Dewey deploys his taser

Question: What are the favorite shows you’ve guest starred on?
Answer: 1. SouthLAnd 2. Criminal Minds

Question: Do you ever visit the Criminal Minds team?
Answer: I sure do!

Question: Probably been asked this before but did you get to keep “The Reaper” mask?
Answer: No… Didn’t ask. Damn it!

Question: Did you enjoy playing the bad guy on Criminal Minds? great job by the way
Answer: Great role, better people.

Question: what was your favorite part about playing George Foyet on Criminal Minds?
Answer: Great writing! cool people

Question: If I saw @CThomasHowell on the streets randomly, I don’t know if I’d be able to go over to him because I know him as a murderer.
Answer: I wouldn’t hurt you, love.

Comment: The Criminal Mind fans are out strong! Thanks for all of the unsub love! #fearthereaper

Question: may i just say everytime Omnivore airs you give me the chills πŸ˜€
Answer: Im partial to 100 personally

Question: What was it like fighting Thomas Gibson? #fearthereaper
Answer: He smells like a vanilla cupcake

Tommy as The Reaper on Criminal Minds

Question: What’s your favorite TV show that you aren’t in?
Answer: Breaking Bad

Question: Do you watch Glee? Don’t you love Glee? (Tommy gets asked this a LOT for some reason)
Answer: “sigh” no. (Hasn’t watched it. Isn’t going to. Seems about as interested in it as he is in watching War Horse again)

Question: Do you ever talk to anyone from celebracadabra? Btw I LOVED your final performance.
Answer: Yes of course, David Regal, Murray and Johnathan are all good friends!

Question: Would you go on dancing with the stars if they asked you?
Answer: HELL NO!

Question: Do u still get recognized as Foyet, & do u get tired of it?
Answer: Yes all the time… No its cool

Question: Curious: if you could be on ANY TV show, past or present, what would it be?
Answer: Southland, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones!

Question: Are you on Longmire?
Answer: Just one episode (episode two)… But having a great time!
Question: Is this based on the Craig Johnson novels & is @LouDPhillips part of this project?
Answer: Yes and yes!

Question: Do you watch Dexter?
Answer: No, heard its great!

Question: When will the new Superfriends w/ your voice be on? Fall? My 7yo son and I will be watching!
Answer: 7 months away! (he said on May 21, 2012)

Question: What are your thoughts on The Game Of Thrones Tommy? You would make a Perfect Fit Bradda..:)
Answer: Big fan! #gojoffrey
Question: ROFL! What do you think a night with Joffrey and Uncle Dewey would be like?
Answer: Dewey bows to nobody!
Answer: .. He would toss the imp however!

Question: Is Shemar Moore as ridiculously annoying as he is on Criminal Minds? Go on…tell the truth now πŸ™‚
Answer: annoying no… Sexy yes! Omg!

Question: What tv show would we fans be surprised to hear you like to watch?
Answer: Duck Dynasty

Question: saw the preview of next weeks #Longmire. You don’t look so good πŸ™‚
Answer: Not a likable character … I’m very proud of my Longmire performance. Again it’s a tough ep for viewers but it was a role I haven’t played before…
Question: I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, really looking Fw to seeing you on it.
Answer: I come in at the end of the ep fyi

Question: 1st TV, Little People, age 4. 1st movie E.T.
Answer: Correct!

Question: Do you like Criminal Minds? Which is your favorite episode? Xoxo xD
Answer: 100

Question: Do you like The Walking Dead or American Horror Stories?
Answer: No, sorry

Question: Heeeey there Tommy! Why do you hate fear factor?
Answer: Cuz its lame… And BORING!

Question: Did you ever do stunt work for the tv show moonlighting back in the day?
Answer: My father was the stunt coordinator for Moonlighting!
Question: Were you ever in it. Being a stunt guy. For instance, being knocked over in a post office?
Answer: I did a stunt as a bus boy in a restaurant scene once…

Question: Did you enjoy your time on @Psych_USA
Answer: Love Dule and James

Question: I saw Revolution last week (Tommy’s episode – S1E2). The first 15 min was BRILLIANT BEYOND WORDS. The rest sucked πŸ˜„ xoxo Love ya lots
Answer: Yeah, that show’s not great but cool people to work with!

Question: Aunt Jess wanted to know if you did swordfighting in Revolution. I told her I’d ask you. xoxo
Answer: Yes I did it all

Question: Hey Tommy! Is that you as the “Headless Horseman” on the Snickers commercial?
Answer: Yes!

Question: Was The Reaper a role that moved you out of your comfort zone at any point?
Answer: Felt like a warm bath!

Question: ever watched Supernatural? Sherlock? Doctor Who?
Answer: No, no, yes

Question: Do you watch ‘The Walking Dead’?
Answer: First season only

Question: Hi Tommy, was wondering if you will still be doing guest spots on other shows? Now that you’re a full-timer on #southland
Answer: yes… It’s a long time between seasons!

Question: On what current show would you like to guest-star? (Other than the ones you already have.)
Answer: Boardwalk Empire

Question: what are your favorite shows, other than Southland (which is awesome btw) ? Happy Easter!
Answer: Boardwalk Empire , Game of Thrones and of course Duck Dynasty! #ASAPlease

Question: You’d make an awesome guest star in The Walking Dead. Would you consider it if asked?
Answer: I have a feeling that may happen one day! Just sayin’

Question: When will you be in The Glades? I heard that rumour today and I’m happy!
Answer: Did it two years ago…

Question: do you ever get called The Reaper in public?
Answer: All the time…

Question: Just watched the episode of Criminal Minds with you as The Reaper… Well played fella.
Answer: Thx! By the way do you know how long it takes to stab somebody 67 times? #fearthereaper

Question: Hey, are you and Thomas Gibson friends?
Answer: Yeah when I’m not killing his wife…

Question: Who else in the CM cast are you still friends with?
Answer: Matthew and Joe

Question: Are you going to be in Sons of Anarchy? Rumour I heard.
Answer: Possibly


2 thoughts on “Television”

  1. I saw the Episode of ER that you were in. It was really scary and weird to watch you in it as like a sex offender or something. What was it like to film it? But your acting was great!!

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