any suggestions on what 2 gt wife 4 Xmas ,very low budget .broke lol
Answer: A snuggie!

Question: if you weren’t an actor what profession would you choose and why?
Answer: Id be a hit man cuz thats how I roll!

Question: Do you have a sister name Stacey?
Answer: Yes… do you!?

Question: Starsky or Hutch ?.. x
Answer: Huggy Bear

Question: According to my friends 63 year-old aunt, you’re “still a cutie.” #Egoboost
Answer: Thats my demographic!

Question: how are you going to send your new year (:
Answer: Fed ex!!

Question: Can you give me a tip? Any life tip will do..
Answer: Marry wealthy!

Question: Did you guys eat a lot of Reese’s Pieces on the set of E.T. or were they only for the alien?
Answer: He’s a selfish bastard!

Question: Can you wish me good luck on my certification exam? The practice tests aren’t going so good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Answer: Cheat!!!

Question: So what about this? a Modern Day Western set in Hollywood and we’ll call it- Fist Full Of Botox?
Answer: Holla!

Question: It’s 32 here in NE Tn. What’s ur fave way to stay warm? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Fire place and a fat girl!

Question: who would win in a fist fight…Little Debbie…or….Debbie.Gibson?
Answer: Lil Debbie has a mean streak!

Question: I have never acted in my life, what should be my first step in the route to performing?
Answer: Great hair!

From Shawn Hatosy on Instagram (12/4/12)
From Shawn Hatosy on Instagram (12/4/12)

Question: don’t you get tired of people asking you about harry styles?
Answer: Isn’t it hair styles?

Question: The letters of your name make up Hell Show Coma…sounds like the name of a band. Play anything?
Answer: Golf!

Question: how would you describe @cudlitz (without getting too graphic about tattoos) ;P
Answer: Like the smell of used wine!

Question: How would you describe Matt Dillon? Besides the fact that he’s a great actor and gardener!…
Answer: You heard of the Marlboro Man? Well, nothing like that.

Question: Tommy, would rather be a Ninja or a real slick and cool Spy?
Answer: Shhh… I am a spy

Funny Responses Part 4

Question: Next time your in Austin, you must be introduced to the Purple Margarita.
Answer: I’ll drink anything purple!

Question: zombie apocalypse survival plan?!
Answer: (whispering) Zombies aren’t real sweetheart. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry!

Question: My 2 boys say.. HEY TOMMY, HOW ARE YOU?.. at the top of their lungs.. lol..
Answer: I’M FINE!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: can you follow me?
Answer: Where you going?

Question: would you consider your self pretty?
Answer: Pretty? No. Beautiful? YES!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: Whats the coolest thing you got to learn how to do for a role you played?
Answer: Fly on a bicycle!

Question: How do you like your eggs?!
Answer: Over easy like my women!
Question: And how do you like your men? Lol
Answer: Scrambled!

Question: do you use this?? (with a picture of a men’s urinal)
Answer: Of course! Don’t they have sinks in girls bathrooms?

Question: Allergic to anything?
Answer: Stupidity

Question: Would give my right arm for a RT..
Answer: Keep your arm ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: how old were you when you started dancing for money
Answer: I was a pre teen street walker… Go ahead and laff!

Random comment: Fourth of July was great! Galaxy game great! Fireworks great! “Adult watermelon?” Freakin’ awesome!!!!! โ€ช#adultstuffiscoolโ€ฌ

Question: Tommy, is it weird I carried a picture of you around in my wallet for years?
Answer: Maybe. What’d you do with it?

Question: This is weird but i loved your underarms in the outsiders! lol
Answer: That is weird!

Question: my refridgerator broke up with me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Answer: It was time! I heard your stove is hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: If the last three characters you played named Ray got into a rumble, which one would win? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Ray, duh!

Question: Do you like Maroon 5?
Answer: No but I’ve got moves like Jagger!

Question: Do you have any weird talents?
Answer: Only in the bedroom!

Question: What’s your favorite book?
Answer: I cant read…

Question: Do fans ever give you the creepy, “stay away from at all costs” vibe?
Answer: Those are my favorite!

Question: What’s a good excuse I can use to call out of work tomorrow? ๐Ÿ˜€
Answer: Flat tire? Sick? Your dog ate it?

Question: Did you ever have a guinea pig ._. ?
Answer: No but I heard they’re good with a lil bbq sauce

Question: i’d probably cry if you tweeted me right now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Answer: There there little one. No need for tears!

