Funny Responses Part 8

From Tommy's Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013
From Tommy’s Twitter: Go hard! Go hard! Go HARD!! #coachella2013

Question: Is anyone else sitting in a puddle?
Answer: Nope. Just you.

Question: Who is your favorite person? ….me..*cough*cough* me *cough*
Answer: You ok? that cough sounds awful!

Question: You know where I can get a cocktail waitress?
Answer: Lol… I just might

Question: hey Ponyboy 🙂 Who is your favorite One Direction member?
Answer: Toss up between Robert Plant or Jim Morrison.

Question: I need to pee
Answer: Ok I’ll wait here

Question: why won’t you reply to me whenever i tell you how perfect you are!
Answer: I’m shy

Question: my 12 year old son watched “Soul Man” today and he loved it!!!! Although I had to explain who Prince was!!! Lol
Answer: I think I forgot who Prince is…

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Do I have to have tits for you to reply to me or am I just unlucky lol ?
Answer: That hairy belly will do!

Question: Watching @CThomasHowell guesting on Monk. ION TV never fails, when OTA nets do. Enough with infomercials during the day.
Answer: That is AWESOME considering I’ve never been on Monk! But enjoy!

Question: Why must you have so much SASS ?!
Answer: That’s how I roll, girl!

Question: I ran into the wall cause my aunt was like “YOUR HUSBAND IS ON TV” and so I ran and hit the wall. that’s how much I love you
Answer: Ice pack!?

Question: do you ever just go, WTF? to some of those questions
Answer: All the time

Question: i admire your sassiness
Answer: I’m famous for my sassy ass now… Lol

Question: Getting my ALL of my wisdom teeth out tomorrow… Anyone want to wish me good luck.?
Answer: Oh snap! You are screwed!!! I did that and wished I hadn’t!!!! #percocet

Question: What’s your dress size?
Answer: Im a perfect 6!

Question: Maybe I can fall asleep if you tweet me
Answer: Am I THAT boring!?! haha

Question: If you could have any accent, what would it be?
Answer: Shrek!

Question: I’m reading the Outsiders in class, love Ponyboy!
Answer: Wait!?! there’s an Outsiders book!?!?

Question: Soul man ? This guy @CThomasHowell is not the same dude. He’s better looking and more drunk.
Answer: much better looking and wayyyyy more drunk!

Tommy in "Soul Man"
Tommy in “Soul Man”

Question: Today is my pay day.
Answer: Spend it wisely… I recommend women and booze!

Question: You’ve tweeted me 12 times, but you still don’t know my name. It’s 1AM. Awh.
Answer: Your name is 1AM? weird!

Question: Where did Ponyboy get his lilac hoodie from? Love it so much!!
Answer: From Lilacmart

Question: How was “fighting” with Thomas Gibson? #fearthereaper
Answer: He’s a sexy fighter

Question: Do you get your shoes shined at the airport?
Answer: I usually catch flights!

Question: fyi: I’m the girl at work who removes her microwave food before the time is up & then never zeroes it out. You’re welcome.
Answer: Hate you! Lol

Question: You tweeted me “Breathe!” a few days ago and I wrote that on my hand then my teacher thought I was cheating on my test..
Answer: that’s a good thing to have written on your hand! Especially during a test!

Question: hi. Your perfetttttt
Answer: No I have a scar on my knee…

Question: i love you ok? don’t tell your wife.
Answer: Your secret is safe with me..

Question: golf is for old people
Answer: Annnnd… now I’m ignoring you on purpose.

Question: as you read this tweet you will feel sleepy, then i will snap my fingers *snap* & you will follow me. okay GO!
Answer: That freakin’ worked!! Wtf!?! Lol

Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)
Rolling through the WB this morning! All hail the shield! (from 3/22/2013)

Question: How come you always tell people to go to bed?
Answer: cuz little girls should be sleeping not tweeting on school nights..

Question: My mom thinks that because I tweet you it means I stalk you… What do you make of it?
Answer: Tell her to tweet me!

Question: Where’s my hello?
Answer: You check under your bed?

