Random Favorite Things

Question: Favorite booze?
Answer: Tequila (Patron Silver. Chilled no fruit)

Question: Favorite wine?
Answer: Coppola’s pinot noir!

Question: star wars or star trek?
Answer: Wars! Trek blows!

Question: So, which was your favorite Power Ranger?
Answer: The one with the mask that does karate!

Question: Favorite horse?
Answer: My Quarter horse, Tarzan…

Question: Your favourite movie about a horse?
Answer: Carol Ballards Black Stallion… No question…

Question: Pirates or ninjas?? Lol
Answer: Pirates

Question: Favorite vegetable? 😀
Answer: The Onion!

Question: Favourite cereal. Go.
Answer: Me no likey cereal!

Question: 4 people you would invite to dinner alive or dead
Answer: Ghandi, James Dean, Tesla and Rita Hayworth

Question: If you could meet one person From historical history who would it be 🙂
Answer: Ghandi/Lincoln

Question: My daughter was wondering what your favorite Disney movie is?
Answer: Finding Nemo! Best Disney movie ever!

Question: Favorite ride? I prefer the old american cars.
Answer: I roll in a Ford Mustang!

Question: What is your favorite @se4realhinton book besides the best book ever, the outsiders
Answer: Puppy Sister!

Question: Do you have a favorite resturaunt that you could just, live off of?
Answer: Toscana in Brentwood


Question: Where is your favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?!
Answer: Madeo’s or Tuscana!

Question: What’s your favorite meal for dinner?
Answer: Love Italian and Japanese or Mexican

Question: What’s your favorite kind of dog? :]
Answer: LOVE all dogs!

Question: Favorite cuss word? Mine is fuck. 🙂
Answer: Oh i have many!

Question: do you like coconut?
Answer: Yep

Question: We reopened our ice cream shop for the season today. What’s your favorite flavor? 😉
Answer: Love all ice cream!!

Question: Not big over your side of the pond but do you like darts??
Answer: Sure…

Question: What is your favorite soup?
Answer: Love all soups. Especially on a cold day!

Question: Sweet or saltaaaayyy??
Answer: Salty!

Question: What’s your fave flavor of gum?
Answer: Cinnamon

Question: Pepsi or Coke? 🙂
Answer: Hate pepsi

Question: What is your guilty pleasure for tv….movie….food?
Answer: I like the voice and chips with Salsa!

Question: Your choice- Jeopardy or Amazing Race?
Answer: Amazing race!

Question: I’ve been to Cali and love love it!!!!! What’s your fav part of the USA?
Answer: California and the Pac No West!

Question: Bud Light or Miller Light, be kind 🙂
Answer: Both

Question: Starbucks or Dunkin #realcopquestions
Answer: Starbucks…

Question: What’s your favorite thing to get at Starbucks? 🙂 I love the Mocha!
Answer: I go cappuccino no sweetener!

Question: Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury? /:)
Answer: Freddie!

Question: Flintstones or Jetsons? 😉
Answer: Flintstones!

Question: Tommy, do you have a favorite place that you’ve traveled to?
Answer: Positano Italy!

Positano, Italy

Question: Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin?
Answer: Both!

Question: Back to the future or karate kid?
Answer: Ralphy!!!

Question: Beach Boys or Beatles?
Answer: Beatles

Question: Whats your favorite hard candy and chochlate type candy?
Answer: I like the sour stuff!

Question: What’s your favorite quote from a song?
Answer: John Lennon “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

Question: Do you have any favourite UK comedy shows Tommy?
Answer: Love the original Office and anything Ricky G does!

Question: Any fav humphrey bogart movies?
Answer: Big Sleep, Maltese Falcon and of course Casablanca

Question: I’ve got one, wots ur favorite decade?
Answer: This one

Question: do you have a favorite film of Christian Slater?
Answer: True Romance

Question: Do u have a fav skit from saturday night live? U shuld host the show
Answer: I like Timberlakes “homeyville” and Swayze’s “chippendales” but my fav is Walken’s “More Cowbell”

Question: Here’s your real New Mexico test, Tommy. Red or green?
Answer: Always green

Question: And are you a fan of sopapillas?
Answer: My fav!

