The Outsiders

Tommy as Ponyboy

Question: How old were you when you filmed ET and The Outsiders?
Answer: 12 for ET, 15 for The Outsiders

Question: Who was your favorite person to work with on the outsiders?
Answer: Francis Coppola

Question: Do you talk to any of the other actors from The Outsiders?
Answer: Some of them. (Ralph Macchio, Darren Dalton among them)

Question: Which actors were you closest with on The Outsiders?
Answer: Ralph and Matt

Question: Out of the whole outsiders cast, who did you become most close to?
Answer: Darren Dalton @MisterWrite freakin Soc too!

Question: What was your favorite scene to film in The Outsiders?
Answer: The rumble and burning down the church!

Question: Do you still have the “Stay Gold” poem committed to memory?
Answer: Indelibly

Question: How many times a day do you get called Ponyboy? Does it get old?
Answer: At least 20. Never gets old.

Question: Do you miss Patrick Swayze?
Answer: He was my boy!

Question: If you could say one last thing to patrick swayze, what would it be?
Answer: Stay Gold, buddy

Question: What did they use to make your hair blonde in The Outsiders?
Answer: I don’t know what was used but it wasn’t “bleach” (or a wig).

Question: How long did it take to film the outsiders?
Answer: 3 months

Question: I was wondering how long it took to film the rumble scene it looked real!
Answer: 3-4 nights

Question: My 13 year old LOVES the Outsiders! It’s one of my favourite (books & movies). Have your kids watched/read it?
Answer: My two older kids love both and my ten year old watched for the first time last week and cried for an hour…

Question: Did they really cut ur hair w a switchblade in that movie?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Who was the funniest to shoot a scene with while filming The Outsiders? 🙂
Answer: Emilio

Question: Was there anyone that you didnt like working with in the outsiders?
Answer: Could’ve lived without Leif. Lol

Question: Out of the cast of the outsiders, what one of you do you think would win the hunger games?
Answer: Patrick no doubt!

Question: During the ‘rumble’ in The Outsiders, did you do your own stunts or did some1 else do the fight scene?
Answer: We all did!

Question: Did you enjoy cuddling with @ralphmacchio in that church? 🙂
Answer: Ralph is a great spooner!

Question: Did you keep any cool momentos from The Outsiders set?!?
Answer: I have some clothes still!

Question: was there real life rivalry between the greasers and the socs while shooting? I heard you had competitions, who usually won?
Answer: Grease always prevailed!

Question: I’ve ask you this before, but would you rather die, or become a soc??
Answer: I bleed grease

Question: Why was the audition process for the Outsiders different from anything else you’ve been to?
Answer: It lasted for months and we traveled around the US working with people from all over to find the cast we ended up with.

Question: I know don’t like smoking so how did ya film it in the outsiders??
Answer: I cowboyed up!!!

Question: From @se4realhinton: I always thought your rodeo-ing had a lot to do with your strength of character. Even mentioned this to David back N the day
Answer: It was an awesome way to grow up. Forever a cowboy!

Question: What did Matt smell like during The Outsiders?
Answer: Cigarettes

Question: How old was Ralph in The Outsiders?
Answer: 19 or 20

Question: Hey Tommy, what was the hardest scene to film in “The Outsiders”?
Answer: The last one…

Question: Do your kids have a favorite movie that you were in?
Answer: Prolly’ The Outsiders

Question: If they did a remake of The Outsiders, would you wanna be in it at all?
Answer: Only if Francis was involved

Question: From Tommy, July 22: Why is everyone wishing me a happy birthday!?
Answer: From @se4realhinton: It’s Ponyboy’s birthday, the 22nd. They get you confused with him for some reason.
Answer: From Tommy: Hmm, I wonder why? 😉

Question: When’s the last time you’ve seen Matt?
Answer: (from Aug. 7, 2012) Its been a year or so…

Question: On the Set of the Outsiders who combed their hair way more then what was medically recommended
Answer: Swayze!!

Question: Hi! I’m doing a school assignment (a Menu). The theme is The Outsiders. Do you have any food ideas? Massive Thanx!
Answer: Bologna sandwiches!!

