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An imposter on Twitter

Hi Folks,

There’s an imposter pretending to be Tommy on Twitter. The account, @cthomashowell3, is NOT Tommy. Please don’t give this person any of your personal information.

Tommy quit Twitter last fall because it was taking up too much of his time. His account is locked, but still @cthomashowell. We’ll let you know if and when he decides to come back.

In the meantime, Tommy’s official Facebook fan page is here – and pretty active if you’re looking for other Tommy fans to chat with:

Thanks folks! Please let others know so they don’t get manipulated by this imposter.

-Sue (Tommy’s social media director)


C. Thomas Howell guest stars on April 26 episode of “Motive”

Tommy will appear in Sunday’s episode of the Canadian TV show “Motive.”

The show is a police drama that launched in 2013. Tommy shot the episode in December, 2014. His episode, “Reversal of Fortune is about finding the “killer of a free-spirited tarot card reader.”

Here’s a bit more information about it: Motive TV Series on WikiPedia

10411174_848804691836336_1689602243542647869_n Details:

Sunday, April 26

10 p.m. – MOTIVE – “Reversal of Fortune” – NEW EPISODE 

As Detectives Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman), Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira), and Brian Lucas (Brendan Penny) hunt for the killer of a free-spirited tarot card reader, Vega gets news from the doctor that he doesn’t want to hear…or share, and Angie receives an unsettling visit from the Internal Investigations Unit. C. Thomas Howell guest stars.


Tommy roots on the Green Bay Packers!

Tommy and his longtime friend Charlie Sheen (they were both in Red Dawn together) went to see the Green Bay Packers playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 11 – as a big Pack fan, Tommy was very psyched for the win!

Tommy’s been a Packer fan for a long time. He has family in West Bend, Wisconsin, which is how he got hooked. His favorite Packer QB of all time is Bart Star, he said.

His trip also made the local newspaper: Celebrities show up for Packers playoff game at Lambeau

Here are some of his tweets and photos from the trip!

Headed to Green Bay with my boys for the Packers Cowboys game!!! #GoPackGo
Headed to Green Bay with my boys for the Packers Cowboys game!!! #GoPackGo
The Holy shrine! #Lambeau
The Holy shrine! #Lambeau
Dinner at Favre's Steakhouse tonight. I'm going with the Rib Eye and Lobster and a bottle of Silver Oak! #Cheers
Dinner at Favre’s Steakhouse tonight. I’m going with the Rib Eye and Lobster and a bottle of Silver Oak! #Cheers
Kick off in an hour and a half! #GoPackGo
Kick off in an hour and a half! #GoPackGo



On the field at Lambeau #GoPackGo
On the field at Lambeau #GoPackGo
On Lambeau field with my boy @charliesheen (packers won!) great day
On Lambeau field with my boy @charliesheen (packers won!) great day


From Amy R. Wallner Grzeskowiak: "Symba in Green Bay Wisconsin after the Dallas loss........ "
From Amy R. Wallner Grzeskowiak: “Symba in Green Bay Wisconsin after the Dallas loss…….. “
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
From Jake Blackburn on Twitter!
Nothing like stepping off the jet and seeing your cars lined up and waiting for you! Great trip!
Nothing like stepping off the jet and seeing your cars lined up and waiting for you! Great trip!


Welcome to the Official Frequently Asked Questions website for C. Thomas Howell.

This FAQ is a compilation of Tommy’s answers to fan questions from Twitter, coupled with news, upcoming events and other items.

UPDATE: Tommy is back on Twitter! Toss him a follow and say hi to him @cthomashowell!

Real men wear make up! #SouthLAnd!
Real men wear make up! #SouthLAnd!

If you’re looking for more information, feel free to check out Tommy’s IMDB profile: Tommy’s IMDB page.

If you want current news, a host of photos from Tommy’s career and a chance to chat with other fans, please check out Tommy’s Facebook Fan Page.

For a quick and simple picture gallery with the latest news and fan art reposts, check out Tommy’s Tumblr page.