Question: What’s your favorite emoji?
Answer: The middlefinger… wait

Question: I like chicken. And Southland.
Answer: They’re good together…

Question: I have to be up in 5 hours, why am I up?
Answer: Cuz you have to pee

Question: Can I get a good night? Now I have insomnia.
Answer: When I snap my fingers you’ll be sound asleep… SNAP! Zzz.

Question: If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be?
Answer: To be C. Thomas Howell

Question: And on a serious note, WHERE DID ALL YOUR SASS GO?! You’re way too sweet these days. It doesn’t even feel right.
Answer: That’s the key to being king of the sass… I know when to put it away

Question: It’s acceptable that my Ponyboy fantasies have come back suddenly by watching Southland right?
Answer: It was bound to happen!

Question: I think i have a crush on @CThomasHowell
Answer: Double check and get back to me

Question: how do i make someone smile??
Answer: Smile first

From Tommy's Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!
From Tommy’s Twitter (4/27/2013) Awkward!!!!!

Question: I have always liked your acting, and now you are helping me laugh through a night of being ill and up with my newborn, thanks
Answer: enjoy your little one. I have 3. Want one…?

Question: Pony, is it weird to have young girls crush on you? I’ve always wondered that..:P
Answer: not as weird as young dudes

Question: dying because @CThomasHowell is tweeting
Answer: An RA unit is on its way!!!

Question: Not 2 sound crazy but do u ever as an ego boost google C Thomas Howell naked ur nude scenes? screencaptures LOL
Answer: nope I just look in the mirror!

Question: What’s your sign? @cthomashowell to lazy to check!
Answer: “Proceed with caution”

Question: my mom told me to tell you that you’re very handsome! Haha
Answer: For some reason I have that affect on moms!

Question: how many girls fan girl over you everyday?
Answer: Not enough

Question: why do you have to be so perfect?
Answer: Stop… Ok never mind that

Question: I did a community clean up with my humanities class and then I had an allergic reaction to my latex times!! 😦
Answer: Did you get out of the work? If so #worthit

Question: you were on my tv today and my mum said “isnt he a hot spice” omg
Answer: Annnnnd… you agreed!

Question: Well, everyone almost died when you went on your little vacation. No, really.
Answer: nobody dies on my watch unless I do the stabbing!!! Understand!?!

Question: But that’s not medicine? That’s a lipstick stain.
Answer: For YOU its not medicine

...and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)
…and good morning from Riviera Country Club. My favorite place in LA. (4/1/13)

Question: ahh you are perfect
Answer: So are you!! LOVE blue haired blonde eyed girls!!!

Question: just adore you! Thats all!
Answer: I see how you look at me girl!

Question: favourite fast food…? if you eat it, that is.
Answer: Cheetah

Question: tommy what do you think about justin bieber?
Answer: He is HOT!!
Question: You mean that as a joke right? I’ve seen dogs better looking than him.
Answer: Don’t be mean to The Biebs!!!

Question: what do you think of @CThomasHowell?
Answer: He’s a keeper!

Question: Do you shower naked?
Answer: Sometimes

Question: do you ever take selfies?
Answer: Um… do you follow me?

Question: have you ever visited narnia?
Answer: Only the airport… had a layover on my way to Never Never Land!

Question: U are just MORE then perfect
Answer: You say that to ALL the ponyboys

Question: Who would u say is ur celeb doppelganger or some actor that kinda looks like u?
Answer: Don Cheadle!

Question: You know we’re married right?
Answer: Haha! Good to know… What’s for dinner?

Question: Will we be seeing you in anything new anytime soon? You’re the best!
Answer: Disney On Ice this summer. I’m Donald

Question: netflix is fucked up it dosen’t have the outsiders!
Answer: You said the F word!

Question: Would you ever do a reality show? Maybe a golf one?
Answer: Id do golf anything
Question: Golf porn? *cough*
Answer: Does that include playing with my putter?

From Tommy's Twitter: Yep... This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle
From Tommy’s Twitter: Yep… This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle

Question: Favourite one direction member?
Answer: The little dude that looks like me!
Question: Harry Styles is 6 feet 4 inches…. He’s not really “little”
Answer: Wasn’t talking about his height

Question: i thought you were black.
Answer: It wore off

Question: You are on fire tonight
Answer: Soccer dads rule!!