Question: Hi tommy – were you close w/Patrick Swayze in the last yrs of his life? Thx 🙂 #staygold
Answer: Like brothers

Question: Tommy, what’s your favourite scene on The Outsiders with @ralphmacchio?
Answer: Loved all my scenes with Ralph. He’s a great actor and a better person!

Question: What is @ralphmacchio like?
Answer: A rose petal on a perfect spring morning…

Question: Do you get tired of people referencing “The Outsiders,” or do you like it when people make that connection? 😉
Answer: It’s a big part of my life

Question: when you played Ponyboy, you looked like @harry_styles :3
Answer: He wasn’t alive yet

Question: wait… You were pony boy in the outsiders!?!? Mind=blown you look so different
Answer: Um that was 30 years ago
Question: 30 years ago,but @ralphmacchio still looks exactly the same…does that make you jealous? #DoItForJohnny
Answer: Who the fuck wants to look 15 their whole life?! Not my gray ass! #lovinglife

Question: Thinking of being a Greaser for Halloween… Which guy should I be? #TheOutsiders

Question: Did you hear they’re remaking The Outsiders???
Answer: I heard it was for TV and the TV series was horrible the first time around. Doubt it will be any better this time. We shall see
Answer: Time will tell… who really cares anyway? seriously.
Question: You’re the one and only Ponyboy and everyone thinks it shouldn’t be remade, because it was perfect the first time.
Answer: They remade it once for TV already… It will never be remade as a film… @se4realhinton Right Suzy?
Answer: From S.E. Hinton: You are right, Pony! Not as long as I can stop it!

Question: greaser/soc dress up day coming up for my 8th graders….they all want to be ponyboy :)) any costume advice for them??
Answer: Converse and plaid!

Question: Hey we’re reading the outsiders and my teacher loves you so she said I’ll get 10 extra credit points if you just reply!
Answer: Tell her I love her back… That’s gotta be worth 15!!

Question: would you want “The Outsiders” to have a sequel? Not a movie, but just the book.
Answer: No it’s perfect

Question: Hey Tommy, did they let you keep your Outsiders jacket?
Answer: yea my mom has it

Question: Matt Dillon’s unibrow is the most scariest thing to happen on this planet AGREE OR DISAGREE????
Answer: It’s cute

Question: just wondering did you keep anything or ever receive something kick ass from The Outsiders? I’m going to reread it again
Answer: A fat lip from the Rumble and and intro to The Rolling Stones courtesy of Mr. Dillon!

Question: The Outsiders is my favourite movie. By the way i’m a 90’s kid so people find it weird that I love it so much. ❤
Answer: it’d be weird if you didn’t…

Question: do u still get fans that call u ponyboy???
Answer: All the time… My father still calls me Ponyboy. #truth

Question: How does it feel to still be known as ponyboy after all these years?
Answer: Its for life!

Question: do you like madras and mustangs?
Answer: I drive a Mustang cuz Mustangs are tough!

Question: Whatsup? Who’s your favorite greaser? (Besides yourself)
Answer: Tim Shepherds brother Curley

Question: have you ever read an Outsiders fanfiction?
Answer: I stay away…

Question: The first punch at the rumble in The Outsiders which was a soc punching you was real!?!?!?!?
Answer: Correct

Question: aye did u smoke weed during the outsiders i wont tell
Answer: Fuck no… tell whoever you want!

Question: is it true what @RobLowe says about u in his book? I would love to know xxx
Answer: Rob and I will always be brothers!

Question: can we elope to Mexico?
Answer: Lets do it for Johnny

Question: did poniboi ever return that shirt to buck merril?
Answer: Lol! I don’t think so


27 thoughts on “The Outsiders”

  1. Hey Tommy, I’m a really big fan of yours!!! We read The Outsiders book this past year for our 7th grade English class and we watched the movie. I thought it was amazing and you were a really good actor along with all the other guys who filmed with you!!! 🙂

  2. I read the outsiders in my class this year saw the movie and fell in love with it! I bought the movie watched it like 20 times! Thank I for making my week! Lol

  3. Hey my class is reading The Outsiders and I was so intrigued to finish the book myself and I had to buy the movie! Anyways I am a huge fan of your acting skills in that movie and I was just wondering what was the hardest scene to shot and did it really hurt when you actually got hit during the rumble scene?