Question: Harry Potter or Twilight? Say Twilight and I’ll think you a gay fairy.
Answer: You say that like gay fairies are bad

Question: where would u hide an elephant?
Answer: Shhh (the cookie jar)

Question: can u name every movie u have ever been in?
Answer: Hell no

Question: do u like alpacas?
Answer: Not since the rape

Question: does Liam have a girlfriend by any chance?;)
Answer: No he’s available
Question: What about Dash? Is he available? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Yes

Question: Here’s a question i haven’t seen asked yet, So how was your inflight meal?
Answer: Had better food in prison ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: Do you want to be buried or creamated?
Answer: I wanna be stuffed!

Question: um I sent you a “friendship pin” when I was in 8th grade (1983). Did you ever get it? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Wearing it now!

Question: Tommy, the world will be in serious peril if you don’t go golfing ASAP! You must save us!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: 1. Super hero music? Check 2. Cape and mask? Check 3. Nine iron? Check. Look out cruel world! Da da da daaaaa!!!!

Question: What if you have nothing nice to say on twitter?
Answer: Tweet it anyway!!

Comment: (during 7/27/12 Olympics opening ceremony) Opening ceremony is AWESOME! I’m so proud to be British! Oh… Wait… Sigh. Never mind…

Question: Does anyone know of any good golf courses in the Los Angeles area ???
Answer: Um… without the wide mouthed clown? Not really… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: Just outta curiosity but has a fan ever sent you inappropriate pictures?
Answer: Only @Cudlitz !

Question: Have you ever appeared on Broadway? If not, any desire too?
Answer: I appeared on Broadway once then realized I got off at the wrong station…

Question: What’s your ability on Alphas?
Answer: I kill people with good looks!!

Question: How would Dewey respond? RT I wonder how police on bikes arrest people, “Alright, get in the basket.”?
Answer: A taser to the face works wonders!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: A woman cannot depend on the protection of a man. She must learn to protect herself.
Answer: Hence “the pill!”

Question: May i ask how did you get @Bug_Hall nude in your movie that you directed??
Answer: I promised him a reach around!

Question: Loved your appearance on Alphas this week. You’re portrayal of a psychopathic killer was almost TOO convincing! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Yeah it’s getting easy. Should I be worried?

Question: I’m officially a stripper now. Everyone help me think of a name!!
Answer: Cherry Valence ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: @CThomasHowell tweets back everybody but me -_- #sadtweet
Answer: Its personal!

Question: If you could compete in any event in the Olympics…what would it be?
Answer: The balance beam… Wait…

Question: what do you like to cook?
Answer: Evil plans!

Random Comment: Went to Chik-fil-a and ordered a “conservative chicken sandwich” with a side of “same sex sauce”… Dude stared with mouth agape! #losers

Question: On a scale of 1 – 10 how cute do u look today ?.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: A strong 9.5! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Question: .. what was the 0.5 you marked yourself down on ?.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ x
Answer: Hadn’t brushed my teeth yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: do you watch tv in ur underwear?
Answer: No, in my living room!

Question: Are you really 45?
Answer: Usually…

Question: I don’t love you, b/c I find that vaguely creepy, but you sure are nice ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: You’ll come around

Question: you never washed my car ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Answer: My Daisy Dukes were dirty…

Question: hey who beat up an picked on Leif Garret more on the set of the outsiders Dillion or Swayze?
Answer: Leif’s girlfriend!

Question: you a fan of the biebs?
Answer: Um… you spelled Zeppelin wrong

Question: Would you invent time travel or the male multiple orgasm ?.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Pretty much the same thing…

Question: OMG my boyfriend just asked me who @CThomasHowell was! Unexcusable!
Answer: So, you’re single now, right?

Random comment: Can you hear that? That’s Monday screaming “uncle!” this bitch is mine!!!

Question: TOMMY! guess what!!!!!????!?!?!!
Answer: What???????????!!!!???

Question: if you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Answer: You

Question: Have you ever googled yourself?
Answer: No, but i do ogle myself!

Question: Got a dog. So far shes shit in my house, ranaway twice, dry humped Reed, and her farts smell like she swallowed a skunk!
Answer: awwww CUTE!!!

Question: hey, been a while since I tweeted you… so knock knock…
Answer: Go around!

Question: Is it really you or someone that works for you who answer here?
Answer: Just pretend its me!

Question: I can’t believe you. This is the 3rd time I tweet you, yet no reply. Why?
Answer: Its personal!!

Question: Clearly Nathan is having a bad week. 1st he burns his hand welding, then got ass kicked at foosball. Ouch.
Question: I’m gonna blame the burned hand on the foosball ass kicking. ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: there’s no crying in foosball!