Funny Responses Part 2

Question: Did you have a crush on matt dillon on the set of the outsiders? 🙂
Answer: No but he followed me around like a puppy!

Question: Do you ever follow your fans?
Answer: Only at gun point!

Question: What was ur favorite scene to shoot in the outsiders?
Answer: The underwater love scene with Leif Garrett!

Question: Always wondered what the “C” in your name was. 🙂
Answer: A letter, silly!

Question: Who would you cast as Ponyboy in a remake of The Outsiders? (:
Answer: Peter Dinklage!

Question: I can never tell if @CThomasHowell is being serious or not. It’s both amusing and confusing.
Answer: That would be “conmusing”

Question: Got a weird fetish?!? 🙂
Answer: Like sex with midgets? Not so much… But it’s not too late!

Question: you can have the Masters, I live in Augusta and still don’t see what the fuss is
Answer: Clearly you’re a bowler!

Question: You follow NASCAR? If so, who’s your fave driver?
Answer: Don’t follow it… Im from LA! We make right turns! 😉

Question: I have hidden an Easter Egg somewhere on my body. If you find it, it’s yours! 😉
Answer: Lol! Oops , thats not it!

Question: I dont have a prom date, want to change that?haha
Answer: Let me dust off my powder blue tux! 😉

Question: My friend wants to use her johnny to sodapop your cherry
Answer: Too late! My Cherry’s been Sodapopped.

Question: Wow, I had no idea you were still in show business.
Answer: Im not! Im a doctor..

Question: What do you think about @onedirection
Answer: They are soooo cute. OMG! 😉

Question: What’s the weirdest wuestion you have every been asked?
Answer: Prolly this one. Whats a wuestion? 😉

Question: You can ask me a question if you like ? Quid Pro Quo Clarice…
Answer: Do you like the yellow gummy bears?

Question: I am offended you didn’t come to my sleepover.
Answer: You’re offended but Im not in jail!

Question: Have you every fallen in love with your co-stars?
Answer: Just @Cudlitz

Question: My 13 year old got two first places in forms and sparring and a second place in weapons at the Dallas Dual karate tournament
Answer: I think I can take him! 😉

Question: When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house … Guess what I’m watching?
Answer: ET?

Question: From @izzy_howell (commenting to somebody else) Kale and watercress and raw honey are the best things you can put into your system!
Answer: And coffee and donuts!

Question: Are you playing a bad guy again? Why you looking so mean? C’mon smile, you can do it.
Answer: Smiling’s for Disney!

Question: Why is their So Much Hate in America??????????????
Answer: Yea, I hate it!!!!!!

Question: Headed off to Virginia beach for the first time. Can’t wait to get crabs
Answer: I had crabs once! It sucked!!!

Question: besides chuck sheen cuz he stole all ur gfs who is the biggest prick in Hollywood?
Answer: I heard Milton Berle was hung like a horse! Um… Wait…

Question: Your character on Crminal Minds scared the Shit outta me!
Answer: Sounds messy

Question: from @SE4realHinton: (about Liam’s 11th birthday) Such a great age! Can still be a pal, before the teen snark starts hitting.
Answer: I can out snark a teen any day!! 😉

Random comment: Behind every scorned woman… Is a man.

Random comment: Just had a shot of hand sanitizer and I’m ripped! “Purell, no salt with lime”… Then immediately scrubbed my hands with Tequila.

Question: The Heat or Celtics?!?! #basketball
Answer: You misspelled Lakers!

Question: I know you have dogs(very cute) …do you like cats ?:)
Answer: Only on toast!
Question: I KNOW ur only kidding bout cats on toast, right?!
Answer: You ever try it? Mmm delicious! 😉

Question: do you like Taco Bell??
Answer: You start to hate it when you turn 35!

Question: Where do u stand in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict?
Answer: In California usually

Question: responding to @GarretDillahunt: I am chronically early.
Answer: Your poor wife!

Random comment: If you don’t have anything nice to say… Tweet that shit!

Question: Morning, Tommy! What are you up to today?
Answer: 1. Breakfast 2. The Dictator 3. Hair cut 4. Banking 5. Wash car 6. Prepping for the @funnyordie sketch …. Oops left out 7. Kick the dog 8. Smack the kids!