  4. Hey were you mad when you dyed your hair and cut it during the outsiders? Also I heard you didn’t like smoking so how did you deal with that during the movie?

  5. When Dally fell out of his chair at the the Drive in movie Place was that supposed to happen or was it on accident!

    1. That was an accident. That is why ponyboy looked at the camera because ponyboy thought the camera man was going to say cut. I died on that scene

  6. Thomas you are know as pony boy to me and are a great actor if you were gay which character in the outsiders would be in love with you?

  7. I am a huge Outsiders fan !!! I was wondering what your favorite memory making the outsiders. Also do you still talk with any of the guys and who ?? This would seriously mean the whole world to me if you replied back!! Thanks 🙂

  8. Hey Tommy, I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of yours and my question for u is (if you have read the outsiders) if u would prefer the movie over the book???

  9. hey tommy like I am a hugeee fan of you your an amazing actor and you are my favorite character in the movie the outsiders..but during the rumble was people really punching and kicking?

  10. Hiiiiiii Tommy. I loveeee the Outsiders and I love the name Ponyboy becuase of you lol! Do you kids always watch The Outsiders? Love youuuuu and take care. ❤

  11. Hi tommy ! I’m obsessed with the outsiders watch it any time I can …. How did you feel about Patrick swazye during filming the outsiders?

  12. I am super, super obsessed with the outsiders, I have the whole first paragraph of the book memorized, and random lines from the movie and book memorized, I have tons of pictures from the outsiders, taken billions of random outsiders quizzes (which character are you most like ,which character would be your boyfriend, etc.), Relize I read the book for the first time only 2-3 months ago, and watched the movie for the first time just earlier this month, Ponyboy is my total favorite character in the book and movie, just wish you had green eyes like Ponyboy is supposed to have and you need a lighter brown and more reddish hair, and Soda Pop needed dark gold hair, Dally needed blond hair, I can basically tell you everything wrong with the movie, but besides the looks of some of the characters, the outsiders is a really great, really accurate movie, I loved it, and the characters from the movie are now the characters I imagine when I read the book, I can’t imagine Ponyboy any different, except for is eye color. The outsiders is the best book ever and a great movie, you tommy Howell were a great Ponyboy Michael Curtis. Stay Gold and do it for Johnny!

  13. You know in the Outsiders movie Ponyboy never smiles, it makes me sad, and in pictures online that look like they were probably photo shoots he doesn’t smile. Also in when of the answers Tommy said, “I drive a Mustang cuz Mustangs are tough!”, but shouldn’t it be Mustangs are tuff? Let me quote what Ponyboy says in the book, “tough and tuff are two different words. Tough is the same as rough; tuff means cool, sharp— like a tuff-looking Mustang, or a tuff record.”

  14. Tommy said he drives a mustang cuz mustangs are tough, but technically it should be because mustangs are TUFF in the book Ponyboy says tough means rough and tuff mean cool or sharp, he specifically says tuff is used to describe tuff-looking mustangs

  15. The outsiders is really the reason I started smoking again ever since my parents caught me smoking at 10 years old, and made me smoke two big bluebarry cigars and eat 15 Marlboro lights. I have been and always will be a die hard greaser, and even though I still smoke, I wouldn’t have changed any bit of my child hood!

  16. I watched the Outsiders last month for the first time and since then I’ve watched it about 30 or so times. I fell in love with Ponyboy In SE Hintons novel and then fell in love with him even mire when i saw him being played by you. You were amazing (and good looking to.) Though most of my friends liked Dallas because they think Matt Dillon is a lot better looking, but Ponyboy will always be my favorite.

  17. Favorite movie 🎥 I was teenager living about 2 hrs from Tulsa would to have loved to met them all Matt Dillion was my teenage heart throb so sorry Patrick swayze passed he was great ,you were all great

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