And to look through a wide variety of home videos, fan videos, film clips, interviews and other fun stuff, check out Tommy’s YouTube channel.

To browse various sections of this site, please use the “FAQ Categories” navigation on the upper right side of the page or on the top navigation. There are also pages on the site with extra videos, upcoming TV and film appearances, and other information included in the navigation bar at the top of the site.

Personal Details

Question: What do I call you? C. Thomas? C.? Thomas? Mr. Howell?
Answer: Tommy

Question: What does the C. stand for?
Answer: Christopher

Question: Birthday?
Answer: Dec. 7, 1966

Question: Boxers or briefs
Answer: Commando!

Question: Since you come from a stunt background, do you do all your own stunts?
Answer: A lot but not all.

Question: What would you do if you didn’t pick acting as a career?
Answer: Stunts (Tommy’s father is a stunt man – several family members also do stunts)

Question: Where did you grow up and where did you go to school?
Answer: (Tommy grew up in Los Angeles) Went to elementary school in Castaic. Graduated from Saugus High!

Question: How long have you been an actor?
Answer: Since I was 6 years old!

Question: What is your biggest fear, Tommy?
Answer: Not being prepared for work… Or losing the remote control. Both terrify me!

Question: What REALLY pushes your buttons? Pisses you off?
Answer: Lying

Question: Do you smoke?
Answer: No… Its gross

Question: Are you fluent in any other languages?
Answer: Broken Spanish.

Question: Sorry for asking so many questions. Just 1 more, I promise 🙂 What do you like to do to chill out?
Answer: Visit friends, read, watch movies, eat at nice places, travel, golf, ride horses, listen to music, play with my dog or kids!

Question: Do YOU have any tattoos?
Answer: No… But I dig tats a lot!

Question: Why don’t you have any tats? I know you dig them, so is it because you have to keep a clean slate for acting?
Answer: Exactly…

Question: What was your favourite subject at school besides Drama?
Answer: I loved History and English!

Question: What was your worst subject in school?
Answer: Algebra *hated it*

Question: Did you EVER go by Chris or were you called Tommy as a kid, too?
Answer: Always called Tommy (dad’s name is Chris)

Question: What kind of car do u have?
Answer: Mustang… Of course!

Question: Do you wear a watch?
Answer: Yep

Question: Are you ever going to write a memoir? U have been in so many movies I think people would b interested.
Answer: Been thinking about it..

Question: so are you naturally more of a morning guy or a night owl? 😉
Answer: I’m C. “All of the above”

Question: Did u ever have braces??
Answer: No…

Question: I know you had a rough time w/your appendix awhile back. Are you doing well now? You look fantastic!!
Answer: Yeah, that was a tough go for a while but I’m 100% (ish) now! Thx!

Question: Have you ever used a oujia board?
Answer: No i haven’t…

Question: Have you given in to any of the Hollywood surgical treatments or are you all natural ?#youlookfab :))
Answer: Voluntary surgery? Are you freakin’ nuts? I won’t even dye my hair!!!

Question: Gay rights. Yay or nay?
Answer: YAY! Im in the film biz ffs!

Question: Do you live in the city, or outside LA?
Answer: In the city!

Question: How come you’re listed as @CThomasHowell instead of Tommy Howell in the credits of your movies?
Answer: Ask my father!

Question: Did you do any commercials before hitting it big as an actor?
Answer: A few when i was a kid!

Question: Didn’t you go to the prom once in the 80’s with one of your fans.
Answer: No

Question: Kyle Richards – Did you guys date or just friends??
Answer: Went out for 4 years!

Question: Did you ever attend high school or were you home schooled after The Outsiders made you a star?
Answer: Pretty much home schooled after my freshman year

Question: If you could go anywhere in the world that you haven’t been yet, where would it be?
Answer: Machu Pichu

Question: u believe in ghosts?
Answer: Yep…

Question: How many states have you been in? 🙂
Answer: All of them… But mostly the state of confusion!

Question: Are you LA born and bred??
Answer: yes… 3rd generation!