Question: class we were watching gettysburg…and when youu came on I screamed “OMG ITS PONYBOY!!!”
Answer: Oh good… History teachers love that!

Question: from @crgraf: I love my Spurs!!!
Answer: They look good with your assless chaps!

Comment: From @Izzy_Howell Out of every lipstick color except black. I’m gonna roll with it.
Response: Wtf!? I just bought you 3 new ones!!!
Reply: From @Izzy_Howell I ate them for breakfast with almond milk
Response: What, the black ones don’t taste good!?

Comment: From Tommy to @funnyordie: Had a great time at the studio yesterday! Worked my ass off for 3 1/2 hours for two chicken tacos… I think it was worth it.

Comment: From @foofighters: Fuk every budie
Response: Especially your english teachers!

Question: What’s your secret to your career longevity?
Answer: It’s not who you know it’s who you blow!

Question: C. Thomas Howell, I’m currently at the doctors office and I’m bored outta my mind. Any ideas on how to pass the time?
Answer: Ask for a B-12 shot!

Question: Who do you feel about harry potter? 😀
Answer: I usually “feel” my wife about Harry Potter!

Question: In Ireland,we call you “C” that allowed? 🙂
Answer: Only in Ireland!

Comment: I hate school , save meee
Answer: Just wait… It gets worse!

Question: I need more @CThomasHowell in my life.
Answer: Everybody does! Xxoo

Question: What is your favorite 80’s sitcom?
Answer: I think I just threw up in my mouth…

Question: are you in touch with any of the other outsiders?
Answer: I stopped touching them a while ago
Question: but youre an outsider and you still touch yourself, right?
Answer: A Lot!!!

Question: if you were not Ponyboy in the outsiders, who would you want to be?
Answer: That guy over there…

Question: Do your friends call you C-Thomas? Or just Tom?
Answer: I make my friends call me Mr. Howell

Comment: Woke up and bitch slapped Friday just for fun… Gonna be a good day! Run Friday run!

Question: Are cows fat?
Answer: Just the fat ones!

Question: If they did a remake of the Outsiders, who would you want to play Ponyboy?
Answer: Peter Dinklage!

Question: My neighbor left a bunch of printed pictures on my doorstep of you in The Outsiders. WTH am I going to do with them?!
Answer: EBay!

Question: TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!! 😀 Whens yours?
Answer: Not tomorrow!

Question: wats ur favorite flavor chicken?
Answer: Beef!

Question: Have to say your movie Camel Spiders , kind of sounds like a porn flick.
Answer: You watch freaky porn!

Question: can you do a makeup tutorial for your cherry 69 look aha 🙂 x
Answer: A girl has secrets!

Question: Doing a 10K race tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
Answer: Does Nike make barf bags? #theyshould

Question: I’ve never watched Southland, actually. (Sorry, Tommy!) I feel bad now. Should I give it a try?
Answer: Only if you like awesomeness!

Question: How many tweets do you get a day?
Answer: Like 13 or something crazy…

Question: If you were a tree, what would you be?
Answer: Um… A tree

Question: do you believe in mermaids?! #seriousquestion
Answer: Yes but I don’t trust them…

Question: What were you doing on the evening of last Sunday?
Answer: It wasn’t me I swear!

Question: Marty (Brodeur) is not old, he is 40 and can still play very well!
Answer: I have spoken! 😉

Question: You know what I really miss about 70’s rock?.. spaceship noises.
Answer: Know what I miss about space ships? 70’s rock!

Question: It’s 30 years since E.T. Still got the BMX?
Answer: Traded it for a “Rascal”

Question: Was it fun filming the outsiders?
Answer: The fun parts were!

Question: When you start shaving?
Answer: Shaving what?
Question: your face!
Answer: Ahhh… About 10 minutes ago… I’m almost done…

Question: What’s happening Tommy!?
Answer: Stuff! 😉

Question: Better few good friends than a whole bunch of fake ones..always got your back T.
Answer: Some of my closest friends are fake…

Question: If you were Abducted by Aliens what would be your first question?
Answer: depends on what country they are from!

Question: So, how are you on the last Tuesday of may 2012?
Answer: Handsome as hell! 😉


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