Tommy appeared in SyFy’s Alphas in Season 2, Episode 2, called “The Quick And The Dead” which aired on July 30 at 10/9 central.

The episode is available to watch free online at SyFy’s website here:

He filmed the episode in Toronto in mid April 2012.

Tommy plays Eli Aquino, an intense Alpha with super-speed who is bent on Revenge. There’s a little more information in this press release.

There’s a great sneak peak video with Tommy in this blog post here:

For some more of his behind the scenes pictures, check out the gallery here:

And don’t forget to check out the FAQ questions below! (I’ll add more when more questions come in)


FAQ: Alphas


Question: Omg just saw a commercial for Alphas and @CThomasHowell is gonna appear?!? #mustwatch
Answer: It’s a very good show!

Question: My sister is watching Alphas with me and wants to know why you are always the villain?
Answer: In the scope of my entire career, I’ve hardly ever been the villain. It’s only recently that I’ve been doing it

Comment: Yea… Still feel they made a mistake by not keeping Eli around… But, I still enjoyed it. A lot.

Question: Where did you dig up the “high school” pic used on alphas?
Answer: Old photo shoot

Question: Well, now I know why you were wet and freezing to death
Answer: That rain was crazy cold!!!

Question: I’ve always wondered why the cant put warm water in the rain machine!
Answer: $$$$

Question: What was worse – that rain or the Ponyboy dunking scene?
Answer: The dunk!



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