Self Review of films

For a little direction on what films to check out or not, look at the Random Stuff section of the site. It also has listings for kid friendly flicks. It’s here:

Here’s a few self-reviews:

Camel Spiders: No “Don’t waste you’re time!”

Escape: Yes “It’s a good lil film”

The Genesis Code: (directed by Tommy) Yes “It’s a good movie. Not really my fav genre but it’s well made.”

Gettysburg: Yes

The Hitcher: Yes

The Hitcher 2: No “What went wrong? Cast/script/direction”

The Jailhouse: Yes “It’s pretty interesting… I like the film.”

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood: No “Hated it!”

The Outsiders: Yes

Red Dawn: Yes

Secret Admirer: Yes

Side Out: Yes “Yes it’s fun”

Spiderman: Yes

Restitution: Yes

That Night: Yes


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