Tommy in The Amazing Spider-Man

Question: How many movies have you been in?
Answer: About 120

Question: Do you know EVERYBODY in the film industry or what?
Answer: (Sure seems like it – some folks Tommy has said he pals with are Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Matthew Gray Gubler)

Question: What movie was more fun to shoot? The Outsiders or The Hitcher?
Answer: The Hitcher wasn’t “fun” but it was awesome!

Question: What’s your dream role?
Answer: I’d like to play (Nikola) Tesla

Question: If you could act with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Answer: James Dean

Question: Is there an Actor/Actress you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Answer: Kate Beckinsale

Question: Of all the films you’ve made, which is your favorite?
Answer: Many for different reasons.

Question: What went wrong with Hitcher 2?
Answer: Cast/script/direction

Question: Were the Little Round Top battle scenes fun to shoot as it was to watch? #Gettysburg
Answer: Amazing experience!

Question: Which was more fun to shoot, that night or soul man πŸ™‚
Answer: Soulman but That Night is a better film.

Question: The Outsiders…or Red Dawn? I couldn’t choose.
Answer: Both good, but Outsiders

Question: How did you like working on Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood?
Answer: Hated it!

Question: Did u ever do a LOVE scene in a movie if yes which one?
Answer: Get a film i did called Payback and get back to me…

Question: Talking of The Hitcher. Have you seen the remake starring Sean Bean?
Answer: No… Heard negative things…

Question: Was the water cold when you jumped into it in Secret Admirer?
Answer: Hell yes!

Question: What did you like most about the role of “Mark Watson”.. #soul man
Answer: It was nice to do a comedy!

Question: Hi! Do you have any recomendations of 80s movies to wach that you were in?
Answer: That Night (early 90’s)

Question: Any other film recommendations from the 80s?
Answer: Secret Admirer?

Question: Tommy weren’t parts of Tank filmed here in Tennessee?? If so do you remember where?
Answer: No Georgia

Question: No don’t stop man. You’re a great actor, long list of great roles *a few iffy films* and Southland rocks. Many loyal fans.
Answer: Show me an actor that has worked for 35 years and I’ll show you some iffy films!

Question: how come you ain’t in the trailer for Spiderman? What’s up with that?
Answer: I have a small role…

Question: Do you ever get tired of ppl asking you about the work of other actors just b/c you’ve worked with them?
Answer: No…

Question: Hi Tommy, what was it like working with Rudger? πŸ™‚
Answer: Creepy! πŸ˜‰

Question: Just read that you’re in Camel Spiders. True? Hate spiders but if it’s a Tommy flic Im there!
Answer: Don’t waste you’re time!

Question: Would you ever want to act/write/direct a movie about the rodeo?
Answer: Yes!

Question: What’s your favorite Adam Sandler movie? Do you like Big Daddy?
Answer: Happy Gilmour!

Question: Did you have fun working with Lewis & Dushku on That Night? Love the movie! πŸ˜‰
Answer: Lewis and I struggled. Loved ED!

Question: So Tommy, When are ya gonna be working with Quentin Tarantino?
Answer: I hope soon. Mad respect for him!

Question: Do you ever sit back and watch the movies you were in?
Answer: Only when I punish my kids!

Question: Why were there 2 directors for The Genesis Code?
Answer: I replaced him..

Question: Is The Genesis Code based on the novel?
Answer: No!

Question: How about James Dean? It seems a lot of young actors of your time were a slight bit inspired by him. Thoughts? πŸ™‚
Answer: James Dean is one of my favorites… Imagine the work that he would’ve been responsible for!

Question: Who’s really the better volleyball player, you or Peter Horton?
Answer: He had experience but I had youth!

Question: I’ve never seen Jailhouse, just discovered it will be shown soon on “Chiller”. Should I watch? It looks good!
Answer: It’s pretty interesting… I like the film.

Question: Watching red dawn I always wondered what was in the deer blood cup #notsobad
Answer: Hershey’s chocolate and food coloring!

Question: Hey, that volleyball film with you and Courtney Thourne Smith (Side Out) on tv! Should I watch. I go to the expert πŸ™‚
Answer: Yes it’s fun

Question: do you think it’s important to have films w/ social issues like @fatkidmovie? or should movies just be entertaining?
Answer: Clearly both! Messages as well as pure entertainment are important for film and viewers!

Question: Camel Spiders?? i can’t believe im watching this shit and recording it
Answer: That movie is horrible! Should’ve asked… Lol

Question: Don’t know if you’ve been asked this already, but did you see “Dark Shadows?” if so, what did you think of it?
Answer: I liked it…

Question: Where was “Escape” filmed? The scenery is gorgeous.
Answer: Thailand!!!

Question: You are my main motivation to see the new Spiderman movie πŸ™‚
Answer: I have a small but poignant role…
Question: I heeeeard….that your char in Spiderman is named “Ray”. REALLY?? Yer kiddin. 3 for 3, boss! (also his character’s names in Longmire and Home Invasion)
Answer: Lol right?!