Question: I just want @CThomasHowell to tweet me telling me to “Stay Gold”
Answer: No you don’t

Question: I’m making your bio my senior quote #StayGoldBitches
Answer: Highly recommended

Question: but seriously go back to being 16 so i could date you
Answer: Can I borrow your time machine!?
Question: Who the heck would want to be 16 again? Yuck! #40sForTheWin!!
Answer: don’t know bout u but when I was 16 I was gettin jiggy wid it!!

Question: Hey there stud, how’s it hangin’?
Answer: Low and left, Ricky Spanish!

Question: are you nocturnal?
Answer: Only at night

Question: if you were to pick a animal to represent who you are what would it be?
Answer: A Liger

Question: please look at this! I’ll give you chocolate!
Answer: I take your chocolate

Question: how many push ups can u do? Curious 😉
Answer: Ice cream, bras or exercise?

Question: if you could disappear to anywhere in the world & had no worries, where would you go?
Answer: the place where all of the missing socks of the world end up…

Question: in your opinion, what’s the weirdest or funniest word in the English language?
Answer: Prolly “weird” and “funny”

Question: did you apologise to hotch for killing his wife?
Answer: Hmmm … i think I asked him to get me a coffee

Question: what are you going to do when people start saying “my grandma likes you”?
Answer: They already do!

Question: I’m eating at mcdonalds and they got free wifi
Answer: .. And free diabetes!

Question: Hey buddy! You rooting for any horses in the Kentucky Derby?
Answer: I’m pulling for Rhoda’s fav… Hoof Hearted

Question: what was it like fighting with Thomas Gibson?!?
Answer: A real turn on!! OMG He’s so cute…

Question: not trying to be creepy but i stalk your twitter
Answer: Thats what its for!

Question: What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Answer: Oh, I don’t know but Im sure I was in it!

Question: Ooo whisper something in my ear 😀
Answer: (Whispers) go get me a beer

Question: You get asked a lot about working with Thomas Gibson. But I wanna know.. What was it Like working with Shemar Moore? 🙂 xoxo
Answer: Makes a mean chicken tetrazzini!


Question: Can I have you for a day?
Answer: What day?

Question: Best actor of all time? (hint: the only acceptable answer is Denzel Washington)
Answer: Was gonna say Moe Howard

Question: You know what I like about you?? Your sass!!
Answer: You should see my sass in tight jeans!

Question: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Answer: I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Question: I like ur face
Answer: My face likes you

Question: I’m in school….. How horrible is that?!
Answer: Stop tweeting and pay attention!

Question: if you HAD to choose between Golf ( u have a perfect round to win the USA Open ) or Sex ( the good naughty sex ) ???..;-)
Answer: Golf… Not even close. LOL #golfismylife
Question: haha!!.. you’ve clearly NEVER had great sex!.. LOL!!.. x
Answer: YOU clearly have never hit a 300 yd drive!!

Question: if you could do another movie like the outsiders would you ?
Answer: Hmm Insiders maybe?

Question: You should tweet me so I can die of happiness
Answer: Today is a good day to die…

Question: @CThomasHowell is the queen of sassyness
Answer: I wear that crown proud!!

Question: OMG, I just noticed I have 666 followers & it’s putting me in a weird mood, what should I do??
Answer: Block 3 quick!

Question: My dearest, I think that if you replied to me I would pee myself
Answer: That sounds messy

Question: If you answer me… Ill be the coolest kid in school tomorrow.
Answer: Yes you will!

Question: Oh mighty, brilliant one. Why are most guys douchebags?
Answer: Comes with the penis

Question: if you followed me I’d hyperventilate
Answer: If I followed you so would I!!

Question: Also, just so everyone knows.. @CThomasHowell = DILF
Answer: Whats that stand for!? (kidding)

Question: Do you have any wisdom that’ll help me through these finals? #3DaysToFreedom
Answer: Play hooky

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