Funny Responses Part 6

Tommy as "Cherry 69"
Tommy as “Cherry 69”

Question: If you couldn’t have been Ponyboy, who would be your second choice??
Answer: Cherry Valance

Question: Seriously…your an asshole!
Answer: It’s “you’re”
Comment: From @adamsbaldwin: @CThomasHowell It would have been funny had you corrected his “asshole” to “asshowell”. 😉
Answer: That IS funny!

Question: Who do you like better One Direction or Justin Bieber?
Answer: The Doors

Question: Who has the best legs, the chicken or the seagull??
Answer: Bbq’d or fried?

Question: What does Matt plant in your yard? Ya know, because he does your yard work. #MattDillon
Answer: Plants what I tell him!

Question: Do you have any ET memories?
Answer: Drew Barrymore teaching me how to roll and getting tattoos together!

Question: from Ponyboy to The Boston Reaper… how did that happen?
Answer: Umm… I’m an actor???

Question: are you hating on jersey again? 😀
Answer: Even the Nets got the hell out! lol

Question: …Ever Watch Steven Seagal’s Show ??
Answer: Cake Boss?

Question: Do i have to do a backflip to get a tweet back from you?
Answer: Yes… GO!

Question: my mom had a thing for you and Ralph. I could see why
Answer: Deep down she still does

Question: ok one more question…then imma hit the sack. What was ET really like.?
Answer: He was a heavy drinker and a racist!


Question: i love you so much tommy!! please say it back!!
Answer: It back!!!

Question: C, a Walmart greeter was standing near a Redbox, informing renters to stay away from the new Red Dawn. Said it’s so bad LOL
Answer: Mom!?

Question: The only person I love is @CThomasHowell and if he gave me a rt my life would be thoroughly made
Answer: I feel so used

Question: I always like the bad boys! Lol
Answer: Me too!

Question: sorry, but I’m gonna have to un follow. Is there a “lite” version of your twitter?
Answer: You’ll be missed!

Question: I’m sorry but to me @CThomasHowell will always be the guy that killed haley and ruined my hotch’s life :(( #criminalminds
Answer: Awww… That’s so sweet!❤❤❤

Question: im crying we will never speak again
Answer: I will miss our long heart felt discussions. Fare well, mon ami!

Question: We’ve been tweeting each other repeatedly, I think it’s time for the next step in our friendship: you should follow me :)))
Answer: This is moving along way too fast! Maybe we should slow it down a bit!?

Question: my family is good friends with Ralph macchio didn’t you do outsiders with him too?
Answer: Don’t recall…

Question: If I drink a lot of green beer today will I really turn into the Hulk?
Answer: No, but your pee will!

Question: I am so bored. What should I do?
Answer: 20 push ups!

From Tommy's Twitter: My John Cooper impression. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle (not from the set, but still)
From Tommy’s Twitter: My John Cooper impression. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle (not from the set, but still)

Question: I painted my toes blue
Answer: What color are the nails?!

Question: Heels or Flats?
Answer: You should see me in a sundress with heels! Sweet!!!

Question: Did you get to keep that sweet The Reaper mask from Criminal Minds?
Answer: Wear it when I put my kids to bed!

Question: the Iranians want to sue the ARGO crew, do u agree?
Answer: For what their oscars!?

Question: every time I tweet you , you get offline…is it me?
Answer: Umm, I think its me

Question: lets have a staring contest
Answer: Ready go!

Question: can you please reply ive been waiting almost 80 years
Answer: You look good for your age!

Question: would you pose nude for Guns and Ammo magazine?
Answer: Hell yes!!!

Question: should i just give up tweeting you
Answer: I dare you!

Question: you’re a painted whore (((supernatural quote)))
Answer: I dont need the parenthetical

Question: Tommy you should hook me up with Matt Dillon. just saying~
Answer: He likes “nice” girls!

From Tommy's Twitter: Yep... This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle
From Tommy’s Twitter: Yep… This is what I deal with on a daily basis. @Cudlitz #SouthLAndstyle

Question: omg tomas please reply ponyboy!!! I love u
Answer: why aren’t you in school?! Xo

Question: what are you wearing jake from state farm???
Answer: A mini skirt with pumps!!

Question: if you were a girl what part would you like to play?
Answer: Play or play with?

Question: Do you like Taco Bell? Whatdo you usually get there?!
Answer: A stomach ache!

Question: guess you never know what’s gonna come out of your mouth when you’re dying.
Answer: Usually blood


4 thoughts on “Funny Responses Part 6”

  1. okay. ILY ponyboy<3<3<3 okay. i hope you don't mind if i have thousand pictures about you and you are in my wall too and you are in my dreams too and in my computers screen and usually i see in tv. Tell your wife that iam so jealious and tell your son was it liam or niall? what ever for that boy who born in 1997 that he is really cute. You still have nikes shoes what did you have in hitcher and the outsiders casting? give them to me 😀 nah they are so lovely. oh yeah.. your name is in my necklace too. and i'm warning you! we are going to meet one day!!! Way or another. I'll find you in my hands. Look around howell, look around! 😉

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