Question: So, what’s your favorite cologne?
Answer: Imperiale by Guerlain

Question: Where’s your favorite place to go and relax when you have downtime?
Answer: Love traveling… Thailand is a fav spot!

Question: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate Easter eggs?
Answer: Milk chocolate

Question: Turtles or Giraffes?
Answer: Turtles

Question: What’s your favourite kind of cake?
Answer: Red Velvet

Question: What’s your favorite breed of horse?
Answer: Quarter horse!

Question: Snow or sun?
Answer: Sun duh!

Question: What’s your favorite candybar?!? 🙂
Answer: Almond Snickers

Question: New York, Chicago or Cali pizza?
Answer: YES!

Question: Rollercoasters: Yay or nay?? xD
Answer: Only emotional roller coasters!

Question: (from daughter @Izzy_Howell) Why are boys so afraid of mushrooms??
Answer: Because they’re disgusting?
Question: (random comment from @se4realhinton) David is cooking for me tonight, steak, asparagus, mushrooms. Nice welcome back
Answer: Clearly he doesn’t love you if mushrooms are involved!

Question: What’s your favorite color?
Answer: Turquoise!

Question: what do you prefer chocolate or ice cream? 🙂
Answer: Not a chocolate fan…

Question: Favorite song lyric? And why?
Answer: John Lennon’s “Life us what happens when you ‘re busy making other plans”

Question: Tommy pick one, ‘The Goodfellas or ‘The GodFather’
Answer: Godfather hands down!

Question: To 3-D or not to 3-D? That is the question?
Answer: Not a fan

Question: Obama or Romney?
Answer: I don’t do politics! #wrongdude

Question: Twizzlers or Red Vines?
Answer: Vines

Question: I need a good book to read…Any suggestions?
Answer: Anything from @se4realhinton

Question: M&M or Reeses?
Answer: Junior mints!

Question: Do u like oranges ??
Answer: Who doesn’t ?

Question: Do u like wearing hats??
Answer: Yep!

Question: who is your favorite Avenger?
Answer: Ironman

Question: what’s ur favourite summer food??
Answer: Ice cold watermelon

Question: where is your favorite place in the world ??
Answer: Home

Question: Taco Bell or Mc Donalds?
Answer: I’d rather starve!

Question: How do you feel about cabbage??
Answer: Never met a cabbage I didn’t like…

Question: Coffee or tea?
Answer: Tea? Cmon now…

Question: What’s your favorite vegetable? #RandomTweet
Answer: The onion!

Question: Do you like frozen blueberries?
Answer: Nope

Question: better frontman: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
Answer: Roth, but Hagar makes better tequila!

Question: favorite Schwarzenegger movie?
Answer: True Lies

Question: Do you like fruit cocktails? I need to know xD
Answer: Mango Margaritas? Yes. Canned fruit with corn syrup? No

Question: Let’s talk burgers my brother… Apple Pan, Father’s Office, Counter, or Umami?
Answer: Never had Umami to be fair! But the Counter is awesome

Question: What would you rather wear converses or vans!?
Answer: old school Adidas

Question: what’s your favourite place to eat?
Answer: The Ivy

Question: where’s one place you would like to travel?
Answer: Brazil for the 2014 World cup!

Question: Any LA food advice?
Answer: True Food in Santa Monica is great… The Bone Yard in Sherman Oaks kills… Stout in studio City makes killer burgers…

Question: Coke or pepsi?
Answer: Im a perrier guy

Question: Redbull ?
Answer: No… Cappuccino!

Question: What do you put on your bagel? ^.^ (P.S. I love you)
Answer: A little cream cheese please… thx

Question: do you like Nutella?! 😀 ❤
Answer: Yes…

Question: What’s your favorite book (The outsiders does not count :P)
Answer: Yehuda Berg’s ‘The Power of Kabbalah’ and Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’

Question: whats good tommy
Answer: Walks on the beach, daft punk, dinner at the Ivy, camp fires and Brad Pitt movies!


One thought on “Random Favorite Things”

  1. Does your daughter like one direction? If so is she aware that when you were younger you looked just like Harry styles!

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