C. Thomas Howell’s official response to TMZ lawsuit story


Official press statement from C. Thomas Howell in response to an article released today by TMZ (Media members have full permission to reprint):

“A lawsuit has been filed against Wolverines Inc., a company that I co-own, along with Darren Dalton and David Stevens.

As a company, our intention was to raise money to start an action/thriller franchise for $11 million.

My partners introduced me to an investor who agreed to fund the film(s) if we provided 3 percent of the funding ourselves.

We approached Black Acre Entertainment, as well as two other investors who are personal friends of mine, to raise the seed money allowing us to access the remaining 97 percent.

All parties involved met and spoke on the phone multiple times. The details were thoroughly discussed while reviewing documents from well known banking institutions.

The documentation appeared to prove that the funds were legitimate.

Once the deal was agreed upon, the money (our 3 percent) was moved into an account so the remaining funds could be released.

But we quickly discovered we had fallen prey to an elaborate scandal.

Our 3 percent had been moved but the 97 percent had not. The bank documents were apparently fraudulent.

Christopher Moore from Legacy Funding was the name of the man handling the transactions. My partners had dealt with him for over a year working out details.

Moore is responsible for mishandling funds and supplying fraudulent documentation, then disappearing.

We have since taken this case to the FBI and filed lawsuits ourselves, looking to retrieve not only the original 3 percent, but also loss and damages.

It’s unfortunate that this has happened and I personally feel terrible for everyone involved.

We have been working closely with the FBI to see that the people who wronged us will never do it again. It has been a long process, but justice will be served.”


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