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Random Favorite Things

Question: Favorite booze?
Answer: Tequila (Patron Silver. Chilled no fruit)

Question: Favorite wine?
Answer: Coppola’s pinot noir!

Question: star wars or star trek?
Answer: Wars! Trek blows!

Question: So, which was your favorite Power Ranger?
Answer: The one with the mask that does karate!

Question: Favorite horse?
Answer: My Quarter horse, Tarzan…

Question: Your favourite movie about a horse?
Answer: Carol Ballards Black Stallion… No question…

Question: Pirates or ninjas?? Lol
Answer: Pirates

Question: Favorite vegetable? 😀
Answer: The Onion!

Question: Favourite cereal. Go.
Answer: Me no likey cereal!

Question: 4 people you would invite to dinner alive or dead
Answer: Ghandi, James Dean, Tesla and Rita Hayworth

Question: If you could meet one person From historical history who would it be 🙂
Answer: Ghandi/Lincoln

Question: My daughter was wondering what your favorite Disney movie is?
Answer: Finding Nemo! Best Disney movie ever!

Question: Favorite ride? I prefer the old american cars.
Answer: I roll in a Ford Mustang!

Question: What is your favorite @se4realhinton book besides the best book ever, the outsiders
Answer: Puppy Sister!

Question: Do you have a favorite resturaunt that you could just, live off of?
Answer: Toscana in Brentwood


Question: Where is your favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?!
Answer: Madeo’s or Tuscana!

Question: What’s your favorite meal for dinner?
Answer: Love Italian and Japanese or Mexican

Question: What’s your favorite kind of dog? :]
Answer: LOVE all dogs!

Question: Favorite cuss word? Mine is fuck. 🙂
Answer: Oh i have many!

Question: do you like coconut?
Answer: Yep

Question: We reopened our ice cream shop for the season today. What’s your favorite flavor? 😉
Answer: Love all ice cream!!

Question: Not big over your side of the pond but do you like darts??
Answer: Sure…

Question: What is your favorite soup?
Answer: Love all soups. Especially on a cold day!

Question: Sweet or saltaaaayyy??
Answer: Salty!

Question: What’s your fave flavor of gum?
Answer: Cinnamon

Question: Pepsi or Coke? 🙂
Answer: Hate pepsi

Question: What is your guilty pleasure for tv….movie….food?
Answer: I like the voice and chips with Salsa!

Question: Your choice- Jeopardy or Amazing Race?
Answer: Amazing race!

Question: I’ve been to Cali and love love it!!!!! What’s your fav part of the USA?
Answer: California and the Pac No West!

Question: Bud Light or Miller Light, be kind 🙂
Answer: Both

Question: Starbucks or Dunkin #realcopquestions
Answer: Starbucks…

Question: What’s your favorite thing to get at Starbucks? 🙂 I love the Mocha!
Answer: I go cappuccino no sweetener!

Question: Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury? /:)
Answer: Freddie!

Question: Flintstones or Jetsons? 😉
Answer: Flintstones!

Question: Tommy, do you have a favorite place that you’ve traveled to?
Answer: Positano Italy!

Positano, Italy

Question: Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin?
Answer: Both!

Question: Back to the future or karate kid?
Answer: Ralphy!!!

Question: Beach Boys or Beatles?
Answer: Beatles

Question: Whats your favorite hard candy and chochlate type candy?
Answer: I like the sour stuff!

Question: What’s your favorite quote from a song?
Answer: John Lennon “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

Question: Do you have any favourite UK comedy shows Tommy?
Answer: Love the original Office and anything Ricky G does!

Question: Any fav humphrey bogart movies?
Answer: Big Sleep, Maltese Falcon and of course Casablanca

Question: I’ve got one, wots ur favorite decade?
Answer: This one

Question: do you have a favorite film of Christian Slater?
Answer: True Romance

Question: Do u have a fav skit from saturday night live? U shuld host the show
Answer: I like Timberlakes “homeyville” and Swayze’s “chippendales” but my fav is Walken’s “More Cowbell”

Question: Here’s your real New Mexico test, Tommy. Red or green?
Answer: Always green

Question: And are you a fan of sopapillas?
Answer: My fav!

