Funny Responses Part 1

Question: Just heard Paget Brewster will not be returning to CM next season. Kinda ruined my day. Know what else sucks? No RT from u
Answer: Paget quitting is a drag! Great lady! That show is on its last legs anyway. Nothing lasts forever… Except herpes.

Question: Moving from Miami to LA in July for a few months. Do you think I should drive it?
Answer: Beats walking!

Question: I’m jealous of @CThomasHowell for being where I should be.
Answer: Sitting in my dressing room? πŸ˜‰

Question: RT @se4realhinton: Earrings flowers & patron! Love this man!
Answer: When did David start wearing earrings?

Post from Toronto: I love when locals say “you should be here when it’s really cold” excuse me, Nanuck… How ’bout you blow me!

Question: Is there any movie you regret doing?
Answer: Most of them! πŸ˜‰

Question: Can you share an interesting fact about the filming of ET with us?
Answer: Drew Barrymore had no tattoos yet!

Question: Lol! Come on, give me something good!
Answer: Um… ET was a rubber costume with (a dwarf) stuffed in his ass!?

Question: my boyfriend says you are awesome on Southland..but is skeptical that u r not the real tom..i say u r
Answer: xxx Tell him I just kissed his girl! πŸ˜‰

Question: any suggestions for helping with stage fright? Its for my 12 year old son.
Answer: A shot of Jack! He’ll be fine!

Question: how does it feel to know that you just came to my history class with me?
Answer: It smells funny in your pocket!

Question: What was your all time favorite scene in the outsiders?
Answer: Pony and Cherry’s love scene. – it got cut out

Question: I have a 6 hour drive to WV and Im watching The Outsiders! πŸ˜‰ I put it on my iPod. This film has always inspired me.
Answer: *spoiler* psst… Dally dies at the end! πŸ˜‰

Question: You have the nicest armpits
Answer: Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!

Question: Just wanted to say hi! You have been a favorite of mine for 25 years!!! πŸ™‚
Answer: Wow you’re old! πŸ˜‰

Question: I mailed you a fan letter back in 1985, do you still have it?
Answer: Framed it!

Question: I gotta say Im sitting here at work reading your tweets LMFAO.
Answer: …and getting your belly rubbed?

Question: Name one thing you’d wanna be if you weren’t an actor instead?
Answer: Kate Beckinsales bicycle seat!

Question: I really hate cliff hangers ….. Can u give hints to what tuesdays episode is gonna be like? ~Stay Gold!~
Answer: *Spoiler* everybody dies!!

Question: What was it like filming the outsiders? Then criminal minds? It’s a shock to see you as Ponyboy then Foyet.. #goodactor
Answer: It was a long 30 years between the two… But I see a lot of Ponyboy in The Reaper… They both love Sunsets!

Question: When you worked with James Earl Jones, did he walk around the set saying “THIS IS CNN!?”
Answer: No but he did say “Luke I’m your father” all the time… Lol

Question: Hi πŸ™‚ what’s the last movie you watched that made you tear up?
Answer: War Horse… I was bored to tears!

Question: What do you think about Muslims?
Answer: The chocolate covered ones are my favorite!

Question: plz follow me plz plz plz
Answer: I’m more of a leader than a follower.

Question: If Ponyboy and Dewey go into a fist fight who would win?
Answer: Dewey would waste Pony!

Question: Ok, I’m gettin 2 much TUDE from my 12 yr old son lately, any advice?
Answer: A forearm to the throat works wonders!

Question: C A Russian just parachuted into my yard with an AK-47 what should I do?
Answer: Go to your dad’s sporting goods store, load up with supplies and head to the mountains!!!

Question: If you were approached to do a film called The Crow would you do it?
Answer: No but I’d eat it!

Question: Did you ever jam a tennis ball covered in bug spray down a dude’s throat and watch him choke to death on his own vomit?
Answer: just once, I swear. (in the 1990 film “Kid”)

Question: So, Ponyboy. Have you stayed gold? ;;D
Answer: Gold plated! (Tough with inflation)

Post from Los Angeles: My ten year old son just beat me in words with friends 412-409. That little shit is GROUNDED!!!

Question: Do you wear tube socks with shorts?
Answer: No, my tube is naked!

Question: Do you sing in the shower? πŸ˜‰
Answer: No, but I drum in the shower!

Question: Really appreciate talking to your fans. I wish some celebs would follow ur footsteps.
Answer: Yea… They suck!

Question: Can I rent you for my bday party?
Answer: Yes… Bundle me with a bounce house. Its cheaper!

Question: I have to ask… do you like ramen noodles??? πŸ™‚
Answer: Only if on a deserted island and there’s nothing else!

Question: Hey, I heard “Gettysburg” was based on actual events. Any truth to this?
Answer: Lol! None whatsoever. Never. happened.

Question: How do u deal with negative vibes and bad attitutes from others.. Or do u not ever get any. U ever feel ur not wanted ~Stay G
Answer: I cripple them.

Question: What is your favorite memory of #TheOutsiders?
Answer: Spooning Rob Lowe!

Question: If you had to hang out with me for a day; do you think it will be fun??
Answer: Are you kidding? You’d love me!!

Question: lol I realized you threw a candy bar, threw your burger, and dropped an egg in the outsiders movie. R u abusive to food? πŸ˜‰
Answer: I’ve beaten an egg or two, whipped some potatoes & crushed some nuts in my day! πŸ˜‰

Question: Happy Friday, brother-man. What’s the word?
Answer: Thunderbird! What’s the price? (fitty twice) πŸ˜‰

Question: So I finally started watching #Southland & Dewey sure ain’t no Ponyboy!!
Answer: What? 1. They both like to rumble! 2. They both love poetry! 3. They both love mopeds and 4. they both LOVE sofa sized women!

