All Jacked Up

A few years back Tommy did a very silly series for CMT called “All Jacked Up” – it’s free online through the links below (or you can buy it through Amazon or iTunes if you want no commercials).

It’s even got Tommy riding an ostrich named “Drumstick” (I’ll add any Q&A about the show below the links):

All Jacked Up on Country Music Television (Free with commercials).

All Jacked Up on iTunes (and check out Tommy’s dad in episode 8).

All Jacked Up on


FAQ: All Jacked Up


Question: For you what was the coolest thing you did on All Jacked Up? The scariest?
Answer: Catfish noodling freaked me out a bit… You stick your hand in their mouths and when they bite you, you wrestle them up!

Question: Just watched you with that Giant Motorcycle! Tell me, was it hard to drive?
Answer: Easy and fun!!!



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