Question: So yay or nay on “Restitution”? πŸ˜‰
Answer: Yay

Question: How old were you when you filmed The Hitcher?
Answer: 17 ish

Question: The Jailhouse? Yes or No?
Answer: That’s a strong performance if I do say so myself.

Question: Are you going to appear in other marvel movies?
Answer: Hope so

Question: How long did you film spiderman for? Love ya in it by the way!
Answer: 2 weeks

Question: I really like the trailer for Escape. Can’t wait until it’s available. Looks good!
Answer: Its a good lil film

Comment: Love that Danny Boyle has organized the opening ceremony of the Olympics! Might be my fav director!

Question: Do you watch your own movies?
Answer: No… Not really

Question: Have you seen any Mel Brooks movies? (Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Spaceballs…)
Answer: Blazing Saddles and Frankenstein are my fav Mel Brooks films

Question: Did Brian Austin Greene ever annoy you, when you were filming Kid?
Answer: No… Good guy

Question: Was R. Lee Ermey intimidating when you were filming Kid? Sorry, I love that movie.
Answer: No he was cool

Question: Chilly Christmas comes out tom. on DVD , Netflix. Saw the trailer today looks funny, the kids will dig it.
Answer: It’s s good movie for the little ones

Question: I loved the movie Tank. Did you like that one?
Answer: I had fun

Question: Is Jeff Daniels one of the best actors you’ve ever worked with? Are you a civil war buff?
Answer: Yes and yes…

Question: Any talk about making The Last Full Measure, reprising Thomas Chamberlain?
Answer: That is currently my biggest regret in my career. That’s a crime if it isn’t made…

Question: Drew Barrymore is cool right? and pretty? =)
Answer: Yes very cool

Question: did u do your own stunts in “side out”?
Answer: Everything but the burning high fall!

Question: Did you like playing in Camel Spiders…
Answer: No

Question: How was wearing that mustache in Gettysburg?
Answer: Ahh… the chops were awesome!
Question: It didn’t itch at all. Or get in the way when you ate??
Answer: Had to work it, man!!

Question: Okay so last night I watched a movie called that night with @CThomasHowell in it and may I say that’s the best movie I’ve ever watched!
Answer: That Night is one of my favorite movies that I’ve done. Glad you enjoyed it. Thx for watching.
Question: you’re very welcome! What other movies have you done that you have really enjoyed?
Answer: The Hitcher Gettysburg A little movie out now called Escape that’s good…

Question: I read you did voice acting for the new animated Justice League movie. I can’t wait to see it when it comes out this summer.
Answer: The rumors are true

Question: Have you been back to Gettysburg since you made the movie?
Answer: Been a while

Question: You worked with both Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, right? Who was more fun to work with?
Answer: Charlie!

Question: Has anyone ever called you Bianchi on the street? It’s an original shout out πŸ™‚
Answer: Lol no

Question: That Night?
Answer: It’s a very under rated movie… One of my favs. Just check it out…. Eliza Dushku’s first film. With Me and Juliet Lewis

Question: hey so what do you think of the movie That Night? Is it worth a watch?
Answer: that’s a GREAT film. One of my favorites…

Question: Hillside is a classic movie. You played Bianchi so well. Great metamorphosis of the character!
Answer: That’s an underrated movie… I like it a lot

Question: Any thoughts about going back for another film on your Gettysburg character?
Answer: I want to bring back Tom Chamberlain (Gettysburg and Gods and Generals) and do The Last Full Measure

Question: would you say that Gettysburg is your favourite film you’ve done?
Answer: No, but a great experience

Question: Spend much time with good ol Tommy Berenger??
Answer: no cuz he was a part of the south and we shot our stuff after theirs..

Question: Where can I get a “making of” documentary for Far Out Man?
Answer: doesn’t exist

Question: in the movie soul man how long did it take for the tanning pills to wear off lol πŸ˜„
Answer: Oh… It was at least a solid 30 mins of scrubbing everyday! Lol

Question: Am I the only one that likes the sequel of The Hitcher more than the first one?
Answer: YES

Question: Which brother did you prefer working with, Charlie Sheen or Emilio Estevez??
Answer: Charlie
Question: Oh my ya cant choose omg … thats like choosing ya fave child omg lol
Answer: Charlie’s my boy. End of story.

Question: I wanna watch one of your movies what do u recommend not outsiders, red dawn, or granview, soul man saw those
Answer: That Night

Question: about to watch the hitcher!! Any comments?
Answer: You ready to give up fries?

Question: I’m about to watch Nickel and Dime. Any comments?
Answer: I like that little movie… We had fun!

Question: Thomas, you don’t die in Cat 5 do you!!!
Answer: My character or my performance!?


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  1. Are there a lot of movies that you hated being in? If so which ones? Hahaha I love your answers they’re so funny!!

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