Question: have you ever been to Italy??
Answer: Lived there for a year

Question: How come you speak spanish? Did you learn at school or…?
Answer: Yes…

Question: Hey how r u this friday night? Random question, color of your toothbrush?
Answer: Blue lol

Question: Have you pierced your ears?
Answer: Regretfully one side… Hate it

Question: Do you have a FB? There’s a C Thomas Howell on there, but I can’t tell if it’s legit.
Answer: Yea… But I’m full. (plenty of room for likes on the FB fan page at though)

Question: Are your eyes hazel Tommy??
Answer: Yes!

Question: Is there any place you’ve been that you absolutely DO NOT want to return to?
Answer: Detroit

Question: Do you have a guilty junk food?
Answer: All junk food is guilty… I stay away!

Question: you had girly handwriting in secret admirer.. no offense 🙂
Answer: I still do. I’m all flowery like that!

Question: Do you do your own stunts at all?
Answer: All the time

Question: Did u ever go to college??
Answer: Only in movies!

Question: If u had gone to, what would you have studied?
Answer: Maybe architecture

Question: Would you ever consider making a cameo in @se4realhinton’s new web series?
Answer: I’d do anything for her

Question: What do you put in your coffee, and in what quantity?
Answer: Cream no sugar!

Question: Hey did you do drama class and plays when you were in school?
Answer: No, I was making movies back then

Question: hi! morning! Do you have a star on the WalkOfFame? Would you want one? =)
Answer: No I don’t… Could care less…

Question: Do you like to cook?
Answer: Yes, but I hate cleaning up

Question: Are you still married to hottie Ray Dawn Chong?
Answer: Lol… That lasted a few months.

Question: Do you support gays and bis?
Answer: Yes… When I grow up I wanna be one!

Question: Have you ever thought about going storm chasing someday? 🙂 #ThoughtIdAsk
Answer: Lol no

Question: Do you have any allergies?
Answer: No

Question: I’m curious. You were my poster of choice in my teens, who adorned your bedroom walls???
Answer: Farrah!!

Question: does anything annoy you?
Answer: Bad drives and three putting!!!

Question: What’s your golf handicap?
Answer: You can get Tommy’s current handicap at this site:

Question: Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?
Answer: Shooting Gods and Generals (filmed in Maryland and Virginia). Happy to be alive…

Question: Are you enjoying your career more or less than when you were younger? Loved u throughout….hugs!
Answer: Much much more now! Thanks

Question: now that you were in the outsiders is there a preference to whether you would like to live in the past or present?
Answer: I’m always living in the moment. Always!

Question: Do you have an #instagram
Answer: Yes but don’t use it

Question: do you play video games? If so, Xbox or PS3?
Answer: That’s for kids

Question: I see you’re using Echofon. On an iPhone?
Answer: Yes
Question: what type of iPhone do you have?
Answer: 5
Question: do you have a case on your iPhone if so what color is it?
Answer: Black Mophie

Question: Mac or PC?
Answer: I have both! lol

Question: Wait a minute last nite Kyle Richards tweeted u back how does she know ur wife , u known Kyle 4 many years?
Answer: Kyle was my first girlfriend for 4 years… I love her dearly. Known her for 30 years..

Question: what’s your natural hair color?
Answer: Light brown

Question: What’s your favourite candy?
Answer: Not sure but I absolutely hate yellow gummy bears

Question: What age were you when you had your first girlfriend?
Answer: 15

Question: Did you really smoke when you were younger?
Answer: In movies only

Question: who did you have a crush on in the 80s
Answer: Christy Turlington… still do

Question: where is the farthest place from home you’ve traveled?
Answer: Cape town South Africa

Question: Tommy is this true!!?? (About his appendix rupturing in ’03)
Answer: Partially… My intestines weren’t removed and I lost 20 pounds… Someone’s imagination got the best of them…

Question: Thomas, do you believe that gays should be allowed to be married?
Answer: “All created equal” Its been written…

Question: what do you think about the gay rights decision from the us supreme court
Answer: Equality for all