Question: So, what’s your favorite cologne?
Answer: Imperiale by Guerlain

Question: Where’s your favorite place to go and relax when you have downtime?
Answer: Love traveling… Thailand is a fav spot!

Question: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate Easter eggs?
Answer: Milk chocolate

Question: Turtles or Giraffes?
Answer: Turtles

Question: What’s your favourite kind of cake?
Answer: Red Velvet

Question: What’s your favorite breed of horse?
Answer: Quarter horse!

Question: Snow or sun?
Answer: Sun duh!

Question: What’s your favorite candybar?!? 🙂
Answer: Almond Snickers

Question: New York, Chicago or Cali pizza?
Answer: YES!

Question: Rollercoasters: Yay or nay?? xD
Answer: Only emotional roller coasters!

Question: (from daughter @Izzy_Howell) Why are boys so afraid of mushrooms??
Answer: Because they’re disgusting?
Question: (random comment from @se4realhinton) David is cooking for me tonight, steak, asparagus, mushrooms. Nice welcome back
Answer: Clearly he doesn’t love you if mushrooms are involved!

Question: What’s your favorite color?
Answer: Turquoise!

Question: what do you prefer chocolate or ice cream? 🙂
Answer: Not a chocolate fan…

Question: Favorite song lyric? And why?
Answer: John Lennon’s “Life us what happens when you ‘re busy making other plans”

Question: Tommy pick one, ‘The Goodfellas or ‘The GodFather’
Answer: Godfather hands down!

Question: To 3-D or not to 3-D? That is the question?
Answer: Not a fan

Question: Obama or Romney?
Answer: I don’t do politics! #wrongdude

Question: Twizzlers or Red Vines?
Answer: Vines

Question: I need a good book to read…Any suggestions?
Answer: Anything from @se4realhinton

Question: M&M or Reeses?
Answer: Junior mints!

Question: Do u like oranges ??
Answer: Who doesn’t ?

Question: Do u like wearing hats??
Answer: Yep!

Question: who is your favorite Avenger?
Answer: Ironman

Question: what’s ur favourite summer food??
Answer: Ice cold watermelon

Question: where is your favorite place in the world ??
Answer: Home

Question: Taco Bell or Mc Donalds?
Answer: I’d rather starve!

Question: How do you feel about cabbage??
Answer: Never met a cabbage I didn’t like…

Question: Coffee or tea?
Answer: Tea? Cmon now…

Question: What’s your favorite vegetable? #RandomTweet
Answer: The onion!

Question: Do you like frozen blueberries?
Answer: Nope

Question: better frontman: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
Answer: Roth, but Hagar makes better tequila!

Question: favorite Schwarzenegger movie?
Answer: True Lies

Question: Do you like fruit cocktails? I need to know xD
Answer: Mango Margaritas? Yes. Canned fruit with corn syrup? No

Question: Let’s talk burgers my brother… Apple Pan, Father’s Office, Counter, or Umami?
Answer: Never had Umami to be fair! But the Counter is awesome

Question: What would you rather wear converses or vans!?
Answer: old school Adidas

Question: what’s your favourite place to eat?
Answer: The Ivy

Question: where’s one place you would like to travel?
Answer: Brazil for the 2014 World cup!

Question: Any LA food advice?
Answer: True Food in Santa Monica is great… The Bone Yard in Sherman Oaks kills… Stout in studio City makes killer burgers…

Question: Coke or pepsi?
Answer: Im a perrier guy

Question: Redbull ?
Answer: No… Cappuccino!

Question: What do you put on your bagel? ^.^ (P.S. I love you)
Answer: A little cream cheese please… thx

Question: do you like Nutella?! 😀 ❤
Answer: Yes…

Question: What’s your favorite book (The outsiders does not count :P)
Answer: Yehuda Berg’s ‘The Power of Kabbalah’ and Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’

Question: whats good tommy
Answer: Walks on the beach, daft punk, dinner at the Ivy, camp fires and Brad Pitt movies!