Funny Responses Part 3

Question: When did you first know for sure that you were in love with @Cudlitz?
Answer: When he took off his shirt!

Question: Im doing a project about you what would you consider is the most heroic thing you have done????
Answer: I saved a bunch of kids from a burning church once…

Question: I know you are a Hollywood legacy, so I wanted to know if you are really to Thurston Howell III?
Answer: He’s my Uncle!

Question: If you had a fancy-dress party, what would you wear? πŸ™‚
Answer: A fancy dress!

Question: is this the real C. Thomas Howell?
Answer: Are there fakes!?

Question: thoughts on One Direction? πŸ™‚
Answer: Which direction…? Love Love West! But some parts of the South are cool.

Comment: When did Bruce Jenner turn into Joan Rivers? #yikes

Question: Are you @ disneyland? We are here today from Denver.
Answer: Want one of my kids?

Fan comment: I’m unfollowing with your foul language.
Answer: I’m not for everybody…
Different fan comment: I’m following with the expectation there will be foul language.
Answer: You’ll be pleased!

Question: From @se4realhinton (before radio interview): Shouldn’t you be clearing your throat, lining up your water bottles, doing your voice exercises?
Answer: Thats 4 porn stars!
Question: From @se4realhinton: Something I did not know! Where’d you learn it?
Answer: I took porn class as a kid… Just in case.

Comment: Got my playoff beard and in about 2 hours I’ll be naked, covered in Cheeto dust and high sticking my wife! @BaileyLAKings

Question: you going to Jersey? πŸ™‚
Answer: Jersey hates going to Jersey!

Question: I’m meeting President Obama in 10 minutes. Any words to pass along?
Answer: Tell him I’m here if he needs advice!

Question: Who are you rooting for at the Euro2012?
Answer: USA! Oh… Thats right… We suck and didnt make it. 😦
Question: Uhm but the USA is not a European Country, sir.:) lol
Answer: (joking) πŸ˜‰

Question: do you burp and blow it in people’s faces? My coworker just did that to me. Need to kick her ass.
Answer: Only Devil’s fans!

Question: What’s a simple solution for annoying people? I know quite a few…
Answer: A solid head butt does wonders

Question: why don’t you ever tweet me anymore? 😦
Answer: Oh damn… I’ve been tweeting someone else but it’s not serious!

Question: Dude!! You were great on Glee! LOL! Just kidding bro! Friday Humor”)
Answer: I’ll cut you!!

Question: could Jack Bauer have found the Reaper in 24 hours ?.. x
Answer: Dude never went to the bathroom in 24 hrs!

Question: do you get along with all the actors on set?
Answer: Yes or they are severely beaten!

Question: what exactly does a producer do?
Answer: Produces! πŸ˜‰

Question: what advice would you give to the teen moms?
Answer: Condoms!

Question: do u like green eggs and ham Sam I am??
Answer: Only when read in a “Christopher Walken” voice

Question: were u in the outsiders?
Answer: No… That’s the other C Thomas Howell. Happens all the time…

Question: Have you ever had someome tweet you that really creeped you out for real?
Answer: Most tweets r creepy!

Question: is it healthy to go to bed sad or mad??
Answer: Only when you’re married!

Comment: I found out today that it’s difficult to shave while doing the Rhumba, but it CAN be done! #StanleyCupChampions!!!

Question: Hello C Thomas Howell. What does the C stand for?
Answer: My mother never told me! 😦

Question: Do you like koalas?
Answer: Not since the mugging…
Question: what….??
Answer: Long story…

Question: RT @kirkfox: Siri is as close to marriage as I want to get.
Answer: She’s a dirty whore!

Question: do you like mcfly?
Answer: Never ate one… Good?

Random Tommy Comment: Don’t let your emotions make you their bitch! πŸ˜‰
Question: one could say the same about one’s thoughts.
Answer: No it’s ok to let your thoughts make you their bitch!

Question: Hey bootylicious! How are you tonight? πŸ™‚
Answer: That was my nickname on the set of the Outsiders! πŸ˜‰

Question: Do you like 80’s music? Ex: Motley Crue, Poisen, etc.
Answer: Im a 79’s music kinda guy

Question: how did you prepare for your arc in CRIMINAL MINDS?
Answer: I’m a father of 3!

Question: I just got dumped..
Answer: Boys suck

Question: YOUR SO OLD
Answer: It’s “You’re” so old… And YOU CAN’T SPELL ha!

Question: Do u remember that poem that u said on the hill in Winderixville to Johnny-
Answer: The “Roses are red” poem?
Comment: from @se4realhinton: “Roses are red, this sky is pink Want a refrige ’cause this baloney is startin’ to stink”?

Question: how do u mend a broken heart?
Answer: Patron Silver!

Question: favorite guilty pleasure?
Answer: Midnight golfing… Naked. (shhhh)

Question: do dogs have feelings?
Answer: Not hotdogs! Be careful they don’t care about anybody… I found out the hard way.

Question: What’s the difference between Movies and TV that you notice?
Answer: The size of the screen!

Question: Was your mom a talent scout?
Answer: No a Girl scout!

Question: Do you get to wear the spiderman costume?
Answer: Only during our sex scenes…

Random comment: Turtle wax is for cars. Weird…

Question: fly out of Philly to LA tomorrow, my first..kinda scared of LAX, wish me luck!
Answer: It only hurts at first!

Question: do you still watch the movie the outsiders??? πŸ™‚
Answer: Everyday!

Question: Whats the best way to stop the itching after Ive shaved my back?
Answer: Have someone pee on you!
Comment: From @explodingegg: OK… that’s way up there on the weird-o-meter, guys ;P
Comment: From @JoeJustLeft: Man talk woman. Sandwich time…make us some.
Answer: from Tommy: Lol

Random comment: My so, Dash is so impressed with my career that he declined a ticket to the Spiderman premier and the party afterward. LOL #classicteenager

Question: You should come over and wash my car this weekend πŸ˜€
Answer: You just wanna see me in a wet t shirt!
Comment: From @thisistherealLC: Tee hee. No doubt! then you can smoosh your boobs on my windshield.
Answer: Lol! I knew it!!


3 thoughts on “Funny Responses Part 3”

  1. So I am a hudge fan of the outsiders… How was it like auditioning for ponyboy. How did you first become an actor. How was it like meeting Rob Lowe.

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