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Question: How long does it usually take you to memorize lines and what not for a role?
Answer: That’s the easy part. Making the interesting choices can get complicated and takes some homework. But it’s a lot of fun!

Question: Like expressions, body movements you mean?
Answer: More like behavior and intentions…

Question: Interesting. You kinda do a psychoanalysis – spend some time in the character’s head?
Answer: It’s all about not making obvious choices and staying honest, real and open to making a new discovery during filming.

Question: When playing a role like the Reaper or Kenneth, do you imagine yourself being a psychopath? assuming you are not..
Answer: No actually the opposite. I look for the human qualities in them.

Question: How do you choose your roles?
Answer: They choose me …

Question: I just have to know… Do you stand in front of the mirror sometimes, when practicing your lines??
Answer: Never. That’s the exact opposite of what you want to do. I don’t want to be pre conceiving any choices. It’s death to an actor…

Question: Most admired actor you have ever met?
Answer: Pacino, Hoffman and Bobby D!

Question: who’s you’re fave all time actor?
Answer: James Dean and the older brother from ET!

Question: OK serious question *yep I can do serious*…Do you still audition and do you still get nervous before hand?
Answer: All actors audition unless you’re producing and nerves come and go… Weird

Question: How small of a role is “too small?”
Answer: Depends on the check!

Question: What kind of roles attract your attention?
Answer: I look for “flawed characters” much more interesting for me

Question: Any acting schools/coaches you’d recommend in LA?
Answer: Yes… Joann Baron in Santa Monica. Best class in LA. Or Larry Moss in NYC best teacher ever!

Question: Who is your favorite director?
Answer: Chris Chulak

Question: After The Hitcher, and Criminal Minds, are you planning on doing more horror?
Answer: Prefer not to

Question: Why not play in any more horror movies?? Your good at them lol!
Answer: Been playing a lot of bad guys lately

Question: which do u like playing better…drama,horror,comedy,or action?
Answer: Id like to do more comedy

Question: Which of the characters you’ve played do you most relate too Tommy? 🙂
Answer: A part of me relates to all of them!
Question: You just said a part of you relates to all the characters you play… does that include The Reaper?
Answer: Of course

Question: Whats the best tip for acting?
Answer: Don’t do it!
Question: Why??
Answer: tough ass business… Few make it. Get an education and get a real job!
Question: How come you bash acting and stuff when your an actor? do you dislike acting or … !?!?!?
Answer: bash acting? What freakin tweets you reading?
Question: Dont get fiesty, Tommy! I just have seen you say things about acting and it sounds like your bashing it!
Answer: encouraging people to choose another life path for their own good is not bashing acting!!!
Question: Ok Ok!!! Thats what I thought you meant by that stuff!
Answer: I could say sure join the other 4 million unemployed actors that struggle all year for a bit part! But I’d rather not…

Question: How long was your longest break between acting gigs!
Answer: I don’t know but a a month feels like a year!

Question: Who’s your ultimate dream director you are yet to work with?
Answer: JJ Abrahams

Question: Any tips or advice for aspiring actors?
Answer: Have a solid plan B!

Question: wondering who @CThomasHowell studied acting from? #ActorsActor
Answer: Studied with Larry Moss when I was young…

Question: When you’re filming and something funny happens do you crack up easily or are you good at keeping a straight face?
Answer: Depends on the moment

Question: When you have a guest spot on a show, do you watch a few episodes beforehand to get a feel, or do u just walk into it fresh?
Answer: I just let it roll! Might of watched when I was younger… But not anymore

Question: Which you like the most, directing or acting?
Answer: Acting

Question: Any formal actors training personnel you can recommend to me (Los Angeles)
Answer: Joanne Barron, Santa Monica Ca

Question: Ramdom ?, how many days does one episode take to shoot from pre to post production?
Answer: 7-8 days of filming… Another month in post productions
Question: so you can be filming lets say episode 4 and they will be in post production of ep 2 or do I have that wrong?
Answer: correct

Question: When u were younger what made u decide “I want to be an actor”
Answer: When I was a kid I watched a tv show called “Taxi” and wanted to do what they did… Acting was in my bones as a child.

Question: I want to be a Film Director. What School would you suggest? 🙂 xx.
Answer: NYU, USC… Are tops!

Question: Did you participate in grade school plays?
Answer: I was a tree once

Question: U prefer acting r directing
Answer: Both so different and I love doing both…

Question: Do you enjoy working on faith-based films, sir?
Answer: I do. It’s a strong market with a loyal fan base.

Question: hi what do you prefer making people laugh or scaring the bejesus outta them?
Answer: Neither is very easy to do but I enjoy both a lot.

Question: As a child did you know you wanted to be an actor?
Answer: As a child I was an actor

Question: Do you prefer filming movies or tv shows?
Answer: TV
Question: Why tv? Is there a certain reason?
Answer: The writing is usually better and developing character over time is awesome. It’s all about the ‘ARC’ baby!!! And it’s seen!

Question: I wanna pursue acting, any advice?
Answer: Read the classics and act in anything and everything! Never quit… Ever.

Question: Do you prefer working with actual film or digital?
Answer: No diff
Question: no difference between film and digital?!
Answer: I don’t care whats running thru the camera…

Question: any advice for inspiring actors?
Answer: Relax and sparkle

Question: Who would you love to work with someday that you haven’t yet?

Question: Hey Tommy, how did you get into Reaper character? Did you improvise anything? Imitate some other bad guy? If so, what/who?
Answer: I didn’t bring a lot of baggage to that role. I kept him pure

Question: I’m practicing mine monologue for drama class, any tips? (:
Answer: Relax and have fun

Question: you’re a great actor, out of all the characters that you’ve played,which one was ur favourite & why?
Answer: I’ve learned a lot from every role but to be honest I don’t have a fav…

Question: Daughter wants to go into acting. Any advice for her? She’s 19.
Answer: Have fun and get ready to hear “no” a lot