Funny Responses Part 5

From Tommy's Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)
From Tommy’s Twitter: Good times with @NathanFillion and @AdrianPasdar last night! They are both examples for all. (taken 11/10/12)

Question: I can’t help but wonder if @CThomasHowell is going to reprise his role as The Reaper–or Ponyboy–when he’s on Castle with @NathanFillion.
Answer: It’s sort of a combination of both. “Reaperboy”

Question: Can I have a reply, I got new job today loving it x. Hope u are well x
Answer: Get back to work!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: Mr. Howell, how old were you when you did Red Dawn?
Answer: When I did Rae Dawn? 18 I think. Right after Soulman!

Question: Do you like One Direction?
Answer: I like every direction!

Question: Did you ever sneeze on the set of The Outsiders or Red Dawn?
Answer: No. Tommy don’t sneeze!

Question: what’s your favorite mushroom? ๐Ÿ˜›
Answer: The hallucination kind!

Question: Cagney or Lacy ?.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: If u mean James Cagney or lacy panties? Tough call… I’ll go with the panties!

Question: I’M such a big fan! I just got a shirt that said ‘Greaser’ on it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: I have a shirt that has grease on it!

Question: Side Out still the best volleyball movie ever!
Answer: Maybe the ONLY volleyball movie ever

Question: Follow up, is it hard to be that cool all the time?
Answer: It comes naturally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: can’t sleep. tell me a story about three bears. ok..go.
Answer: Once there were 3 bears. Two died. Now there’s only one. The end

The oh so rare birthday smile from Dewey... And yes that is @Cudlitz prancing in the background!
The oh so rare birthday smile from Dewey… And yes that is @Cudlitz prancing in the background!

Question: I’m coming down to stalk the SouthLAnd set!.. whoop whoop! ๐Ÿ™‚ will you let me hold your handcuffs?
Answer: No but you can play with my collapsable baton!

Question: Why only a small part in Spiderman? You should have BEEN Spiderman!!!
Answer: Im old

Question: Did you ever totally flub up a line on set?
Answer: Once

Question: you’re such an AMAZING ACTOR! An inspiration!! I’m trying out for Ponyboy in fall play! Can I please get a “Break a leg”? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Break a leg! Anybody’s! Just break it

Question: Why don’t you like Leif Garrett?
Answer: He’s a soc..

Question: You were so adorable and cute in The Outsiders… What happened? (;
Answer: Taxes!!!

Question: Have you ever been really confused before??
Answer: Yes… I mean no, wait! Omg Im so confused!! I Don’t know!!!!

Question: Didn’t the reaper do his fair share of beating on hotch? (After Tommy said he’d never hit anyone in real life)
Answer: *whispers* It’s pretend… Shhhh.

Question: Does anything scare you?
Answer: Got beat up by an angry pack of koala’s once. They’ve scared the hell out of me ever since! #donttrustem

Question: Was it ever weird having to straddle @Gibsonthomas for that stabbing scene?
Answer: Yes, especially after we broke up! #awkward

Question: Would you ever dye your hair pink?
Answer: Its naturally pink. I dye it grey!

Question: I love how creepy you were in #CriminalMinds!!
Answer: Creepy?!?

Question: looking forward to seeing you bring the creepy in H50!
Answer: Just a sprinkle of creepy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question: i love how creepy you were in the outsiders
Answer: Thats @se4realhinton fault! lol

Question: I love how creepy you are in person ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Lol! thx

Question: how often do you spray paint WOLVERINES on buildings?
Answer: Twice a day!

Question: What’s your favorite fruit?
Answer: The lil dude from Glee

Question: what do I get my teenage boys for christmas??? I have no ideas – HELP!!!
Answer: Teenage girls!

Question: You’re aware you used to look like Harry styles in the outsiders right?!
Answer: I’m way better looking!!!

Question: Hello Tommy! Next week it’s your birthday! How you’re going to celebrate it? xxxo
Answer: with some Geritol and a nap!

Question: Tase anybody interesting lately buddy? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Answer: Just the wife and kids!

Question: what do you want for Xmas ?.. X
Answer: A condo in Hawaii

How's this look for a days work? (10/31/12)
How’s this look for a days work? (10/31/12)

Question: goin 2 mall any suggestions on what 2 gt wife 4 Xmas ,very low budget .broke lol
Answer: A snuggie!

Question: if you weren’t an actor what profession would you choose and why?
Answer: Id be a hit man cuz thats how I roll!

Question: Do you have a sister name Stacey?
Answer: Yes… do you!?

Question: Starsky or Hutch ?.. x
Answer: Huggy Bear

Question: According to my friends 63 year-old aunt, you’re “still a cutie.” #Egoboost
Answer: Thats my demographic!

Question: how are you going to send your new year (:
Answer: Fed ex!!

Question: Can you give me a tip? Any life tip will do..
Answer: Marry wealthy!

Question: Did you guys eat a lot of Reese’s Pieces on the set of E.T. or were they only for the alien?
Answer: He’s a selfish bastard!

Question: Can you wish me good luck on my certification exam? The practice tests aren’t going so good ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Answer: Cheat!!!

Question: So what about this? a Modern Day Western set in Hollywood and we’ll call it- Fist Full Of Botox?
Answer: Holla!

Question: It’s 32 here in NE Tn. What’s ur fave way to stay warm? ๐Ÿ™‚
Answer: Fire place and a fat girl!

Question: who would win in a fist fight…Little Debbie…or….Debbie.Gibson?
Answer: Lil Debbie has a mean streak!

Question: I have never acted in my life, what should be my first step in the route to performing?
Answer: Great hair!

From Shawn Hatosy on Instagram (12/4/12)
From Shawn Hatosy on Instagram (12/4/12)

Question: don’t you get tired of people asking you about harry styles?
Answer: Isn’t it hair styles?

Question: The letters of your name make up Hell Show Coma…sounds like the name of a band. Play anything?
Answer: Golf!

Question: how would you describe @cudlitz (without getting too graphic about tattoos) ;P
Answer: Like the smell of used wine!

Question: How would you describe Matt Dillon? Besides the fact that he’s a great actor and gardener!…
Answer: You heard of the Marlboro Man? Well, nothing like that.

Question: Tommy, would rather be a Ninja or a real slick and cool Spy?
Answer: Shhh… I am a spy


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