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Question: How do you decide who to tweet back after getting so many tweets? 🙂 x
Answer: I like the interesting questions!

Question: Have u ever had a fan come up to u and say something really mean or inappropiate to u?
Answer: Once or twice…

Question: Quick question have you ever blocked a fan from following you? If so, why?
Answer: Only if they’re relentless morons!

Question: How much do you love your fans :)??!?!?
Answer: (arms spread!) THIS MUCH!!!!!

Question: Biggest pet peeve?
Answer: People asking me to follow them

Question: Have you ever asked another celeb for their autograph?
Answer: Tony Hawk for my kid! Jerry Rice for me. He declined
Question: He DECLINED?! Um, rude! Who says no to another celeb?!
Answer: He’s a douche! But a great player!
Question: Have you ever declined a fans request for an autograph?
Answer: (kidding) Only Jerry Rice!
Answer: (after some other fan comments about it) Great player… Not a great guy. But whatever…. Took his pics down and gave em all away. I could care less.

Question: Thomas Do u love us?
Answer: If u only knew

Question: Ever get glomped (i.e. running hug/tackle) by crazy fans?
Answer: Oh I’ve been glomped… Not a bad glomper myself

Question: When will people understand that you don’t do favorites? 😉 (I.e. doesn’t like being asked what his favorite film is, etc.)
Answer: Soon I hope!

Question: It’s pretty awesome how much you interact with the fans. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it. ❤
Answer: Thank you… I’m nothing without them.

Question: Do you loovveee Canadians?
Answer: Who doesn’t!

Question: Do you ever get on YouTube and see all the videos fans post for you?
Answer: No (he doesn’t look at Tumblr either, although comments are forwarded to him)

Question: How does it feel to be loved and adored by so many?!?!?!?
Answer: Doesn’t suck!

Question: I’m a fuck up
Answer: shhhh… We all are

Question: I’m not ill, it’s not my birthday and I’m not special at all but I would love a tweet from you
Answer: Everybody is special

Question: you’re spamming my news feed!!
Answer: If you unfollow me that won’t happen!

Question: What advice would you give to someone her age who cuts themselves?
Answer: Im not qualified to go there love. I’m in it for the laughs… (Tommy’s supportive, but he had some issues with a cutter who turned into a stalker in the past)

Question: what does it take to get a follow from you?!?
Answer: I follow funny, famous or cute!
Question: what about crazy, wacky, or weird 😉
Answer: That might be my new status quo

Comment: Why is a “follow” so important? Someone give me a good reason and Ill hit the follow button… Seriously. I don’t get it…

Question: I’ve had rods in my leg, open chest surgeries but needles scare me. Stomach injections tomorrow 😦
Answer: Stay strong… Stare fear in the eye. Smile at it, it’ll run. #fuckfear

Question: how come you don’t follow your fans?
Answer: I follow people I know… That I’m interested in… Like most people on twitter… Following kids is creepy for a 46 year old

Question: why do you keep ignoring me
Answer: Because you send tweets like “follow me” lol

Question: He responds when he feels like it…makes for many sad followers sometimes…
Answer: Could always follow those celebs that NEVER retweet… Just a suggestion

Question: Why do you hate me?
Answer: Cuz you ask me why I hate you when I don’t know you

Question: why is it so hard to get a follow from you?
Answer: cause I don’t like following people I don’t know… It’s weird.

Question: hi Tommy do u reply to snail mail?
Answer: Its tricky, due to traveling, but I try…


Fan Art


This one is a gift from @RADIUM_X - great musician and Photoshop artist who made Tommy's Twitter background.
From Charlie DiAngelo:
"Ok I wanted to start off with the first C Thomas How fan art pic, so i made this! Seems our Tommy has gone back in time and kidnapped a very much younger C Thomas Howell
I think i heard him tell young Tommy, Look kid when Francis Ford Coppola wants you to hang out in the House for 3hrs and cook, Just cook something! now smile for the camera! Hey your looking the wrong way!"
By Charlie DiAngelo
From @Bluegrassbabe3: #SouthLAnd moments season four...
By Charlie DiAngelo:
"Here's another fan pic i made, If you've ever played any of the Grand Theft Auto games then you know what this pic is! and i thought hey the new GTA 5 is based in LOS SANTOS aka Los Angeles and Southland is based in Los Angeles, so i made a fictional video game of GTA based on Dewey Dudek with Hollywood Division of LAPD! so here it is in all it's glory!"
By Charlie DiAngelo: Introducing the All New C.Thomas Howell Action Figure!
Goofy one from me (SueVo)... just, you know, cause...
From Charlie DiAngelo
This really great drawing has been going around Tumblr. The artist is ~Lapuger. A little more here:
From Charlie DiAngelo
From Charlie DiAngelo
Another one from ~Lapuger. More here:
From Pauline Newman
Team Reaper USA Olympic avatar from my friend Victoria (aka Kitten) – feel free to use it during the games 😉 (-Sue)
Reaper avatar for Canada for the Olympics too now from Victoria!
Snazzed up Reaper pic from Victoria
Outsiders fan art from @Catel16 on Twitter
Uncle Dewey fan art from Deb!
Dewey fan art from Deb!
Fan art from Charlie DiAngelo!
Another one from the ever-talented Charlie DiAngelo
Fan art from Giuliana Hawk
New one from Charlie, who says: “The Story Behind this Graphic is Tommy’s Character get caught in an Alternate universe where the Past and present are combined into one. So now man and Dinosaur live among each other! So what happens is Tommy’s Character ends up as the towns Sheriff and Rides a Dinosaur like a Horse! So until he can get back to his own timeline he has to fight off bad guy’s with his Posse of Dinoryders! It’s like the Jurassic Park Meets Tombstone!
by Paula Meza
From Sierra on Twitter 🙂
Fan art cookies from John!
Another great one from Charlie!
From Paula Meza
From Paula Meza
From Charlie: Here it is! Tommy's New Cologne inspired By Dewey!
From Charlie: Here it is! Tommy’s New Cologne inspired By Dewey!