Question: How was Leif Garrett to work with?
Answer: Who?

Question: Are you and Rob Lowe still brothers?
Answer: Hate to tell you this but… (whispers) It was just a movie. πŸ˜‰

Question: I need to know if all parents just wanna ruin anything fun for their kids. Do you??
Answer: Yes. It brings us joy!

Question: But but buuuut don’t parents wanna see the happy look on their kids faces when they’re happy? :3
Answer: No πŸ˜‰

Question: I celebrated it being Friday a little too hard.
Answer: Fridays need that sometimes!

Question: @kirkfox: If I was in the NBA I’d travel a lot.
Answer: But you’re known for dribbling all over the floor?

Question: Does your Jello ever make funky noises? Oh is it just mine?
Answer: Depends where I put it!

Question: Greetings from Uranus
Answer: Hey, get outta there!

Question: Do you think Angelina Jolie is a good actress? Would you like to play with her in a same movie?
Answer: I’d play with her in a “sand box!”

Question: (From @se4realhinton – after seeing pictures of Tommy’s arms) When are you going to show us your ass?
Answer: Wow… Coming from you that just seems wrong!
Comment: (From @se4realhinton) I know! I was mentally reaching for the baby powder!
Answer: (after a ROFL comment) Don’t encourage her… Man it’s chocolate milk Monday not Tequila Friday! Wtf? πŸ˜‰
Comment: (From @se4realhinton) Sorry kid, couple of glasses of wine on an empty stomach. *It’s so easy to horrify your kids.*

Question: My puppy keeps whining evertime im not in the same room as her…..any advice??:)
Answer: Keep her with you! πŸ˜‰

Question: β™₯ Soooooo tired … Going to go and give my pillow some head for a few hours. β™₯
Answer: You have a ” boy ” pillow? πŸ˜‰
Question: β™₯ LOL! I wish I had a boy pillow! Hmmm …
Answer: OMG! Girl pillow!? *wiping brow*
Question: β™₯ Lol … You’re killing me! Laughing so hard … OMGosh … I’m afraid to tweet what I’m thinking!! Lol!
Answer: Oh hell I do it all the time! No regrets… Well…

Question: how’s the *cough* heroin addiction treatin ya this week? πŸ˜› (reference to a character Tommy is playing)
Answer: I don’t shoot it… Just sell it! πŸ˜‰

Question: Hi you!! πŸ™‚ Tommy I just have to say – wow your looking good!! πŸ™‚
Answer: *Looks over at my window* Thx!?

Comment: Just finished season 2 finale of Boardwalk Empire. I’m fucking speechless. SPEECHLESS!!!
Comment: (From @se4realhinton) Who is this Speechless and does your wife know?
Answer: She does now!!!

Comment: (From @Bug_Hall) I also have much bigger news for y’all, but I can’t say what. You’ll see soon enough!
Comment: You going ahead with the sex change?!

Question: Stay Gold
Answer: Don’t tell me what to do! πŸ˜‰

Question: Will all be worth it if we get our longed for baby? How’s Tommy for a boy?? xoxo
Answer: Better than for a girl!

Question: Hiya Tommy!! I’m getting a pedicure done right now….what color should I have my toes painted?
Answer: Dark red!

Question: Boss overpaid me by $100. Im keeping my mouth shut.
Answer: He just called. He said you’re fired!

Question: Alpacas! So cute! *______*
Answer: And delicious too! πŸ˜‰

Question: Hey! Are you that guy from the Outsiders??
Answer: I don’t remember!

Question: Who does the opening narration on #southland?
Answer: Pretty sure it’s James Earl Jones!

Question: r u the real C.Thomas Howell?
Answer: No
Question: I’m lost.. R u real or not?
Answer: More importantly are YOU real?!!? (for the clueless – um yes – it’s really Tommy)

Question: Homework. Why does it exist. Tell me honestly, you are a sucessful man, have you ever used the equation 44x^4x10n/13^x93^4?
Answer: Math is very important as an actor! πŸ˜‰

Question: What do you think about gays?
Answer: I wanna be one when I grow up!

Question: Ever glue someone to the toilet seat? #thinkingaboutit
Answer: Not intentionally!

Question: Is is okay to taser a 3 year old?
Answer: Only if he’s drunk and disorderly!

Question: Selena Gomez has more swegger than you.
Answer: Yes and she probably spells “swagger” correctly too!

Question: Golf is a good walk spoiled. -M.Twain Unless you’re like me and keep a cooler in cart.
Answer: Clearly Mark Twain sucked a golfing! πŸ˜‰

Question: Do you have a favorite type of horse to ride?
Answer: I like em all but the Sea Horse is my favorite!

Question: If you weren’t ponyboy, who you want to play in the outsiders?
Answer: The nurse in Matt’s room @se4realhinton

Question: Is southland like the x files or is it a drama?
Answer: Its like Glee! Musical with cops!

Question: Any words of wisdom for this mom who is taking her 15 year old daughter for her driving permit tomorrow?
Answer: Ask me in 3 months when my kid goes for his… #Imscrewed

Question: Do you like croutons? that was my dinner. #poor
Answer: Were they seasoned? Sheeit… You ain’t that poor!

Question: Are you reaaaaaaaal?!
Answer: No Im processed!

Question: Where does a General keep his Armies? :))
Answer: In his sleevies? πŸ˜‰


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