Funny Responses Part 7

From Tommy's Twitter: My day doesn't suck!  (01/23/13)
From Tommy’s Twitter: My day doesn’t suck! (01/23/13)

Question: Where you been at, i missed you!
Answer: Shhh… Im under your bed…

Question: Come live with me. My husband won’t mind…
Answer: Can he cook!?

Question: when you stepped out into the bright sunlight, what was on your mind?
Answer: Shit… Where are my sunglasses!?

Question: do you still wait for the sunset and watch it?
Answer: Out here its more of a “smog set”

Question: dogs cats or fish
Answer: All good if cooked properly

Question: what would you do if you turned into a girl
Answer: My milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard!

Question: have you ever been to wales?
Answer: no but Ive been whale watching

Question: do you even (weight) lift, bro?
Answer: I have people for that

Question: my feet are cold help me
Answer: Um… Socks?

Question: you are per-fucking-fection.
Answer: Is that a word?

Question: who would win at golf you or thomas gibson?
Answer: Id kick his ass then kill his wife… wait… #thereaper

From Tommy's Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)
From Tommy’s Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)

Question: do you agree that Matt Dillon’s eyebrows are still amazing 30 years on?
Answer: Its just one brow

Question: *whines about how you tweet everyone but me* @CThomasHowell [insert witty comment here]
Answer: Possibly best tweet ever!

Question: Loved “Tigers Tale” if only to see Ann-Margret nude. Must’ve been fun
Answer: All I could think was… “The king was here” #elvis

Question: If you were on Dancing with the Stars, what would be your signature dance move?
Answer: The horizontal bop

Question: not going to sleep till you tweet me back
Answer: You cant make me tweet you… wait… damn!

Question: Refuse to sleep until you tweet me
Answer: I feel used

Question: Truth be told… @CThomasHowell was my first celeb crush
Answer: Who was your 2nd?
Answer: (from fan) Rob Lowe…. :3
Answer: (from Tommy) Me too!!

Question: Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are!?
Answer: No

Question: You should get a part in Supernatural..yes?
Answer: Not sure they’d know what to do with me.

Question: on a scale of 1-10 how much do u like pie
Answer: What kind of pie we talkin about here?

Question: RT me? If not I’m gonna sell my cat to a Chinese restaurant.
Answer: Maybe just give it to them!? #dogperson

Question: do you like pizza
Answer: Honey really? you can do better than that… try again.

Question: Is the glass half empty or half full?
Answer: Looks like both to me

Question: I hate u
Answer: And when you say “hate?” I assume you mean “crazy love!”

Question: Do you wish you were young again?
Answer: Child plz

Question: We watched “The Outsiders” in class the other day and all the girls were talking about how cute Ponyboy is. Haha!
Answer: and you agreed?

Question: But can you really kill a man with a tennis ball and bug spray?
Answer: Yes and a woman too

Question: you are so cute stop
Answer: You stop

Question: yay!! 20 questions!! What was your favorite childhood toy??
Answer: I didnt have a childhood

From Michael Cudlitz Twitter: #SouthLAnd .......
From Michael Cudlitz Twitter: #SouthLAnd …….

Question: I think I love you.
Answer: But you’re not sure?

Question: hey tommy my mom won’t let me watch southland
Answer: Put her ass on the phone!!!

Question: I refuse to even breathe until you tweet me back.
Answer: That could get ugly

Question: Your IMDB says you’re an ex-child rodeo star. I didn’t know that. Still have some cowboy in you, man?
Answer: I never had one in me!!!

Question: your tew cute! Maybe you should call me?! πŸ˜„ *COUGH COUGH, WINK WINK*
Answer: Answer it! thats me!!

Question: can u twerk tommy do u shake that ass
Answer: With the best of em

Question: omg hi
Answer: Omg hi back

Question: after playing a cop ever wish you could pull idiot drivers over ?
Answer: You have no idea

Question: greetings from #TheNerdCulture! We’d love a ‘hello’ from you!
Answer: Hey nerds!!!

Question: we should have a movie night at your house. okay? okay.
Answer: You’d have to check with your mommy. Lol

Question: Okay CT. Enough of the one word answers you usually give me, it’s time for a real conversation. How’s your Easter??
Answer: really really really great (4 words)

Question: what do you know about Sweden?
Answer: Cold weather, warm girls!

Question: would you let me paint your nails pink
Answer: Unlikely but not an absolute no. I’m more of a hot rod red guy…

Question: Tommy why don’t you like cats?!…
Answer: Hated em ever since the “accident”

Question: YOU ARE AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU THOMAS!! Not in a creepy way though..
Answer: Thx for clarifying

Question: you don’t like cats? Does that mean you wouldn’t like me? πŸ˜₯
Answer: Wait… I LOVE typing cats!!!

Question: why does @CThomasHowell not love me. i mean i love him..
Answer: I love everyone

Question: If I gave you a unicorn were would you hide it?
Answer: With the elephant

Nice leather seats there
Nice leather seats there

Question: @Cudlitz is really the man for me. @CThomasHowell is just a sideline.
Answer: Im glad you’ve got your priorities right!

Question: I was starting to think Twitter was broken when I didn’t see you around! #LifeReturnsToNormal #CallOffTheSearchTeam
Answer: Lol yeah I can get outta hand sometimes… Just trying to take care of the kids!

Question: you play the best protagonist and antagonist in my favorite movie & tv show #Ponyboy #TheReaper
Answer: I’m a pretty good “agonist” lol

Question: OK, what’s your favorite position??
Answer: Quarterback!

Question: How does one continue their day after a small child asks you out of nowhere, “What’s the meaning of life”?
Answer: Did you point and laugh?

Question: Hi,Tommy! I love u! It’s my favorite vowel! πŸ˜‰
Answer: Love u too Kelly!!!

Question: words can’t describe how much i love @CThomasHowell ❀
Answer: Maybe numbers? Like on a scale of 1-10?!?

Question: my friend won’t stop singing how do i stop her
Answer: Feed her a PB&J… If that doesn’t work… Punch her in the throat!!!

Question: I think all your movies are awesome! Would you ever star in Red Dawn 2?
Answer: Um… I died
Question: lol I know you died in Red Dawn but, Red Dawn 2 could be Zombie style πŸ™‚
Answer: Oh… nah

Question: please tell me where you get all your sass. I’ve been dying to know your secret!
Answer: Wal mart

Question: tell me to go to sleep
Answer: Dont tell me what to do!

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