Question: What was your very first concert?
Answer: Vanhalen Fresno CA 1979

Question: Favorite kind of music? Favorite band?
Answer: Classic Rock, The Rolling Stones (and Zeppelin and The Doors – Favorites from them: Doors-The End and LA Woman… Zeppelin-Ramble on and In the Evening)

Mick Jagger

Question: Top three albums ever?
Answer: Rolling Stones: Some Girls; Zeppelin: 2; and Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Question: Favorite Zeppelin song?
Answer: “Ramble On”

Question: What were your favorite 80s bands?
Answer: INXS, Men At Work, VanHalen and Duran Duran

Question: I noticed you follow @thisistherealJT (who happens to be on now) Do you 2 know each other?
Answer: Met once!

Question: 3 favorite all time drummers – go!
Answer: John Bonham, Stewart Copeland and Neal Pert!

Question: So who’s ur favorite current band/artist?
Answer: (from fall 2012): Im digging Awolnation right now…
(answered again on 2/23/13): I’m a classic rock guy, but as far as the new stuff goes I’m digging Muse a lot right now.

Question: Favorite concert you’ve ever attended?
Answer: U2 at the LA Forum was pretty sick!

Question: Favorite country artist?
Answer: Willie

Question: Do u like Country Music?
Answer: I like Jason Aldean and Dirks Bentley

Question: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Answer: Pink Floyd!

Question: Are you a Green Day fan?
Answer: Brain Stew!!!

Question: Any love for #MetalMusic?
Answer: Metallica count?

Question: Any new music recommendations? (2/10/2013)
Answer: Check out a song by Lyrics Born called ‘Changed my mind’ I dig it… check out City and Color’s ‘Grand optimist’ mellow but cool… Also LOVE STP’s acoustic of Plush… That’s awesome

Question: What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Answer: Anything from Muse or The Lumineers. (Panic Station, Uprising and Madness by Muse) and (Big Parade, Stubborn Love, Ho Hey, Submarines and Slow It Down by The Lumineers). Also Lisztomania by Phoenix, acoustic version of Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.

Question: All my life I was blind, I was blind but now I see
Answer: Stop it!! freakin’ LOVE The Lumineers And thats my fav song

Question: what are your thoughts on ed sheeran
Answer: Only heard one song. I liked it.

Question: have you listened to imagine dragons?
Answer: Yes I like Radioactive

Question: Are you repeating Coachella next year?

Question: read any good books lately?
Answer: Just read Keith Richards book… very cool

Comment: Knife Party crushing my headphones right now!!! This shit is dope!

Question: have you listened to Bonfire By Them? It’s the shit…
Answer: Just bought it… thx (he also likes Fire Hive)

Answer: I like Radio Active and Demons

Question: what (music) DO you do then? 🙂
Answer: Right now? Knife Party, Excision, Capital Cities, DaftPunk, Dog Blood, etc.

Question: So, you’re like an electronic music and dubstep lover now?
Answer: YES!!

Question: Daft Punk! Lemme guess, your favourite song is Get Lucky?
Answer: Nope… Lose Yourself To Dance. the entire album kills it tho! Daft Punks ‘Doing it right’ is off the hook!!!! Get it now… Thank me later
Question: ‘ll have to give it a listen…………….. but I’m pretty much stuck in the classic rock era LOL
Answer: I was trapped there until I went to Coachella this year. You’re missing some GREAT stuff

Question: do you like Taylor swift? Lol
Answer: Yes shes very talented

Question: Omfg. Have you listened to ANY other song that isn’t by Daft Punk recently!!?
Answer: Some Deadmau5

Question: listen to any skrillex?
Answer: Bangarang!

Question: if you were able to, would you go to a Rolling Stones concert?
Answer: In 1972 preferably


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